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The Firm - Total Body Toner (DVD, 2007)
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Created: 03/31/08

Total Body Toner, another GREAT Firm workout

I have been doing the Firm workouts ( with the Fanny lifter and TransFirmer series) for just about a year now. I really like all the workouts with the Firm that I have. The Total Body Toner is great as well. I really like Allie, the instructor. The workout is not boring, (there's no time to be bored.)
Allie moves from one exercise to another with no down time. You don't need any equipment other than some light (3,5,8 # suggested) dumbbells. If you are familiar with the Firm, I can't imagine you won't like this one. If you are new to the Firm I'd say give it a try. I have never stuck with any fitness routine or program ever, except for now. I almost need to be "entertained" through a workout for me to want to do it again. The Firm just clicked with me. A great mix of cardio and light weights. This particular DVD is geared for toning using light weights, not a lot of cardio, but some. I'm already letting a fellow Firm friend borrow this to see if she wants one for herself. I highly recommend this DVD, especially after trying so many other Firm workouts. Hope you agree.

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Created: 02/16/08

The Firm Total Body Toner

I'm a huge fan of The Firm, have been using it for about 5 years now; I love the convenience of working out at home. The videos are like having your own personal trainer, right in your living room! This workout is totally amazing; Alli Del Rio Pointer in my opinion is one of the best Master Instructors they have; she's right on throughout the entire workout. If you want to sculpt, define and tone, while warming up/cooling down correctly, order The Firm! You rotate the videos out so you never get bored, and are always using different muscles at different angles.

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Created: 01/20/08

A great new Firm workout to keep it fresh!

This workout is a change from the usual Firm videos, since it doesn't use a step or weighted bar, just dumbells. That makes it convenient for working out when traveling, and it's still effective- I can always feel the burn the day after doing this video workout. A lot of new moves are introduced, but it's still really easy to follow. I especially like the weighted abdominal crunches, they seem to work really well. I'm always busy with my website, so I like that I can get my workout done quickly. I'm so glad The Firm keeps coming out with great new videos like this so I can keep changing up my routine!

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Created: 06/13/09

One of the best from the "Pink" series

This is an excellent and complete workout. Very well cued and if you watch proper form, you work every muscle in your body. You can also increase weight as you progress, in few words it's a great whole body tonning dvd.

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Created: 09/18/08

The Firm Total Body Toner

I am a huge fan of The Firm workouts. They are great for toning and losing weight. This one in particular is excellent because it incorporates scultping exercises with a little bit of cardio. I bought this one particularly because the instructor on there has been with The Firm for many years and is motivational in the videos. I recommend The Firm to all my friends who look into working out because they are effective.

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Created: 08/03/08

excellent toning dvd

This is a toning dvd, no cardio. It is excellent for toning and gets every part of your body. The cuing is good, so is the music.
Something about the instructor puts me off. She'll say comments like, dont lift the weights like this, and I think she comes across a little arrogant.

But, I still do the workout cause it is very good and I spent the money on it.

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Created: 03/08/08

Total Body Toner

I've been using The Firm exercise tapes since 1992 and felt confident that any new Firm DVD I would buy would be good and this one certainly didn't disappoint me. I purchased 6 Firm DVD's and this one was the best. The instructor was very easy to follow right from the very first time I used this DVD. The workout is just the right length of time and the exercises strenuous enough to produce results. I would purchase ANY DVD by this instructor! Compared to all the other Firm instructors, she is definitely my very favorite!

...fran from BC Canada

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Created: 09/07/08

Great Overall Workout

I needed a workout that would challenge every part of me, but not so hard that I wouldn't do it. This dvd fits the bill. It is easy enough that I do it regularly, yet hard enough to know I have done some good for my body. I highly recommend this workout for anyone.

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Created: 07/20/08

Another winner

Allie has been one of my favorite Firm instructors over the last 15 years I've been using these workouts. This is a fast paced, "old fashioned" workout using only three sets of dumbells. Cueing is excellent and despite only being 40 minutes long, this workout will hit all of your muscles and leave you feeling satisfied that you've worked hard but smart! Firm Believers of the past will recognize many of these moves. I love the dancey type steps as a change of pace, but many of the Firm new releases take 4+ viewings to really learn. This one is simple but effective. This is a must have addition to the Firm library.

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Created: 07/12/08

Great workout!

I love Allie. She's one of my favorite Firm instructors. Her cueing is always perfect and lets you keep up with her exercises without floundering.

She uses innovative ways to work muscles that are hard to get to. None of it hurts very badly when you are doing the exercise but, when you wake up the next morning, you'll feel all those muscles you used!

It is definitely a favorite and one that will be in my weekly rotation. So easy since you just need the dumbbells. I love the Firm and this workout fits great with their brand!

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