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Garmin nuvi 855
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Created: 01/08/10

Garmin nuvi 855 GPS Receiver

I have used a Garmin GPS V for over 5 years in my Motor Home. While it was still functioning it has a 3" Mono display, no voice prompts and would on occasion freeze up. Another factor, I had upgraded my computer to a Dell Studio laptop running MS Vista 64 bit software and without a RS 232 port to connect to the GPS V and my version of Garmin’s North American Cities map software would not run on the Vista. Then add advanced age, with poor hearing and vision brought about the need for a new GPS unit.

Some of the improvements that I have noticed beyond the obvious improvement with the much larger color display, and voice prompts. First the sensitivity of the receiver in the nuvi is better then the old unit. I had to install a rooftop antenna to use the GPS V in my motor home. It would not receive any signal because of the RV overhang. The new nuvi works fine (full bars) sitting on my desk in the RV, in the middle of the living area. The Windshield mount, a big improvement over the old GPS mount, gives full signal indication and I do not need to use my rooftop antenna with this nuvi. (Though I will buy an adapter cable, BNC to MX, to use the antenna since I already have the antenna.)

The ease of operation of the nuvi with it’s touch screen, is far superior to the old unit. Menus are much easier to navigate with the larger lettering and color back-ground. I have not used it much since I only got it a couple of weeks ago and am using it in my Jeep while the RV is parked. But I am very happy with it’s ease of operation and clarity of display. Since I now have the Vista compatible map software, I have been able to install all my old map routes into the nuvi. The new version of the Garmin map software is compatible with all my old files.

A couple of cons: First the GPS V allowed me to connect to my laptop and run the map display software on the laptop with a 15" display. The nuvi does not allow connection to the laptop as an active gps unit. It only allows transferring routes and way-points, etc. between the two units. While the larger display is nice, 4" is a lot smaller then the 17" laptop screen. I have not used it enough to find out if the 4" display will be adequate when I get lost. Another con for me is the ‘Speech Recognition’ voice menu operation. It will not work with any back-ground noise, like a radio being on. So if you have to reach over and turn off the radio to use it, you might just as well manually touch the on-screen menu. I found the voice recognition to be difficult to get to work and was far easier to just use the touch-screen to enter the command(s).

I am not sure how the FM broadcast feature will work out. I use an XM radio with the same feature but the XM has a user frequency selection readily available while the nuvi requires resetting it in the software. I know that I often have to change freq. on the XM when going through larger cities, sometimes more then once, so that may be a problem with the nuvi. Of course the local speaker option on the nuvi will solve that problem.

Overall I am very happy with this unit.

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Created: 11/05/10

Excellent product, high quality

Garmin International's nüvi 855 is a GPS navigator and personal travel assistant featuring voice-activated navigation and lane assist with junction view. Navigate with confidence while nüvi directs you to the preferred lane while driving. Also, see realistic images of upcoming junctions where available.

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Created: 08/01/09

Garmin 855

voice reconition works (that's a great thing in it'self), great software, fines addresses in new developments and every ware I wish to go, which
is generaly five or six different addresses a day. Good route planning
generaly the shortest way.
The only down side to the whole unit is the ball attachment, but purchased
and all in one stock with the unit clips onto and power cord plugs into
the base which in turn plugs into 12 volt plug in dash. Easy remove and stores out of sight. This adapter is available on ebay just look up Garmin accessories.
I chose the 855 with out bluetooth and mp3 as I don't need there capabilites.
yes I would buy this unit again.

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Created: 10/15/09

GARMIN Nuvi 855 GPS Navigation System

Garmin International's nüvi 855 is a GPS navigator and personal travel assistant featuring voice-activated navigation and lane assist with junction view. Navigate with confidence while nüvi directs you to the preferred lane while driving. Also, see realistic images of upcoming junctions where available.

The nüvi 855 offers full coverage mapping for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The preloaded map data features nearly six million points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and attractions. The map data is provided by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality mapping.

Simply speaking, nüvi 855 is one advanced navigator. It features voice-activated navigation, a widescreen display, preloaded maps, an FM transmitter and more. Like the rest of the wide nüvi 800-series, just speak a menu option and nüvi obeys your command.

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Created: 03/10/11

Garmin nuvi 855, what's not to like.

I already owned one Garmin nuvi 855, I bought this one to put on my old Harley for those long road trips. The only flaw I found is common among all GPS receivers not just the nuvi 855. That flaw became apparent on a recent trip into San Francisco, when traffic came to a stand still on the overhead freeway system the GPS device thought by my reduced speed that I was on the surface street below and gave me some crazy directions. It also gets confused on stacked freeway systems but with a little manipulation and some good old common sense you can get by the glitch. This receiver is easy to use and has a great screen layout that can be set up several different ways. The voice operation is a real advantage when you need both eyes on the road. This receiver was purchased used off eBay for $69.00 and was a deal at twice the price.

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Created: 10/20/09

Simply The Best

I'd seen three other gps brands that friends had, and found them all somewhat irritating-errors, and especially the voices.

I decided I'd forego ever getting one until a friend loaned me her Garmin to find my way home, after I got hideously lost trying to find her house in Boston (a horrible place to navigate anyway!)

That was it! The first think I did when I got home was get on Ebay and buy one!

I've never written a review - and I sound like a commercial - but really, It's fantastic, beautiful and the customer support is the best I've ever had with ANY electronic product!

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Created: 08/10/11

The rebuilt Garmin GPS from eBay surpassed my expectations. Great buy!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I love the Garmin GPS, I recently purchased on ebay.
I bought it to replace an older model, for a recent trip to Italy. It performed flawlessly and abled me to find out of the way places that I would never have been able to find without it.
I paid a fraction of the price that I would have had to for a new Garmin GPS. When I received the refurbished unit, it was packaged and appeared to be new. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

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Created: 04/05/11


Its an excellent item to those who travel every day, its a very good tool to find places.I love it. You can learn about others places and they location, the easy way to go there. Its easy to use and simple.

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Created: 06/14/09

Absolutely the BEST GPS system out there!

I have been looking around for a GPS System and found this one! From the minute I opened the box and followed the quick start guide, it took less than 5 minutes to put into the car and set up. The device is awesome and comes with great bonus features. I love the voice activation feature. This eliminates having to touch the device while driving and you can give voice commends to find an address, nearest store, resturant, etc. You can even control the volume by voice commands. It's blue tooth syncable and can even sync with MP3s. The graphics are beyond any GPS device I've seen. I would highly recommend this device. The price is well worth it! I'm so happy I held out on purchasing a device. This one is fabulous!

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Created: 09/14/09


This lightweight, compact, easy to read GPS is loaded with useful features. Free North America map update included through November, 2009. In addition to voice activation and Bluetooth capabilities, the unit can be connected to your computer for downloading addresses (both from your address book and from internet map sites). Garmin maintains an excellent website that includes software to enhance the units features and weblinks to downloadable guided tours of cities and places. There is plenty of room for MP3s and audiobooks. It is reasonable priced in comparison to others with similar features. This unit will maintain its usefulness for years.

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