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Created: 12/09/11

The bottom line is I am overall disappointed in offering from PD&Sony.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought GT5 with great expectations and was very disappointed. I have to admit that Polyphony Digital did a great job with the graphics in GT5. Overall though they did not listen to their customers again as with GT4.
Pros are great graphics, better realism in car control but it stops there.
Cons: Can't customize standard cars, can't re-run races to get prize cars again, very limited dealership options for premium cars, prize cars are usually standard cars insted of premium cars. Ridiculous prices on the fast cars you need to win races. Many of the cars you want are in the used car lot and they are all standard cars. The game starts with a very low amount of money to get a decent car to start to race. The list goes on and on.
I still enjoy the game and at this point I am racing the same tracks over and over just for the money. I would say don't waste your money on a new one when you can find good used copies on Ebay for much less that the retail price. Hopefully PD & Sony will come up with more download content which would help.

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Created: 01/10/11

Slightly disappointed being a GT fan.

I have been a hardcore GT fan and always play racing simulation games on a proper seat+feedback wheel setting. After playing GRID and DIRT 2 on PS3 I was expecting super-WOW graphics and fun in GT5. But for the first 2 days I was hit with crappy cars with low resolution rendering and sub-par tracks. The exact same tracks look much nicer in GRID. I played them back to back to compare.

The load times were excruciating. I'd say expect to spend about 40mins/hr. in the Menu's and the rest on racing. I am still not happy with the graphics (with 1080p on 60" plasma TV). The shadows flicker during races and replays.

I got little better load times after installing the 6GB game on the HDD. And of course don't forget the 608MB 1.05 update that takes hours to install and cannot be done in the background. You cant even download it on a computer and upload through USB.

The positive points are of course, endless list of cars and customization and different kinds of activities like license tests, B-spec events, online dealership and of course online races. Then there is GT TV, photo mode etc.

The force feedback is great but that was great even in GT3. The tuning options are nice but they are priced the same for all makes/models of cars.

Overall, well, its a must-have for racing fans anyway.

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Created: 12/19/10

Gran Turismo 5, don't hate what you don't understand

After reading some of the reviews posted, I feel like I need to point out a few things. First off, Gran Turismo is a driving simulation. It is as close as one can get to driving an actual car in real life. The physics engine is excellent in Gran Turismo 5. The tracks are simulated versions of the real courses, complete with all of the imperfections in the surfaces of the real tracks. Gravity behaves very closely in the game as it does in real life, as well as wind resistance, forces as a result of impacts, and lighting and shadows.

For those that say that the cars do not handle like they do in real life, and that the game is not good as a result, do not know what they are talking about. Using the controller to steer a car in a video game disconnects the player from the simulation experience and should not be used for comparison. Play with a driving wheel such as the Logitech G27 and you will understand the point of this game. By using your imagination you can 'feel' the difference between the cars' handling whether you are using the controller or the wheel.

As far as teaching you how to race? The license tests do just that. They show you how accurately you must steer and how perfectly you must modulate the gas and brake to achieve the best lap times. If you do not understand the handling of cars and are not good at the game at first, keep playing and you will learn. You might have to do the same license test 300 times before you get gold. This is not an easy game to become good at and if someone is expecting it to be similar to Need for Speed they may be disappointed. Games like Need for Speed are fun as well, but they provide an arcade driving experience where breaking isn't always necessary and the focus is less on driving technique and more on visual excitement.

Where Gran Turismo falls short is in comparison of one game in particular: Forza 3. Gran Turismo 5's shortcomings include:

- the sensation of high speed when the car is traveling at high speed. Forza 3 does a much better job making the driver feel like they are going 200mph

- selection of cars and tuning options... there are some key core driver's cars unavailable such as the BMW E30 or E36 M3, the E39 M5, the VW GTI MKII, the Ferrari F50, the FXX... hopefully these cars will be created in the years to come along with the countless others that deserve to be in the game. Forza has a much better list of cars and also provides the ability to to engine swaps and offers more flexibility in tuning.

- Variety and extent of races... I'm not sure why there are so few races in the game, and why they have decided not to limit cars based on class. It's no fun if you can enter a race with a car that is lightly tuned and smoke the competition. Make the individual races more challenging and limit the power cars can have.

- Give better gift cars. This game is truly designed with fans of Japanese cars in mind, which is to be expected, but there are just way too many award or gift cars that I do not care about. An Opera Honda S2000 for beating the S-License with Bronze does not make me happy.

In conclusion, Gran Turismo is meant to be tough master, and because of this it is one of the most satisfying games to play when you finally drive a perfect lap or achieve gold in a license test. Though it does have some flaws, and may lose out to Forza 3 in some aspects, it is the closest one can get to a real driving experience. Enjoy it for what it is.

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Created: 05/28/11

Great Game... but can use improvement

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

this game is pretty good but can use improvment
1.GRAPHICS:The graphics are AMAZING
2.ONLINE:The online gameplay is fantastic!
3.CARS:Comes with over 1,000 cars!
4.EVENTS:There a alot of events to keep you occupied with this game
MUSIC: if you dont like the 100s of songs in the soundtrack you can upload your own
1. WAITING:When you first put in the game you have to update it and this process took me 2 HOURS! than when you are done the game is gonna tell you too download something to reduce loading times this takes another HALF HOUR!

2.LOADING:If you dont do the download to reduce loading times you have to wait about 6-7 minutes to play any event.

3.SAVEDATA:This game takes SO MUCH memory.i dont know how much exactly because i havent downloaded all the update
This game is NOT a fast paced racing game like burnout or need for speed it is REALISTIC which means the cars dont look like they are going 400 mph,they dont DRIFT when you hit the brakes,you cant CRASH into anyone and make them crash,and you cant turn corners easily you have to brake then do the corner
great game worth the money but not for you if you like burnout and games like that

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Created: 01/15/11

If you've played GT its great!!!

I came from the GT 1 school so to see the evolution of the game and graphics is incredible. There are some throwbacks and new pieces when it comes to tracks (including NASCAR woohoo!!! left turn city!). The overall driving experience is well done as far racing games go. The music is same cheese that we have come to expect. The graphics are stunning and impressive to non gamers (my wife was amazed by the reflection of the cloud in the rear window). The one thing that this game has over its xbox 360 counterpart is the garage! Excellent selection of awesome cars.

Now for the reason it is not a 5 star game.... can be summed up in one word loading.... starts with an almost 700 mb update (about 12 minutes on a hardline to 2 hours on a wifi) then there is 8 gb data install to "help" the extraneous load time. It is reminiscent of playing on the PS1 (I mean come on it's a freakin PS3).

So overall i give it a solid 7 and all I have to say to the haters out there, "What do you expect more from a racing game; how long do you think it took to get all of the licensing

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Created: 03/06/12

PS3: Gran Turismo 5

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Gran Turismo 5 is the best racing game on the market hands down. With a huge fleet of vehicles (over 1000 different cars) and tons of new tracks there is no shortage of great excitement for returning Gran Turismo players. The licenses and amateur races were not as difficult as the Gran Turismo's for PS2; so jumping into the game is easy but will still be challenging for those with past experience. However it did take over three hours to download the updates to play the Aspec races, with an extra option to download an additional 8GB to avoid loading time in between races. Now that I have beaten all Aspec events I need to do another large download to play the Bspec races. To say the least I was not impressed with the downloading required to play this game, and due to that I rank this a 4 star game. Less downloading next time please Sony.

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Created: 03/23/13

All horespower you could want in a racer as GT5 still delivers!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Tons of detail on the premium cards. Gran Turismo is still a great simulation racer, the cars feel and drive like previous installments. I was dissapointed in the cockpit view of non-premium cars, they were just a black generic shadow. The B-spec was a neat addition but winning certain races required spending hours online finding the exact car and setup to win a race and getting a little lucky. Some of the racetracks look great and many look very bland in detail, I would prefer more quality than quantity on the details of the different tracks. Overall after revisiting the game today it still holds up in 2013 as a fun car racing simulator. The only other real gripe is I do have trouble getting into a private race/server with friends.

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Created: 02/08/11

Great service

There's a quote, attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto, that could well serve as the mantra for racing enthusiasts waiting to play Gran Turismo 5: "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Much like Miyamoto and other notable perfectionist auteurs of the video game world, Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital have kept us at bay for nearly six years -- all the while chumming the water with teases, trailers, demos and Prologues -- as they worked to ensure that the next installment of their "Real Driving Simulator" achieved their exacting levels of refinement. Now that the game is here, the wait is finally over. Sort of.

In many ways, GT5 is all about waiting. In fact, one of the first decisions you'll face upon starting the game is whether you'd prefer to delay satisfaction for a full install of the game's data (a 45-minute, 8GB affair) or get straight to the track and endure some significantly longer load times. As frequently as the game changes menus and venues, I'd definitely recommend the full install.

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Created: 07/19/11

Bad loading but how long do you wait for that awsome roller coaster?

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I'm sure you have read in other reviews by now that the loading times are horrible. This is true but maybe I'm just more patient than most. After downloading the maps onto the hdd it wasn't that bad.
I'm only 6 hours into the game but it seems like it is super easy to get money in this game. I've already got 200k and a freakin veyron costs 1mil! That's probably going to be a good thing with over 1000 cars in the game.
The online community just seems like complete chaos. So many players so many maps so many cars. I didn't put a lot of time(two games) into online play so perhaps there are filters that simplify things.
The music doesn't even come close to previous installments of the game. I havn't read any reviews that said the same and I do have a differing opinion than most when it comes to music so maybe that's why.
If you liked the other Gran Turismos like me then its a good bet you will like this too.

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Created: 03/12/11

Really addictive racing game! The most realistic so far

Love how the cars look and perform. The premium cars are breathtaking; standard ones aren't bad, they just lack that "awsomely real" look and you dont have many customization options like wheels and body kits.

Gaming is incredible. The cockpit view on the premium cars feels very realistic.

The one thing I don't get is the B-Spec mode; its like an RPG of racing or something like that. Not much of a fan.

Anyway the game is GREAT. I highly recomend it.

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