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Gamera vs. Barugon (DVD, 2010)
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Created: 07/23/09

Terrible DVD!

Okay, the Gamera films may not be as good as the Godzilla series, but that doesn't mean they ought to be getting the short shrift that they're getting. I've gotten two Gamera DVDs, 'War of the Monsters' (this one) and 'Return of the Giant Monsters', and frankly, they both suck. Terrible fullscreen matting, overall poor visual quality, and, God help us, awful English dubbing. I wish the Sandy Frank versions would come to DVD (where these two films would be called 'Gamera vs. Barugon' and 'Gamera vs. Gyaos,' respectively), or, hell, how 'bout the original Japanese versions with subtitles? While the Godzilla movies are getting the royal treatment from Colombia TriStar and Classic Media, poor Showa-era Gamera is just getting tossed aside like nothing. What a way to treat the friend of children everywhere. In the days of VHS, this sort of thing could be overlooked, but with today's DVD's, Blu-Ray's and other hi-def doo-dads, it's unforgivable.

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Created: 07/13/10

it 's sealed and cheaper.

Review For: Gamera vs. Barugon (DVD, 2010)

I love classic giant monster movies and I decided to order this dvd easily because it's cheaper than other stores.

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Created: 12/07/11

Great value for what its worth

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The movie is one of my favorites when i was a child so watching it again with my children is something speacial but i am dissapointed with the picture (looks like it was recorded of a TV) wish there was a redux version (remastered) with english dubbed.

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