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Fracture (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)
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Created: 02/03/09


Features Actors: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling & David Strathairn.
Running Time:112 Min.
Rating: R
DVD Extras: Two alternate endings, deleted scenes, alternate scenes and a theatrical trailer.

Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) is the CEO of the successful aeronautical firm which bears his name. The multi-millionaire drives a six-figure sports car and lives in a hilltop mansion overlooking Los Angeles with a trophy wife (Embeth Davidtz) half his age whom he absolutely adores.

However, that thin line between love and hate evaporates soon after he discovers that she's been conducting a steamy affair with a hunky, young homicide detective (Billy Burke). Instead of confronting them about the illicit liaison, Ted sets about carefully concocting an elaborate plan for revenge. Then, he shoots his spouse in the head and rather than try to cover up the crime, he simply waits for the police to arrive and matter-of-factly admits the dastardly deed to the investigating officer, who happens to be her shocked lover, Detective Nunally.Crawford is carted off to jail for what appears to be an open-and-shut case, especially since he decides to represent himself. However, Nunally never informed prosecutor Willy Beacham (Ryan Gosling) about his relationship with Mrs. Crawford who was left comatose in a vegetative state with the bullet still embedded in her brain. Because the cops could never find the murder weapon, the state's case comes apart at the seams when the defendant makes an undisputed accusation that his confession had been beaten out of him by an officer who had been secretly sleeping with his wife.
Meanwhile hotshot attorney Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) is about to abandon the district attorney’s offices for more lucrative lawyering grounds associated with a big firm. He’s assigned one last case and thinks it will be an easy one since there’s a signed confession. However, it turns out to be Ted’s case and it will be anything but easy as Ted has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Will keep you guessing until the end!
Hope this helps you decide.Thanks for reading! :)

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Created: 08/16/07

High Caliber film with Top Billing Stars!!

Review For: Fracture (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)

This film centers around the death of one man's wife and the drive of one lawyer Ryan Gosling) set out to prove his strong belief that the man is guilty. Anthony Hopkins is in a role with many similar charecteristics as in Silence of the Lambs Just when all things appeared lost, a simple spin in events causes the case to be risen from the dead. This one leaves you with the impression that Fracture 2 is on its way but then again many movies end like this and the sequel never happens!!

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Created: 03/30/09


Ryan Gosling does a great job in Fracture. One of the best movies he's done, right up there with The Notebook. Recommend seeing it!

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Created: 03/05/10


Anthony Hopkins will be the "all-time" greatest movie villain of our time! Has role in FRACTURE was truly well-acted that I cannot say enough about him. Good! Get this movie!!

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Created: 08/11/09

Overall, Very Good Movie

Review For: Fracture (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)

Great movie....Keeps you on the edge of your seat and excited... Anthony Hopkins does a great job... The movie is different from most others... A definite must see.... very creative and very smart

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Created: 03/31/09

Fracture DVD

Recommended by a friend and both these actors are favorites of mine, so I
was not disappointed in the suspense and thrillful way this movie went.
Without giving very much of the movie out - just to say -if you like thrillers
and suspense--this movie is for you. Best for the older members of the family

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Created: 09/09/08

Fracture (2007)

Very exciting with a twist you don't expect. Anyone that likes Anthony Hopkins will enjoy this movie. Decided to buy it after seeing it at the movies.

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Created: 08/21/07

So So

I didn't think it was as good as I expected it to see. Hopkins was his usual self- quite brilliant yet twisted, but I just didn't think Gosling fit the part. Reminded me of Silence of the Lambs to some degree. I would rent before buying- for me seeing it once was enough.

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Created: 11/02/12

Simply a fantastic movie......period.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Do you like a good " how did he do that " movie ? Put this one in your collection. Sir Anthony and Ryan Gosling both do a more than adequate job in this one. Though it will not be to everyone's taste.

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Created: 07/06/11

You Won't Believe It!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This movie was awesome and highly recommend it. If you are a Hopkins , or Gosling fan, you cannot go wrong with this movie! It's suspensful, drama with kind of a "who done it" twist thrown in the mix. Excellent ending, I watched it a 2nd time, and picked up on several things I missed the first time around. REALLY a good movie, glad I bought it for my collection~

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