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The Fox and the Hound (DVD, 2006, 25th A...
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Created: 05/07/13

Friends for life - Wish the world worked this way. Great movie!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

One of Walt Disney's finest movies. Great entertainment for the whole family.
Even though this is animation the characters are brought to life by the voices of so many great and beloved actors.
Friends for life. What a great way to start out and end which is what happens between an orphaned baby fox who's poor mother was killed by a hunter and left under the watchful eyes of a loving Big Mama owl who with the help of two feather friends unite an elderly lonely lady with saving and raising Todd the fox until he's all grown up.
The hunter neighbor brings home a puppy hound dog named Copper who is raised by an experienced hunting dog named Chief.
As babies these two become fast friends until spring arrives when the hunter takes Copper to be trained by Chief into the woods to hunt animals for their furs.
Once grown both try to remain friends, but due to Chief's accident and surviving being hit by a train and falling from the bridge - Copper turns against Todd who was only running for his life.
The kindly elderly lady knows she must take Copper deep into the woods and set him free in order to give him a fighting chance to live, and with the help of Big Mama Todd finds love with a beautiful lady fox and the two become one.
Unfortunately the hunter's heartless desire to kill Todd goes all out with Copper hot on the trail to hunt down his childhood friend.
The hunter's hate of Todd is so great that he sets a great many traps and comes across the territory of a giant grizzly bear who nearly kills both him and Copper, but when Todd who is again running not only for his life but the life of his lady love he hears in the distance the wounded yelps of his old friend and fearlessly comes to the rescue of both the hunter and Copper.
Todd being no match against the massive grizzly's giant paw is flung onto a downed rotting tree where the grizzly comes to finish off Todd, but due the weight of the bear the tree gives way and both fall down into the river below.
Todd barely survives and while making his way back to shore the hunter with shotgun in hand is ready to shoot Todd, but now it is Copper who stands over his childhood friend and looks at his master and with a whimper communicates to the hunter that if not for the heroic actions of Todd neither one of them would be alive, and the hunter finally has a change of heart.
In the end the two friends go their separate ways, but shall be friends for life.

I haven't seen this movie for decades and forgot so much on what all was involved in the story line, but I do find it a treasure and now I can enjoy it over and over.

Might be hard for small children to watch due to the theme of what a hunter does and the destruction caused to wildlife.
Parents need to take care that your children are old enough or are able to understand that this is just a movie.

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Created: 07/08/07

One of the Best Disney's Movie for entire family & kids

My family keep watching it over and over again.
This movie has some valuable lessons of life and friendship, very usefull and valuable for kids of any age.
I'm sure that your family will want to share the fun and adventure in this special edition of The Fox and the Hound again and again!

Featuring lovable characters, brilliant animation, and heartwarming messages, Disney's classic tale about an unlikely friendship is newly transfered for a special 25th Anniversary Edition. When a feisty little fox named Tod is adopted into a farm family, he quickly becomes friends with a fun and adorable hound puppy named Copper. Life is full of hilarious adventures until Copper is expected to take on his role as a hunting dog — and the object of his search is his best friend! Rated G

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Created: 02/06/11

Great Choice

I bought this dvd for my best friend for her birthday and she loved it! It is a classic Disney movie from when we were kids and it brings back memories of our childhoods. It is a great movie about friendship and love between a hound and a fox. Best friends when they are young, they grow older and start to realize the world, including their friendship, isn't as easy as it once was. I would recommended it for Disney movie lovers and animal lovers or anyone who like children's movies.

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Created: 06/10/09

Fox and the Hound

If you are familiar with the story from your childhood, there is nothing different. Story of an unlikely friendship that grew apart but love remained in their hearts. It is the original movie, not a remake. Great hearing Kurt Russell as the Copper the hound and Mickey Rooney as Tot the fox. There are some scenes that are a bit violent, a wild ferocious bear and a hunter with a gun who lights fires, but nothing we didnt survive int he 70 and grow up to be fine adults later. Enjoy the film with your kids.

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Created: 12/19/06

The Fox and the Hound

This is one of my favorite Disney movies. It's about an unlikely friendship between a fox named Tod and a hound named Copper. When they're young they believe they'll be best friends forever, but things seem to change once they've grown up. I won't give away the ending for you who haven't seen it yet.

If you enjoy Disney movies, then you'll more than likely enjoy this movie as well. It's a classic!

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Created: 12/10/06

Cute for the kiddies

As with most of the animated Disney films, the animation was excellent, the story line was average for myself. I rate the film as cute but unremarkable with not much in the film that is memorable. However, for the kids, they will enjoy the cute characters of the ordeals between a cute Fox and the Hound. As the Hound is bread to hunt the foxes, it compares to the world as it is today, with the fights against bigotry as the children are taught by their parents opinions. So a movie for the kids that shows bigotry is not necessarily the norm between the fox and the hound should bring interesting topics at the dinner table.

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Created: 06/13/11

Great product even better price. was delivered on time and it perfect shape

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The revised/remastered film and the extras put this product's quality well above all others. This film should be a memorable part of any child's life. Disney and it's many talented artists and digital restorers have once again blasted away the standard for children's entertainment and set the bar much higher. You will enjoy this film period!

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Created: 04/18/07

A classic disney film

You know after all the pixar animations and such, a good ole classic film cartoon is great. Most disney's cartoons are great but this one is excellent. It does have its drawbacks from it being a older type cartoon, not a 3d type look. But the moral of it is great and is great for yet another family night. More for the younger kids, the teenagers might get a little bored with it.

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Created: 10/25/06

Fox & the Hound

This is one of My all time favorite Movies.. Its tells of a Rare Friendship that should not have happened but did.. The Movie is about a Fox named TODD and a Dog named COPPER, meet as little ones and form a friendship that should not allowed, As the two grow up they come to realize that they should be enemies cause Copper is a Hunting Dog.. and guess what Todd is a Fox and what a Hunting dog is suppose to Hunt. But Copper has to make some tuff choices between obeying his master or protecting a Friend..

Wonderful story.. The Voices of Two very Young Actors at the time.. Cooper
is voiced by Joey Lawrence and Todd is voiced by Corey Feldman..

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Created: 06/15/15

Favorite Disney classic

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This was my absolute favorite Disney movie as a child (1980's) and now it's my 2 year-old son's favorite. It's the classic Robin Hood tale with a wonderful children's twist. My son loves the action and the music. He gets a little bored with the love story, but that would make this movie a good pick for girls as well as boys. It's not that long, the characters and voices are great, the plot is easy for children to follow and interesting enough that adults will find it pleasant to sit through. I never understood why this wasn't a more popular Disney classic.

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