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Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection (DVD...
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Created: 03/10/09


The Legacy Collection is a superb manner to view the core of the FRANKENSTEIN genre. Beginning with 1931 FRANKENSTEIN with Boris Karloff, next 1935 BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (considered by many film historians as good as the original & set the tone for many take-offs later), then 1939 SON OF FRANKENSTEIN with Basil Rathbone, then 1942 GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN. With the acting talents of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathburn, Lon Chaney Jr and many others, you will enjoy the black & white cinematography & rich directing & editing these films bring. Great background information is provided by Stephen Sommers, Scott MacQueen, Rudy Behlmer & many others. Interesting documentaries SHE'S ALIVE! CREATING THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN & THE FRANKENSTEIN FILES: HOW HOLLYWOOD MADE A MONSTER help us understand what the actors were going through. It is interesting to note that Bela Lugosi was being considered for the FRANKENSTEIN role, but declined instead to play the character of Igor with a beard so that his efforts would not distracts from the world-wide notoriety he was enjoying from his work as DRACULA 1931. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

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Created: 12/05/07

Boris Karloff and Universtal Frankenstein movies.

I grew up in the 60s, and i loved monster movies. Boris Karloff was an icon of this genre.

Frankenstein: A truly great masterpiece. It deviated from Mary Shelley's book in several ways, but a great movie nonetheless. Karloff's performance is outstanding. The monster is supposed to be "evil" and must be destroyed on one level, but it is obvious that he has no control of his situation and is more sympathetic than horrific. The scene where the monster is playing with the little girl and ultimately kills her due to his own stupidity is very profound. I will never forget the look on his fact as he smells the flowers given to him by the little girl. Another of my favorite actors is Dwight Frye, who plays Fritz, Henry Frankenstein's assistant. The actor playing Baron Frankenstein, the father of the mad scientist, is very memorable in his performance although I honestly don't recall the actor's name. Frank Pierce's make up for the monster would reinforce the image of "Frankenstein" for generations to come. Colin Clive's announcement of "I know what it's like to be God" was so shocking at the time the line had to be cut by censors.

Bride Of Frankenstein: Some people say this is better than the original. I'm not sure if I agree, but it is more entertaining in some ways, and Karloff's character has more depth because he learns to speak. The meeting between the monster and the blind man is unforgetable. The outrageous Dr. Praetorius is a bad influence on Henry Frankenstein. Praetorius also seems to be very gay, at least in the sense that it could be portrayed in a of movie from this time. Elsa Lancaster is wonderful in her very believable portrayal of the bride although she is not really on the screen for very much time. Again, Pierce's make up is delightful. Lancaster also plays a young Mary Shelley at the intro of the movie. Oddly, John Carradine has an uncredited bit part, I'm not sure, but it may have been his first movie role. Although Fritz was killed in the first film, Dwight Frye is back as Carl, another mad scientist assistant. I have heard there was orginally sub plot about Carl, but the footage was cut. I wish it was possible to see these scenes.

Son Of Frankenstein: definitely weaker than first two. Even the great Karloff's performance is not as interesting. Strangely, he is no longer able to talk, as he could in the last film. I have read stories that his wife was having a baby while the film was being made. This was the last time Karloff would play the monster. The most memorable performance is Ygor, played by rival horror icon Bela Lugosi. He was one of my favorite characters in a movie when I was a kid. I largely bought this collection because this movie is rarely shows on TV and I wasn't to see Lugosi as Ygor (or Igor, not sure who it is spelled).
Basil does a very good job as Dr. Wolf Frankenstein, in the title role, but it's not enough to save the movie.

Ghost of Frankenstein still has Lugosi as Igor, still played with the same enthusiasm. Lon Chaney jr. is the monster, a pale imitation of Karloff's role, unfortunately. The genre is obviously starting to fall apart.

House of Frankenstein is pretty bad. But we do have the great Karloff back playing the sinister Dr. Nieman. Lon Chaney Jr. is there, playing the Wolfman/Larry Talbot, it's not great, but it is enjoyable. John Carradine is silly as Dracula when you compare his performance to that of Lugosi in the original.

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Created: 12/11/08

1 set, 5 classics!

Universal has a habit of re-releasing their biggest money makers and the classics abide to this rule as well. 1 year after this box set they released an ultimate release of Frankenstein. They delivered a better quality picture and sound, but took away the remaining 4 films. Now with this Legacy Collection, we have a lower quality transfer, but a complete set. As far as extras go, both releases are full of good stuff. This box set was release to hype up Universal new monster movie, Van Helsing, and its director gives us a sub par featurette on the classic series. I could do without it to save a few bucks. These films are classics and are great to have in one set. They are not the scariest movies, nor are they samples of ground breaking cinema. They are fun films, with a great monster that everyone loves! If you love universal monster, and are a fan of Frankenstein, these are for you! Great value at any price, but hopefully universal will not release the perfect collection on blu ray in a month!

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Created: 05/31/10

When The House Is Filled With Dread...

Great Box set of five classic Universal horror films with plenty of extras.
Of course they all have to do with Frankenstein, his descendants and/or his monster, along with various eccentric and sinister characters, and yes, even other monsters. Don't despair, though, because there are also some upright, noble characters in the films as well. Although these films were made for "fun"; they nevertheless manage to portray the constant struggles between good and evil, and wisdom and foolishness rather well.

You really can't beat this collection, which features some of the greatest horror and suspense actors of all time. For example, Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Mae Clark, Bela Lugosi, Evelyn Ankers, Dwight Frye, Elsa Lanchester, Basil Rathbone, and Lionel Atwill.

Highly Recommended.

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Created: 05/01/08

The Only True Frankenstein Movies

It was the first and still the best of all of the Frankenstein movies, sadly it's Star Colin Clive died young only 37 years young as the result of severe alcoholism..I have always hated watching old movies such as this because I know the stars are all dead and gone..yet if you stop to consider this they left their memories with us so they are not truly gone..This movie is by far the best of the lot out there..Boris Karloff was and is The Monster...it always amuses me if you ask someone the Monsters name just about everyone will say Frankenstein..of course that's not the case..the Monster never had a name Frankenstein was his creator..The sad moral in this story is one should never mess with nature doing so can have grave consequences..classic horror Fans should see this if they haven't already well actually any type of horror Fan would love this great set of movies..my favorite of course is "Bride Of Frankenstein" her reaction to seeing her Groom for the first time says it all!! dim the lights grab the one you love and enjoy!

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Created: 05/09/09

Frankenstein Collection

Hard to find collection. This film grouping was a real find for my 16 yr old daughter who enjoys horror films. While enjoying the Mel Brooks version of Young Frankenstein, I commented that the medical devices were the same as the original frankenstein movie, which she had never seen; consequently a search on Amazon and Ebay. Ebay was far more cost effective and as always, very efficient in order processing, payment, and delivery. The quality of the transcribed DVD was excellent and although the movie is over 70 yrs old, still quite enjoyable. I recommend the title and the collection to any old movie buff.

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Created: 07/18/07

Karloff at his best.

What can I say? One of the best collections of Universal classics. Film fans will want this set just for the Bride of Frankenstein, but will be glad they got the other films as well. Great collection that probably will not be improved upon for a long time.

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Created: 02/23/10

Five classic films in one package.

IF you're a fan of the classic Universal horror classics then this DVD package is made to order for you, all the great Frankenstein films together. Well worth the cost.

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Created: 04/02/09

Universal Frankenstein

Enjoy horror at its finest. Real acting, real story, no cgi and little special effects. Many actors have played Frankenstein, each with a slighly different take on the creature. The Legacy Collection the finest collection for fans of the great black and white horror monster films. Grab a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy.

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Created: 03/10/08

The perfect addition to any classic monster collection

This added to my collection that I had started for the classic Universal Monsters. It's the perfect addition and I can't get enough of this set.

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