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HTC Hero Hero
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Created: 12/05/10

HTC Hero, Great on a Budget

The CDMA version, or as most people know it, the Sprint HTC Hero is a great phone for people who want to introduce themselves to the world of android, or for people who know android to move to if they ever see themselves switching to sprint on a budget.

First, however, I'll go through the cons of the device, so we can end on a Happy Note.

The biggest complaint I have, as it is about a year or so old now, is the speed. It is certainly not as amazing as it was at launch, being stuck with a 528mHz processor and only 256 MB of onboard memory and ram, it's not quite the fastest phone you'll ever see.

Furthermore, Like most android phones, The battery life isn't its shining star, either, with about 5-6 hours of consistent use, depending on programs being used and data being transferred.

Adding on to its limited on-board memory amount of 256 mb rom size, you'll find yourself pretty quickly running out of space for applications. I have to run through an "application deletion" routine once every other week or so, but it's not that hard, cause I always have random games I don't play any more or useless apps that somehow peaked my curiosity while I was browsing the Market.

Now to get to the brighter sides of the HTC Hero.

The first obvious plus is that it is running the ever-popular Android Operating system, version 2.1 officially from Sprint. It's an efficient little device, able to greatly show off many of the amazing features that make Android a competent smart phone OS.

For those who are more brave, and not afraid to temporarily void their phones warranty (which at this time is almost a moot point, since most hero users are past their one year Manufacturers warranty anyway) the phone can easily be rooted and loaded with one of the few 2.2 roms ported over to the Hero, Such as AOSPmod or CyanogenMod, Both of which make this phone a snappy little sport.

The screen isn't the biggest, but for a phone of this size, the screen is well proportioned and easy to navigate, with only a few poorly designed apps having issues while trying to navigate their menus and pages. It can easily replace a computer in a pinch and has plenty of detail to appreciate the beauty of its 5 MP Camera with autofocus.

Moving to the camera, it is very capable of taking close-to-studio quality images, especially if you use many of the amazing free or paid camera applications from the market. It has easily replaced the 12 mp digital camera that we used before acquiring this phone, cause let's be honest, in today's standards, aside from professional applications, when is anyone gonna need 12 megapixels? And the ability to use up to a 32 GB microsd card definitely is nice for when you like to take a lot of pictures, videos or carry your mp3 library with you.

Music on the phone is up to par with what you'd expect from an mp3 player. It may not be a replacement for your iPod classic with it's powerhouse media playing power, but for your bus/train ride to work or your workout session, it's ability to stream either through headphones OR through a stereo bluetooth capable headset, Music is a dream for being a smart phone.

All in all, for the price, which in most cases, depending on where you shop, is under $100 USD, you can't beat a phone like the Sprint HTC Hero. Whether you're shopping online, checking email, listening to your music or even using it as a cell phone (who does that anymore?) This is a great buy.

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Created: 11/21/09

love it - HTC has made a fan of me

The best thing about this phone is definitely the display. It's extremely high-resolution for the size. The touch screen is pretty good for resistive technology (as opposed to capacitive screens like the iPhone or Pre). The only other resistive screen phones I've used are the LG Versa and Voyager, and it feels like HTC has just done it better somehow, especially with sliding/scrolling.

HTC also did a spectacular job of making Windows Mobile usable with your finger by way of the TouchFLO 3D interface. There is a stylus included that slides nicely into the bottom of the phone, but I've found that I rarely need to pull it out. It's pretty, but it's also very functional as well. They did a great job on the different text input methods that are available as well. The full QWERTY is probably not practical for anyone but those with the tiniest of fingers, but I find the compact QWERTY setup pretty usable. If that doesn't work for you, you can switch to the phone keypad style and T9 it.

The text messaging interface does have a few quirks. When I tap on a message in the TouchFLO interface and it goes into the messaging screen, the keyboard pops up but doesn't want to type in the text box until you hit it. When you do hit it, sometimes you get a little dance where the keyboard isn't sure that it wants to stay up or not. I can usually tap the text box again before the keyboard goes away and then everything is fine, so it is a minor annoyance.

The camera seems to work fine; I've seen a lot of reviews that say it sucks but the performance seems pretty standard as far as most phone cameras go.

Overall, performance-wise, it is not as bad as I was expecting. I've experienced a few versions of Windows Mobile on different devices, and I know how sluggish it can get, but aside from a few isolated incidents where the device just seemed to lock up altogether (prompting me to perform a soft reset), the performance was actually better than other WinMo phones I've used. It's got a decent processor and plenty of memory. It's no 3GS but I wasn't expecting that.

Will be looking forward to my next upgrade so I can experience a newer HTC model, but until then I will be enjoying myself with the Diamond, especially with how cheap I got it without contract incentives.

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Created: 12/11/10

Fantastic device, perfect with config.

Awesome, awesome, awesome device. Linux based Android devices handle memory usage so well, don't run a task-killer because you'll just end up using more juice and time. Runs like a beast. It's like having a tablet PC in my pocket! The cameras are both awesome, the 8mp camera does a fantastic job. I've been taking pictures of text from long distances, even with some motion blur, and I still get very readable results.

A lot of people complain about the battery on this phone. By default, it will synchronize (live when available, mind you) with Facebook, Gmail, news reports, stock reports, weather.... You get the drift. I disabled updates for everything except Gmail and Weather, because Facebook updates whenever I open the app anyway. After doing that, my standby battery life was tripled. I can go all day on the stock battery, spend 2 hours on the phone, send over 150 texts, browse the web, download files... and it goes from 9-5 just fine with enough juice to stay on standby until I hit the sack. So with some configuration, it does just fine. Things that use the radio seem to use the most power-- games, not so much. Screen brightness, not such a big deal. But live updates on six different channels? Definitely a drain. Also, some widgets will update automatically. They're basically like apps that never close, so think about what you use.

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Created: 03/06/11

All around amazing phone

Pros: E-mail works great and show up about 20 secs after I truly receive the e-mail for me (astounding time) Calendar is synced with Outlook and Google Calendar for my business and personal life. Several apps at once, unlike iPhone only able to run 1 app.

Cons: Battery life last me from 7:00am to 6:00pm... this is with a full day of app using, texting, calls, emails, web browsing and setting calendar dates. Doesn't bother me because my work day ends at 5:00pm and I am home by the time this phone runs out.

Summary: There is too much to say about this phone... Go to a sprint store and try one out. The app market is in no way limited and I can't think of a single app i'm missing. Amazing phone which works great. This phone is a major seller for me because it integrates e-mail and texts into one kind of simultaneous messaging feed. Contacts are also linked to Facebook... this sounds silly but gives your phone a professional look with pictures for every contact. All I can say is that this phone keeps me 100% connected to my job, friends, and family all at the same time. Beyond that the phone covers every aspect of my life. I have not been to my computer in days except to type papers (updating from my phone). This phone can read PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, use Flash content, and watch you tube videos straight from the page they're on. Buy this phone and you won't be disappointed... Worst that can happen is you returning the phone with in 30 days. (Sorry it's not a great review but this phone really is amazing. Check out the Features)

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Created: 06/05/10

buyer beware

This phone is awesome and as soon as i got mine my daughter and wife wanted the same too bad they picked different phones to buy. That said the phone has tons of apps loaded and just about unlimited to chose from with huge memory ability you can steam music or store your mp3 very customizable to each persons taste the out side looks the same but my daughters and mine when you launch / open the phone look nothing alike. all around great phone. it also ranks as one of the top phones avail at the time.

Reason for title of post i have one huge recommendation do your home work.. if your with sprint make sure the esn is clear dont just take word of sell double check it i had multiple phones i almost bought but upon checking they were not able to be activated for multi reasons bad esn not usable on network, and allot of the new smart phone mandatorly have to have full internet /network abilty from your carrier so it means a more expensive plan just just be careful do your home work and you can find many great deals out here.. i replaced the whole families phones here on ebay with new to keep from being locked in to long contracts. and if your careful ebay has some of the best deals out there.

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Created: 09/05/10

Iphone Killer

I would like to begin with informing you that I am a technology business owner. I am always looking for a ways to be more efficient and be a step ahead of the game. With that, I can begin giving my review of this phone coming from a BB and Ipod Touch user prospective. I did not give this phone a excellent rating because of battery life and touch screen keyboard learning curve. The android market is growing and you can pretty much find everything you truly need. I used use my Ipod touch for web, email, music, and games; but now it has been collecting dust. The evo is a sprint equivalent if not better of the iphone. You get great service and pay less for the plan considering the 10 dollar fee for 4g. The areas of 4g are becoming more available in major areas. When I am home I use the WI-FI on my network when ever available. Just remember to close and turn off apps and services when not in use and you will do fine with the battery life. Coming from a BB, I have been adjusting to the touch screen keyboard even though i have an Ipod touch, I did not use it as much as I am using the evo for multimedia. Why is it better than the iphone? in my opinion it is the flexibility of freedom; not being tied down to apple services. The world is multidimensional and there for should be technology that helps us become more efficient humans. I can use the web without having problems with flash content or problems viewing video, unlike the ipod touch and iphone. I loved and used my blackberry religiously for 4 years until I became busier and needed more more to do more. Blackberry finally came out with the torch which has everything I and any other blackberry user would want; but they tied themselves with AT&T ONLY. Evo has the android system which can be found on all carriers including variants of the evo with different names. Like I said; Freedom. Well, as long as you can get used to the touch screen and get yourself a car charger; your choice is golden. The phone is ready for the future, HDMI, Hotspot, 4G, and more.

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Created: 07/09/10

Tricky to begin with, excellent after!

Like many, I simply had to rush out and get this phone. I searched high and low for the best deal and found that if you purchase an EVO at Radioshack it's only $200 right out the door as opposed to $300 with a mail in rebate everywhere else (take note of that if you are buying one, it's an extra $100 in your pocket)!

I love almost everything about the phone, you can do anything on this that you can the iPhone (even iTunes with the right app) & so much more. I loved how it matched my phonebook with my facebook and imported everyone's phone numbers, email addresses, birthday's and photos. That is soo awesome as I have both business and personal contacts there.

The camera options are awesome, it can take in black and white, sepia, polarized & negative with no editing whatsoever. The front facing camera is what I took my ebay photo with and you can see the clarity and detail in it.

If your internet cuts out, no worries, the EVO can tether a connection to your laptop and it's all blazing fast! It's great for vacations, hotels, research, and more!

If you want a seriously do everything phone, the EVO is the way to go. It is tricky for the first day if you don't read the manual (I never do lol) but once you get the hang of it, it is like nothing else out there.

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Created: 07/30/10

2nd best phone in Summer 2010 Market

I give it a good rating and not a excellent because there is still a lot of improvement that can be done. Phone looks and feel great, very stylish, up to date with technology, and superb screen size. I love the screen size for browser the internet and watching video. Of course i'm a guy and I got big khaki pockets for the phone so i don't mind the big bulkiness, i actually like the screen size more than the iphone. As far as speed, the internet is really fast but programs needs some work to move in and out faster. A fast internet but slow software isn't gonna help it much. The Android software stinks, could use better functionality like the iphone. I miss the iphone due to simplicity, easy to navigate and organize app around. Sprint network is great but their data network isn't that great. I can call and text instantly but having trouble connecting to the data network to use app that require online access.

9/6/10 Update:
Batteries perform good unless you are using flash from like watch youtube videos. That's why Iphone decided not to use flash on their phones and I know why now. From a full charge battery watching youtube, the whole battery drains in one hour compare to your regular videos which last for about 2.5 times longer. Going in and out of video files sometimes lags and freezes. Your video search loads kinda slow if you're trying to get all the way down to the bottom for your video. I wish you can set the setting for video to show just a list so it can scroll down faster than trying to load all the video picture while slowing down the scrolling down part. Be prepare to get extra batteries on the side and thank goodness this phone has that feature unlike the iphones. Once its dead its dead. Does what I need to do and they need to start putting up more general app like local banks, etrade, and etc.

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Created: 07/12/10

htc hero

The hero is great! I love the options u have for apps and u can have access to ur facebook, MySpace and email with the slide of a finger. I linked it with my hotmail account and u can read emails without having to go online and wait and enter all ur information and the phone will alert u when u have new mail. The predictive text works great if u go to type and accidently hit wrong letters it has a list of words u possibly meant and will automatically save new words and change misspelled words. The only things that bother me about it are the lag when u turn ur phone and the screen flips like 15 seconds later and the fact u can't tap the screen with ur fingernails other than that its a wonderful phone like the iPhone of the Sprint network!

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Created: 11/16/10

amazing price

i want it
I bought the NewPhone 74205 three weeks ago and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this inexpensive phone. It has a 1M-pixel camera, video camera, and speakerphone. The NewPhone's size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan of roughly 4 hours. My only complaint is that the menu system on the phone makes you click four times before you can find someone in the address book, set an alarm, or perform a additional functions. Other phones I've owned have simpler menus and get you to important features easily. Overall, I'd recommend the phone if you're on a budget. im sorry buh i cba to write a review

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