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Garmin nüvi 200
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Created: 02/10/10

I love the Nuvi 200. Excellent used GPS

The reason I buy used Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS systems is because a lot of people have them, they malfunction and get a crazy price to fix them. A lot of people have the touchpad keyboard that they think does not work, the power does stay on or other various problems. It is a simple 5 minute fix. The software has to be updated which is free on the website. I get them used on ebay from $5.00 (people think they are only good for parts) to $25.00 for a good used working one. A new 205W or 255 costs about $100-$150 new. For the extra features they are not worth it to someone who only wants basic GPS. So I buy them and give them to family or advise someone to buy one and I update it for them.
Also the window suction cup and clip are on ebay new for like $2-5 dollars. Cannot beat it. I only advise buying a real GPS car charger from somewhere like Radio Shack or Target. Those can run upwards to $30.00. But still cheaper than a new one that will eventually tank.
Garmin 200's are the best out there IMO.

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Created: 05/07/10

Garmin Rocks my Socks

I just bought a used Garmin Nuvi 200 and it is great. It is my first GPS and I marvel at the smoothness of the interface. After just a few moments of aquainting myself with the menu and the options I was ready to go, saving destinations I know I will need, changing the previous owner's settings and everything. I especially like the language functions, I live in America and purchased the GPS receiver here but I am more acclimated to the British spellings of words and to be able to change that was wonderful also the voice is clear, concise, and very attractive. If I ever need to replace it, I am going with Garmin all the way.
The only complaint is, the price, I bought one several years out of date because I found the newer models just a little too pricey for someone on a fixed income, like me. Still, you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny.

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Created: 11/12/08

A great and affordable GPS -

I bought my new Nuvi 200 for $145 on ebay. It arrived the day before I went on Vacation to Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. It was a trip arranged for my parents 50th Anniversary and we had never been there before. That was last August and we have used it a ton since than.

Overall - this is a great unit. Easy to use, makes finding locations a snap.

PROs: Great 3D screen (way better than most car makers built in GPS at 1 fifth of the cost), great directions, helpful voice nav (we don't use it anymore but some people love it), love the business finder - need to find a pizza joint in a strange town? Let the Nuvi find it for you. Also I have yet to enter a street address that the Nuvi couldn't find.

Cons: In my neck of the woods (Washington DC) you don't want to use the window mount. Thieves see the suction cup marks and will break into your car just because so many people leave the GPS in the car - often on the floor. My real issue is that the aftermarket Garmin Beanbag holder, the way to set the Nuvi on your dash, is way overpriced - it's a beanbag with a plate costing some $40-$50!

Overall I am thrilled with the Nuvi. I have used a number of GPS units over the years and this is a great unit. I don't have the best eyes in the world but have no problem reading the screen as I am driving - I would not want a bigger screen blocking my view. The next generation GPS units (costing $600 plus) offer a live traffic component which I would like for driving around DC, but in addition to the much higher cost of the fancy GPS, they also require a monthly subsciption fee and I don't need to avoid traffic that much. All in all I highly recommend the Garmin Nuvi 200 series - spending more just doesn't get you very much.

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Created: 03/30/09



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Created: 09/09/11

Top Price-Perfomance ratio! Highly recommended!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My previous GPS, a NEXTAR "recalculated" his self to the death so that I had to look for another one. As I plan to buy a new car next year I wouldn't invest too much in this and found the GARMIN NUVI200 used on eBay.
I get it for a great price and was surprised that this GPS works better for me as the old NEXTAR! A great, clear display, clear voice and sufficient features make it a 5-Star Value to me. The price-performance ratio is top!

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Created: 04/05/11

nuvi review I have owned over 20 gps's

I have owned about 8 nuvi 200's, and I have never had any problems with any of them. This model is discontinued and if you search the internet you can find acceptable alternates, such as the nuvi 1300 for 90-100, they have a little larger screens as well. I would recommend sticking to a GARMIN product though, I have also owned a Magellan and Tom Tom, The Garmin's are the most dependable and easiest to use.

My opinion - don't pay over over 45.00 for a USED nuvi-200 and make sure it comes with the mount and cable or you're wasting your money, you can find brand new Garmin's for 80.00 The nuvi 265W looks nice also and I just saw them for 79.00 online and they are new.

I have owned so many because I have sold most of them with cars etc. Currently I have 3 new nuvi 1300's they all work perfectly and they boot up faster than the old nuvi 200's, GARMIN installed new software to do that I think it's called "Hot Fix"

I don't work for Garmin, I just believe they offer the best product, I also like their aviation applications as well.

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Created: 01/25/11

nuvi 200

I love Garmin products, find they are good quality and accurate as gps's go. this 200 nuvi is just perfect if looking for a navigation tool. no frills, has everything you would need for navigation plus a few xtra's. tried 1300nuvi and still would go with the 200. cons:if you like speaking the street names, this does not. I perfer not to hear the names spoken, just right or left etc in so many feet. the only other thing, is a 200w would be nicer for the width, other than that i love love this 200nuvi. unfortunately, it has been discontinued, so if want one you'd have to buy it used.

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Created: 06/25/11

nuvi 200W comes ready to go right out of the box

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Widescreen navigation at a price that won't break your budget, meet nuvi 200W. This affordable, entry-level personal travel assistant comes with a bright widescreen display and preloaded maps for the continental U.S., Hawaii and Puerto Rico or regional coverage in other areas. Similar to nuvi 250W, it features an intuitive touchscreen and ultra-slim design perfect for life on the go. See More: With nuvi 200W's widescreen display, you'll always get the big picture. View map detail, driving directions, photos and more in bright, brilliant color. Its sunlight-readable, antiglare, landscape, 4.3-inch display with white backlight is easy to read from any direction. Navigate with Ease: nuvi 200W comes ready to go right out of the box with preloaded City Navigator NT street maps, including a hefty points of interest (POIs) database with hotels, restaurants, fuel, ATMs and more. Simply touch the color screen to enter a destination, and nuvi takes you there with 2D or 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice directions. In addition, nuvi 200W accepts custom points of interest (POIs), such as school zones and safety cameras and lets you set proximity alerts to warn you of upcoming POIs. Take It With You: Like the rest of the nuvi 200-series, nuvi 200W sports a sleek, slim design and fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it convenient for navigation by car or foot. Go Beyond Navigation: Navigation is just the beginning. nuvi 200W includes many travel tools including JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and more. It also comes with Garmin Lock, an anti-theft feature, and configurable vehicle icons that let you select car-shaped graphics to show your location on the map. Optional plug-in SD cards let you add additional features. Purchase Garmin Travel Guides for detailed data on attractions and our SaversGuide for information on nearby merchants offering discounts to customize nuvi for your travel needs.

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Created: 11/09/08

Garmin 200 GPS

I bought the Garmin 200 GPS to make traveling easier,especially in new cities. This was my first experience using a GPS and it's very easy to use. Enter the destination address and it will take over from there. If you don't follow one of the turns, it will recalibrate and continue from that point. It's definately worth the investment.

One thing that would be a major improvement for GPS use in general is updates for construction. After driving 5 hours to Kansas City, there was a major long-term construction project and my exit was not available. Traffic back ups on I-35 added another hour to the trip. If a GPS update was available, I could have taken an earlier exit and avoided most of it.

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Created: 02/07/08

Garmin nüvi 200W GPS Receiver

Having just received my Garmin, I must say I am very impressed and pleased with the ease of operation and the different functions it performs. It was very easy to install and setup went off without any problems at all. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in a GPS system. My decision to purchase this particular product was based on functions, size and price. All these reasons were carefully researched before finally purchasing this one.

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