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Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition  (Xb...
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Created: 06/01/06

Great game

This game rocks, It is one of the best Multiplayer games out there, with an easy to operate system link, and a 4 player split screen.
it also offers a Co-op to the Single player mission...
This game also has a very addictive Single player game (for those who have no friends)lol
There are a few frame rate issues to the game, slight lags, and sometimes the grahics and twig out, also the Multiplayer modes (besides Co-op) don't offer Bots, but this is not a big problem because of X-box live, 4 player split screen and the system link.
The metal case to the Collector's edition is also pretty handy, its now a bit harder to hurt the case :) it also comes with a "the making of Halo 2" DVD.
I don't like the fact that the DVD sits under the game CD and not in its own little plastic case,this might risk scrathing the DVD or game CD.

at any rate This is a MUST OWN for the X-Box game systems!

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Created: 07/25/11

Hours of endless fun, high replay value, greatly recomended.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Halo 2 had one of the best online multiplayer platforms to date. It transformed the way most fps games are played today and paved the way for the following Halo games. The campaign was a nice continuation of Halo CE offering exotic worlds new weapons and enemies as well as a compelling story line to maintain interest for hours upon end.
The graphics although were a bit ambitious for the time and the cut scenes are sluggish and often slower than the speech that accompanies them.
The overall interactivity of the game keeps you constantly involved and stimulated. The player can pick up without having played Halo CE and be thrust strait into the story line and be able to understand the dialogue and the details of the story around them.
4 stars overall

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Created: 05/13/08

Talk about a cliffhanger

Definitely better than the first Halo. The story actually had more depth to it. In the first Halo, I got lost in the storyline about halfway through. Thinking "what am I doing again?" In the second one, the story takes off from the get-go with the Arbiter's tale. Switching between the Arbiter and Master Chief actually made sense, giving the feel of "It's not just Earth's problem anymore".

Vehicular combat is a bit better. The banshee, ghost, warthog, wraith and scorpion tank feel like they control easier. The spectre does suck, though.

Multiplayer definitely got a serious facelift. Player insignias, Online multiplayer, more weapons, and the various types of matches make this an awesome game to have. Rumble Pit's cool for a free for all, and if you've got a few friends to play with, Team Slayer definitely rocks.

I definitely recommend this game. Just word to the wise: if you get the map pack, buy it used. You're only going to use it once. And I think you can actually download the map packs from bungie directly once you're connected to Xbox Live.

Overall the game's great. I just finished it off and am waiting for Halo 3 to arrive. Now that looks promising...

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Created: 03/22/08

Halo 2

I love the new graphics and the story line is amazing! I personally believe that the first Halo was a more intense first person shooter experience but Halo 2 does the job!

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Created: 05/04/07

loved it

game is very good as u all know. gray tin box is a nice upgrade, as well as extra dvd full of behind the scenes footage/making of halo 2. what sucks is u have to have dvd playback kit to watch the extras or put it into a dvd player. xbox decided not to let u watch dvds with the wired controller. that aside, the 480p graphics of halo 2 r very good, even in comparison to the 1080 graphics of games being released nowadays. game play is surprisingly interactive-u can jump onto tanks, take over enemy 'ghosts', and play on good and bad side of the 'force'. packaging is worth the extra money if u r a real collector and find it in good condition, makes 4 a nice set/keepsake. i've heard complaints of the game being too short, about 4 hours playtime 4 advanced 'shooters', but that doesn't affect the quality of it.

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Created: 02/03/07

Halo 2

It is a solid fps(first person shooter), but it fails in comparison to the first halo(I miss you uber shotgun). Halo 2 does have a good co-op and awsome multiplayer, if only bungi had worked harder on the single player campaign it would have been perfect.

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Created: 02/16/10

i was impressed.

I decided to buy this game because i was tired of my old xbox console just lying there not being used. I searched for a game that i might be able to get into. I had only played the first Halo a few times and figured this game would be even better. I have to say i forgot how smooth this console delivered graphics even from a shooter game. I was very impressed with the cinematics of the game also. I would recommend this game to any shooter lover or just someone looking to brush the dust off an outdated console. Or you could pop it in your 360.

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Created: 07/26/06

Great Shooter Game!

This is an example of an excellent game! I own an XBOX 360 and still play this original XBOX game online. The graphics were great (for the time before the XBOX 360). The storyline was good... a little disappointing but, that just means we get a Halo 3!

Online used to be a blast. It's getting a little more aggravating everytime I'm on though. Between, bridgers, swearers, name callers, team killer, and yellers. If you can play without volume and hope you don't get stuck in a game with a "cheater" then the online play is a great (but, beware addicting) time.

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Created: 12/14/09

Good game but not the best.

Short campaign but fun game. Plus some good multiplayer. Extra DVD has some cool features as well. If it comes with 2 month free trial of xbox live that's another big bonus as well.

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Created: 02/23/11

Cross console cliffhanger? Still good.

What is there to say? We asked for a bigger, better Halo, and we got it. Yes, having to buy a 360 to "Finish the Fight" sucks, but that's the only detractor. The collectors edition is well worth the price, mostly because the contents are usually taken care of better, and the case is just badass. The bonus dvd is really nothing spectacular, but its good to pop in when you've got waaaaaay too much time on your hands. 4.5/5.

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