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Gun  (Xbox 360, 2005)
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Created: 11/02/06

My First XBOX 360 Game I Bought

I bought my XBox 360 in Feburary 2006 and I also picked up this Game "GUN". I put the disc in and I started playing and I could not stop playing it. The first night I was playing it for at least 8 hours staright. I was hooked on this game. The game features many different challenges not just shoot em up. There is a lot of free roaming areas and you sometimes choose from a variety of missions you want to try your luck at. One thing I don't agree with is the ESRB Rating of "M" Mature, it isn'tthat violent, just Old Western style shooting, if you have watched an old Western movie/show then this is somewhat like it, but in color and a lot better graphics and sound. I still play this game almost 9 months since I bought it and am still enjoying it. I Definitley recommend buying "GUN" for the XBOX 360, you won't be disappointed.

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Created: 06/15/07

Gun Strategy Guide - A GREAT Buy!

This manual is great for both newbies and veterans alike because, simply put, you won't be able to find everything without it. For example, need to know where to find all the gold mines? Buy the book and find out. Want to know how to capitalize on all the achievments? Buy the book. This manual provides all sorts of screenshots, weapons stats, tips for getting past tricky bosses and other goodies. I especially like the walk-throughs of the levels. The only real downside to this manual is the serious lack of cheats - but since the game wasn't designed with any, this isn't a drawback.

The guide gives players what they need to play the game without alot of needless fluff. It's definitely worth the price of admission and you won't be disappointed.

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Created: 04/18/07

GUN - Wild West At It's Best

I Recently played the game and was amazed With how much there was to do in it. Such as Wanted posters, Pony express, searching for Gold, Cheating in Texas Hold 'em, Helping the Sheriff by killing gang members, the abillity to use Quickdraw (It makes everything move slowly for aperiod of time), Not to mention the story missions, and just riding around on your horse. The only thing was that it was pretty easy even on the hardest difficulty. I was also impressed with the easy controlls and the civillian A.I. (Animated Intellegence). As soon as I got home from my brothers house I went on Ebay and bought it. If you like cowboy movie or third person shooters you'll most likely enjoy the game Gun.

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Created: 01/16/07

great western

While this is not your average western game, it's actually really good. the only set back is that if you want a third person shooter, in third person the game seems to move slow, but in first person the game is great. great voice acting, great gameplay, and it is the total package, one of the best games for the 360.

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Created: 07/07/06

gun (xbox 360)

the game is very fun to play. lots of side missions. first game ive played with horseback riding. good game all around. a little on the short side.

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Created: 06/17/11

Great game, awesome story with excellent replay value!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Love this game, GUN! I owned it for the Xbox back in '06' and beat it. I wanted to play it again so I bought it for the Xbox 360 and man am I glad I did!

I like how it's a little like GTA but with a western feel to it, it has plenty of side missions and a story to boot. If you're into westerns and GTA, get this gem... Seriously.

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Created: 05/13/06

Know when to walk away...

After the initial gameplay adjustment...there are quite a few tidbits to get used to...THIS game ROCKS!!
It becomes totally immersive, even sitting and watch someone else play.....

Best Western Game I've seen, and a darn tootin' shooter to boot!!

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Created: 05/06/10

Gun (Xbox 360)

The game is such a classic, it never gets old. Riding horses, shooting, using bows, and hunting for gold are some of the best aspects of Gun

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Created: 09/13/10

GUN on xbox 360

My sons love this game. They played it at their Aunt's house, and I went on Ebay to find it for the XBOX 360 and it was available. They have played it and beat the game. It's good. Prob not appropriate for kids in some parents' eyes though. lol oh well.

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Created: 04/22/08



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