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HTC Inspire 4G
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Created: 07/03/10


The all new HTC EVO is the bomb 8gig micro SD card (not on phone memory) the possibilities are endless you can use up to 32 gig micro SD card. The picture is bright but not great. I love the video webcam use it alot, when you text you can talk and it will type and is pretty accurate unless you have a lisp or bad accent it does awesome as a different app. you can talk to google, or talk to call a number, open a program the possibilities are endless again. The battery life is just ok expected from a power horse, car charger and extra charger for office makes this phone unstopable. The free apps. are plentiful and useful so I highly recomed task killer to kill all open tasks that way your battery won't drain so fast, the sound is loud and clear, the massive screen is bulky but welcomed when you watch you tube in HD or viewing pictures (8 megapixel camera on back with dual flash and a 1.3 megapixel camera with no flash on the front to use as quick camera to take picture of self or use as a webcam), The 1.0 GHZ Snapdragon processor is super fast (theres a free CPU clock speed test app. to clock download and up load speeds very impressive even if your in 3G area), video runs smoothly, HD you tube installed at factory, the up to 8 devices WiFi is a hefty 30.00 dollars extra but when I hooked up my phone to my laptop it ran faster than my DSL with AT&T's 6.0. The extra 10.00 price a month for the HTC is well worth it. iPhone users will be jealous of screen size and speed of phone.
Now the bad as mentioned before optional 30.00 WiFi, no choice 10.00 G4 usage fee weather you use G4 or not and G4 is not available everywhere yet (32 cities and I think another 30 will be added by late 2010) bulky screen but I love it and it gets alot of attention when im out and about and lastly battery life is just ok.
Overall this is a great first G4 phone for me (I dunno about you though) and I love this HTC EVO as with all phones they will do updates to improve alot and make better phones to top this phone but for now this is the best phone, so iPhone watch out your days are numbered. If your in the market for a new carrier then this is it no other phone compares to this phone as of 07-03-10 so IF you can get your hands on this phone then I say go for it 5 thumbs up.

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Created: 12/19/10

HTC EVO 4G = Best phone Sprint has

Great phone for Sprint. Runs Android well with the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Enough RAM in the phone to run many apps without many crashes. Even thought phone is considered to be "dated" already, it is still more up-to-date and usable than many other phones.

- Great system performance (Can do 3D gaming decently)
- Two cameras (front and back)
- Back camera flash
- Back camera is 8 megapixels
- Excellent performance
- Nice screen
- Big screen
- 8GB microSD card included and installed
- Kick stand to stand phone in landscape and watch videos
- Pretty phone (subjective, I know)
- Does Sprint 4G where available
- The Wi-Fi does support 802.11n
- Has an FM Radio (have to plug headphones in to use it, the headphones will be an antenna)
- Proximity sensor (when on a call and held to you face, screen turns off)
- Flashlight app uses the LED flash as a light (works decently)
- HDMI out (never used, but can't see how it is a "Con")
- Most new EVOs run Android 2.2 with HTC's Sense UI (which works very nice on this phone)

- More of a Sprint thing: Too much crapware pre-installed you cannot get rid of
- Mediocre battery life (but not as bad as some say)
- The big screen can be a bit hard to use for smaller hands
- Bottom buttons can a bit touchy at time when parts of your hand bump them

However, to ME, the Cons are a bit stretching it, this phone is fantastic - off contract, I have seen them as low as $400 new on eBay (I got mine for $429 with free shipping)

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Created: 04/08/11

The best smart phone I've ever owned

I'll preface my review of the Evo by saying I am a fan of Sprint. Best network experience I have had with a provider. I hope they stick around given all the talk of AT&T acquiring T-Mobile. Sprint will be prime for acquisition if that deal goes through.

I have had experience with all types of cutting-edge smart phones. Blackberry, iPhone, Palm. Lots of good in all of these form factors, but mostly bad. These devices have glass ceilings, where active, aggressive and demanding users like myself hit a wall with the capabilities of the device. We want it to do more, faster. Before Evo, I was an iPhone user, loved the phone. It's ability to combine work and social components is best in class IMO. The carrier prerequisite was the killer. AT&T service was just awful, dropped calls, slow networks speeds. iPhone on Verizon was not available when I switched to Evo. If it had been I may have tried it. But if I had I would not know the truth. Sprint and Evo are the best deal in the cell phone universe today.

I live and travel in 4G areas. Sprint speed is crazy fast, downloading 3-4mb in just under 10 seconds in most cases. Reception on the Evo is crystal clear, speaker phone mode is error free and noise cancellation makes all conversations a breeze.

Some knock the Evo's size (too big), but I find it comfortable to manage. Screen is bright and responsive. The HDMI out on the phone is crazy cool. I find myself playing back videos shot with the Evo on my TV, they look and sound great. Have downloaded HD movies from Amazon and played them through the phone to a hotel TV. Great option for those long business trips.

For those in the dark, EVO is an Android platform phone. Android has it all and it runs smooth on the EVO, never a crash or reboot for me.

Today it seems the cell phone you use is an extension of your personality and a statement about the kind of person you are (or want to be). For those who want to go a little bigger, brighter, faster, and flexible than the rest, take a look at Sprint and the amazing Evo. You won't be disappointed.

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Created: 11/25/10

Great phone with only a few glitches

When I first got this phone I was blown away by all the things it does. I still am, and I think its one of the best phones out there, but now that the new has worn off some of the glitches are obvious.
First, there are regular application crashes with the phones basic functions. Text messaging, keyboard input, voice input - all crash once in a while. However, they recover in two seconds or less so its not a huge deal, and it only happens maybe twice a week. The phone is super responsive so you barely even notice when this happens.
The virtual keyboard has a long way to go to catch up to the iphone. Despite the EVO's larger size, its hard to type as accurately as you can on the iphone. I hit the letters and they miss at least a third of the time, no matter how many times I run the calibration utility. The alternate spelling suggestions make up for this most of the time again, but still the iphone is way more accurate.
The threaded text messaging puts your response before the message you answer, so that's confusing until you realize what its doing. It looks like a mess. One really irritating problem is that when you start a new text message, the address book always defaults to the home phone and not the mobile, and you have to go through several steps to get to the mobile number.
Which brings us to the address book. its a disaster, period. There's no place to add notes that I can find, you get seven hits for some people (all identical numbers) even though my google and computer address book are identical and in perfect order, and sometimes you put in a name and it can't find it at all until you type in their phone number directly.
Also, I'd really like to delete Sprint's NASCAR app. In fact, this phone leaves too many apps running and despite what the developers think of their 'timing out' and 'automatic freeing of memory', the phone does slow down to a crawl once in a while unless you manually kill some running apps and processes. When you reach this point the phone is almost unusable, I guess because its running too many apps and downloading updates in the background at the same time, and three times I had to restart the phone manually to clear this problem.
The phone has also restarted itself three times without my permission, once during a call and twice while composing text messages. It may have done so when I wasn't using it, but there's no way to tell.
All that having been said, these are a few problems with an otherwise amazing piece of equipment which functions wonderfully 95% of the time. The screen is large enough that I don't have to carry a laptop with me for business related things, its easy to manage files when its connected to the computer, the web browser is a delight, the speech-to-text is a dream come true and the app list seems endless. The sound and video qualities are fantastic, and the bluetooth reliable. I'm confident they'll improve the software with each release and it will get better.
The camera is awesome, the GPS even better, and Sprint's 3G, 4G and call reliability make this an overall great experience.
Since battery life seems to be a big issue with this one, all I will say is that I knew what I was getting into and did my homework. I found a 3500 mah battery online and it can go over 24 hours without a recharge, or 17 hours with 4G turned on - both with moderate use. The new battery comes with a new backplate, and its kind of big, but I don't care and I'm quite happy with it.

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Created: 02/13/11

Htc Mytouch 4G

Htc Mytouch 4G........Wowww!!! I must say i am pleased with this phone physical look since I had received it as the pics on the internet don't do the phone any justice. The camera is as expected for a 5 megapixel it takes great photos and hd videos in even low lighting situations due to the availability of led flash that can be used as a video light.....sweet!!!

The phones display is great but can be a problem if you are the unlucky one to purchase the model with the so called " bad screen" which is somewhat blurry and washed out even though it is exchangeable under warranty.

The battery life is good out of the box for a smartphone but can get better or worse if you decide to load custom roms or overclock the phone.

The phone reception is great when making or receiving calls as the audio comes through clear and audible.

Gaming on the Htc Mytouch 4G is ok as it manages to run all the top 3d games without noticeable lags.

The radio is a welcomed feature which works great but requires the use of a headset before it can be activated and played through the external speaker.

The best of all the features on this device is the operating system...."Google Android" This open source operating system, games, programs and features keeps you entertained and wowed by your phone every time you take it up.

The internet browsing experience is as good as any or greater with the availability of full Adobe Flash 10.1 running in the browser.

The only major complaint i have and that's probably because i am a musician is the fact that the external speaker is low and tiny sounding. It bothers me because i'm not a headset person so i don't make use of the 3.5mm headset port on the device, I use the external speaker all the time and its average compared to the other devices.

Overall the phone packs all the features of the current top of the line smartphones in a sleek small looking device and it doesn't disappoint in almost all of its functions. I would definatley recommend the Htc Mytouch 4G as a top pick in getting a all round smartphone that is good looking, reasonably priced and feature packed.

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Created: 02/17/11

Speedy, Stunning, and Sleek!

The MyTouch 4G is a very attractive package! The super slim phone packs an impressive amount of RAM and a 1Ghz CPU to run any Android app you can find! This phone also supports bluetooth and tethering so you can take your internet with you wherever you go. This is a very attractive feature as this device is insanely fast on the internet in 4G areas! However, the speed is still exceptional in gprs and egde areas that I have had the misfortune to be in. This powerhouse of speed, precision, and cutting-edge technology is packed into a thin metal and plastic chassis which easily fits in anyone's pocket and hand.

The front-facing camera is always nice when talking to that special someone via yahoo messenger or qik. The 720P video quality the rear-facing camera provides is absolutely impressive with very exceptional quality and decent low-level lighting capabilities. The still camera appears to suffer a little in dark areas and has trouble focusing quickly in these scenarios. However, this camera is still very impressive compared to almost every other phone on the market. In normal conditions, It is nothing less than impressive! My facebook is feeling the warmth of my camera now as I upload images and videos.

All the clickey buttons and the infrared scroll sensor are nothing less than a delight and feel great under your fingertips. The headphones included are of exceptional sound quality and the controls on the wire are easy to use even though I have grown quite use to the iPhone headphones.

The included software was packaged somewhat attractively which I find to be a little ironic being the MyTouch 4G girl looks like a female version of Steve Jobbs from the 80's.. She is very ugly which, between her appearance and the minor quirks I found in T-Mobile's software, encouraged me to try out Cyanogenmod7 which was a nightmare until I got my favorite apps installed. Now, I love the phone more than ever!

One feature to love is the swype keyboard though I hear it is not for everyone. It is stock on these phones, but not in cyanogen which requires a documentationless journey for the right software.

Overall, this phone is wonderful and whether you are a phone hacking android enthusiast like me or just a basic end-user, You will be very pleased with this phone and everything it can do. With a little time in the market and some know-how, the capabilities of this phone are basically unlimited!

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Created: 01/01/11

The EVO was the best thing I bought for myself in 2010!

The EVO does everything it says it does, and very well too. I bought this phone without ever trying it out or using a droid phone until it arrived 2 days later. I was worried that I may have spent alot of money on a piece of junk, but when I activated it over the phone and started using it, my doubts were quickly put to rest.

It does everything. All at the same time, and very well. Seriously, you can be in the middle of playing tetris and listening to Pandora- you get a call from work, it's your secretary needing some info from you. Have her forward you the word and spreadsheet documents via email, then open, edit and send those documents back while still on the phone with her, and when the work issue is resolved, you hang up with the secretary, and Pandora unpauses as you jump back into your game. The video chat and calling features are cool too. I have not once had an issue using any of the apps I have downloaded or any of the ones included on the phone. Runs great, and FAST!

Find yourself a quality stereo bluetooth headset- I use the plantronics backbeats- finding a decent headset is key not only for hands free calling, but also great for media too!!! Find one that has functions on it that allow you to answer calls, pause and fastforward music. This will allow you to easily operate basic functions while driving and multi tasking.

10 days after I bought it, I dropped my EVO. The screen was cracked like a big spider web. Phone still worked perfectly in every way, but screen was toast. Repair only cost $35 at SPRINT so that's not so bad.

Battery life is short while running apps and junk all the time- Just using it for phone calls pandora and texting, the battery lasts very well. Once you turn on the 4g antenna, and or start: browsing the web, using navigation apps, watching videos... ect, that battery wants to die. Solution- Buy extended capacity battery for EVO on ebay... comes with new back piece for phone to fit the larger battery, and it does make the phone a bit bulkier, but this does extend the total functionality of the phone extremely... With mine, I can rock out hard all day, and after 12 hours at work, I come home and my battery is on half!!! that's alot of juice!

I like this phone because at first I was skeptical and anticipating failure, however it has met and exceeded all of my expectations as far as how a cell phone could perform to convenience me. Take this review as one big positive vote- I love the EVO!

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Created: 11/28/10

The iPhone for Sprint...

The Evo is THE alternative for those not wanting to put up with the iPhone restrictions or AT&T's well publicized shortcomings.

As a proud owner for more than a month, I can honestly say the Evo lives up to the hype - and then some. A warning though: the Evo is much larger than the iPhone and pretty much any other phone out there. For tall/large folks with large hands this is actually wonderful, but for those who like the tiniest, sleekest toys to go along with their midget hands, this thing isn't it.

Regardless if you live in a Sprint 4G area, you'll pay an extra $10 fee. If you haven't already, you also need to upgrade to one of Sprint's more expensive plans.

Also, keep in mind that, as with all Androids, you can turn off and/or customize almost any feature you don't like. The Evo is not quite as intuitive to learn as the iPhone but it's also a lot more capable and powerful. The growing Android app marketplace really helps with this.

-Gorgeous, gigantic, super bright, crystal clear screen. Best. Screen. Ever.
-Truly fast at everything - apps launch instantly, everything is just "zippy".
-Powerful enough to run a bunch of stuff simultaneously without slowing down at all.
-Very modern and "hip" interface.
-Fantastic integration with all things Google (Maps, Gmail, Google Voice, etc.), Social Networks (Friend Stream is amazing), and GPS.
-Call quality is excellent.
-WiFi works very well.
-Touch screen is VERY sensitive and fast. Could be Pro or a Con.
-Videos are unbelievably large and crisp on this thing - no other phone comes close yet.
-Has lots of options and customization features.
-An 8 Megapixel camera AND HD video camcorder (!) surprisingly good quality for a phone.
-Does eBooks very well (need free eBook reader).
-Android app market is huge and growing fast. Downloads and installs are super simple and fast.
-Everything about this thing is just fast.
-Casing/back doesn't show fingerprints or lint much at all (screen is another story, see below).
-Did I mention it's FAST?

-Battery Life. This makes sense as the gigantic screen by itself likes to eat up juice when in use. WiFi, Bluetooth and certain auto-updating apps also drain the battery.
**Suggestion: turn WiFi OFF when you leave your house. Keep the default timeout setting to 1 minute or so to make sure the screen turns off after a short time of not using the device. Turn Bluetooth off if you're not using it. Reduce screen brightness, it's set to Auto by default when you get the Evo.

Default email client not super intuitive, plus polling intervals can not be set to anything shorter than 5 minutes. Email client can easily be replaced with other apps if you wish though.

Touch screen is VERY sensitive and fast. Some folks might need to get used to how fast/sensitive it is. Could be a Pro or a Con.

Soft keyboard has some minor quirks, mostly in terms of intuitiveness. Hard to describe here.

For people with larger hands like me, the Evo is perfect. For someone with very small hands, this device could be a nightmare to use. Seriously - it's LARGE.

Like all touch devices, the touch screen is a fingerprint magnet

If you are on Sprint (or considering switching) and want the fastest and arguably best device out there at this time, the Evo is it.

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Created: 12/17/10

Best Cell of 2010 according to independent Reviews!

The HTC Evo 4G delivered respectable 4G speeds, and the mobile hot-spot feature lets you connect up to eight devices. The smartphone has a front-facing camera for video chats and also comes with an 8-megapixel camera with HD-video-recording capabilities. The Evo ships with YouTube's HQ video player, Android 2.2 with HTC Sense, and an HDMI port. Other highlights include an extra-large 4.3-inch touch screen and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

The HTC Evo 4G is easily Sprint's best smartphone and one of today's top Android devices. It also shows the promise of 4G, which will grow as Sprint's 4G WiMax network expands (currently accessible in over 100 major metropolitan markets)!

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Created: 11/05/10

Evo 4G

I've only seen one bad review on this phone and it's obvious the guy wanted more than any phone can deliver. I have one (but going to sell it and change carriers as the sprint towers have been out of commission in Carlsbad, NM for 4 months) and the only reason I haven't changed carriers yet is that I hate to give up my Evo. One guy said the volume wasn't good even in a library environment... WRONG... this has tons of volume on both the speakerphone and the earpiece. It's one of the loudest phones I've seen. the Evo and the iPhone are still the phones by which all others are judged. It's the top of the line and there is nothing better, and, in my opinion nothing equal to it. All Androids and iPhones (Yes, I had one of those, too) have very poor battery life. It seems that the power of the "pocket computer" is too much for the current battery development. If you use it a lot, you'll need to be near a charger all the time. If you use it for an occasional call and occasional text message, the battery will last for 2 days. The first few days you have it, the battery will need charging twice a day as you'll be so engrossed with everything on it that you'll have it turned on all day long! I know people with Androids that use them like the old flip phone. And their battery lasts all day. But techno geeks will be disappointed in the battery in every android phone. It's really a great phone and I bought the 3500 mah battery and case for it and I never have to charge it during the day now. The last reviewer also said there's too much pre-loaded junk on it that you can't get rid of unless you root it. That's right and it goes for all android phones. It's called "branding." However, the Evo is the simplest phone to root (takes about 5 minutes including the 2 minute re-start time) with just the press of a button using UnRevoked and then you can delete all the stuff you don't want. And the large screen makes it so easy to type on. I hate going to a smaller screen, but I don't have any choice. I'm going to miss my Evo and I hope someone takes good care of it!

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