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Created: 06/13/07

Only For The Marvel Completist

I find you can put Marvel Films into two categories: a treasure to watch or a pain to experience.

Elektra and Ghost Rider fall into the later.

I had pretty low expectations going in to see this film. I bought my brain an extra large soda, told it to shut up and drown itself in the carbonated goodness. It almost worked.

The film premise is simple: Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the the devil (chewed up nicely by Peter Fonda) to keep his father, Barton Blaze, from dying of cancer. The cancer is cured, but Barton dies in a motorcycle accident. Years later, the devil offers Johnny his soul back if he becomes the Ghost Rider and defeats the son of the devil, who wants to take his pop's top spot in Hell.

The original script was good, but after tinkering by the studio, the resulting product is clunky and ugly. Not helping matter is Nicholas Cage's performance, who slows down the pace of the film. The only thing that saved me (apart from my brain in a soda) was Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot. Elliot has a presence that really smacks you in the head and helps the film from becoming a complete waste of time.

Buy this film only if you have to have every Marvel title ever produced (Yes, I am talking to you Elektra and Captain America 1990 fans). Otherwise, watch your buddy's copy and don't forget the soda.

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Created: 07/23/07


Ghost Rider turned out to be just an "OK" movie. Somewhat long, with a storyline that just didnt get our full attention. Its based on the Marvel comic.

We bought this movie primarily for the following reasons:
*The awesome special effects of a skeletal Nicholas Cage, bound in leather on a flaming Harley.
*We have always enjoyed most all movies with Nicholas Cage

The storyline can be pretty much summed up with one making the ultimate sacrifice with the devil, while in turn chasing ones lifelong true love.
We felt Cage played a good role, as it appears many think different of his performance in this film.

Rent It or Buy It? We suggest renting it first!

You may (or may not) enjoy it, as we found it to be an "OK" film, and have only watched it twice. Its definitely not a movie we will watch very often, if at all.

OUR RATING: 5.5-6.0 out of 10

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Created: 07/08/10

Ghost Rider is a good action escape movie

Let's face it - Ghost Rider (the character) is cool. That's why I rented the movie the first time. This movie is purely for escape - a fantasy in which you can get caught up and not really have to think. Even though I'm a girl, I don't want "chick flicks" when I need a break from real life. Blow something up or blow someone away - that's the way to go. And this movie blows up a lot of people and stuff. The special effects are really cool. Nick Cage is that perfect blend of hero, anti-hero and just plain crazy. (art imitating life?) What didn't I like? It's pretty much a cookie-cutter plot. (Though not nearly so bad as Steven Seagal movies)Luckily, about the time I'd start thinking about the lack of plot, NC's Johnny Blaze character would jump over bunches of trucks, or Ghost Rider would ride straight up the side of a building. If you want a good plot and something meaningful, this isn't the movie for you. But if you want to watch cool special effects, see the bad guys get it in the end and generally leave real life for a couple of hours, this is a good action escape movie.

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Created: 08/11/08

An ok movie that is ok to watch once or twice.

Review For: Ghost Rider (Blu-ray Disc, 2007, Extended Cut)

To give you a bit of an idea about where I am coming from in this review I did collect the Ghost Rider comics from the early 90's for a few years. So I was well versed in the story and history of "The Ghost Rider" when I went to watch this movie.

I can say that first of all this Marvel comics movie is no where near the level of the Spiderman, Iron Man, or X-men movies. In fact I think this movie falls in line with movies that Marvel put out like Daredevil and The Punisher movie. It is a solid 3/5.

The acting of Nicolas Cage is decent but not stellar. There is nothing wrong with his performance but it is not spectacular to say the least. The supporting actors are fine. The Blackheart character is a bit cheese though.

The strongest part of this movie is the Computer Graphics and the action. Personally, I'm glad they waited this long to create the movie in order to have the best CGI possible. How else can you have a Ghost Rider running around if you do not have the graphics for it.

The storyline is alright and captures the essence of The Ghost Rider comics. Nothing spectacular but you get the idea of what the rider is all about.

A solid 3/5. A great way to waste a Saturday afternoon but I'm not sure you can rewatch this movie a bunch of times.

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Created: 09/24/08

Burning Man

Why is Nick allways on fire? What happens to Sam? Who would leave Eva sitting alone? Why were so many people ridding in that Prevost? What was the name of that Biker bar? Why was it set in Texas? What city were they in? This movie kept loosing me as it turned in differnt directions. I love Nick but the Ghost Ridder was so skinny it looked like Icab Crane. The villians were poor and there was to much special effects for my taste. I kept waiting for the orange County Chopper guys to make an appearance....Now Dad would have made a great Ghost ridder, tough, fair, big. No special effects just pour gas on me and film it.

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Created: 06/09/09

Ghost Rider

Review For: Ghost Rider (Blu-ray Disc, 2007, Extended Cut)

If you're not a bike freak or a devotee of Nicholas Cage or lust over Eva Mandosa(?) forget this flick! Acting is poor, special effects so-so.

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Created: 08/18/07

Not a Wheel Spinner for Me!!

Well if you are thinking about this movie I can tell you I found it a little bit of a let down. I love motorcycles and I like Cage so went in thinking it would be great. Has some good bike seen but to much satanic garbage. Keep the kids away. Thats just this guys opinion.

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Created: 04/07/09

Ghost Rider

I wasn't impressed with this movie. The acting was good but the story was weird. Not a good choice for Nicholas Cage.

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Created: 03/09/08

Ghost Rider

the movie was just okay for me I really couldn't get into it even though I like nicolas cage I didn't dislike it just wasn't for me

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Created: 08/08/07

Ghost Rider DVD

The three copies were bought for myself and two friends and I did get them, however the plastic wrap for the DVDs was removed.The movie plays great.No other problems.

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