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Final Fantasy Legend (Nintendo Game Boy,...
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Created: 12/09/07

Short but fun

The game doesn't take too long to beat it but it's fun and will have you wanting to play through it again. You get to choose your main character to stick with through out the whole game. Then you can change and modify your team as you see fit. Each type of person has their own strengths and weaknesses. They also level and grow differently making it fun to experiment with. The battle graphics are a little lacking. The music is wonderful. It's a great game to get one started on the Saga Series.

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Created: 05/15/11

very good for an older title

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

A decent RPG for the original game boy, it has a variety of mechanics, some good, some bad

there are 3 different 'races' to choose from, humans, mutants, and monsters

humans can wear and equip the most gear and equipment, and gain vital stats (hp, str, agi) through the use of store bought potions.

mutants gain vital stats (hp, str, agi, def, mana) and abilities simply by participating in combat, however any gains a mutant makes are random and completely unannounced

monster get stronger or weaker by eating the meat of other monsters, and can never equip any items or gear

the story sometimes doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but for such an old title, its suprisingly well constructed. the gaol is to progress through a tower that supposedly leads to paradise, and the only way to do that is to collect magic orbs that seal the doors leading higher up the tower. the orbs are all guarded by powerful boss monsters which require different methods to defeat

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Created: 01/20/06

You do not need fancy graphics to enjoy a good game.

I remember this game being pretty simple graphics wise if a bit less than Final Fantasy Adventure was, but still you didn't have to pretend the blue was water and the green was land; like Nobunaga's Ambition. You have to remember the age of this game so you can forgive the graphics. I played the Final Fantasy Legend games one after the other in 2001 and enjoyed the experience. For nostalgia it was great but if you haven’t played or do not like older games you would not like this one.

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Created: 07/10/10

Who cares about graphics

Just because this game has bad graphics doesn't mean it's bad. The graphics are actually quite good for gameboy, and the gameplay is just like another final fantasy game.....FUN AND ADDICTING. Highly recomended.

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Created: 06/11/10

Final Fantasy Legend

The first of the trilogy for the original gameboy, not to bad if you are a fan of the series or just old-school rpg's. I personally am a fan favorite of the Final Fantasy series I bought this game to add to my collection!

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Created: 06/04/10

Final Fantasy Legend

Totally loved this game! Yes, the graphics are very old school. And yes, there are hardly any instructions to the game. But It has a fantastic storyline!

Once you get over the game mechanics, you are quickly immersed in the storyline. A group of heroes. A tower to Paradise. Monsters. Other Worlds. Princesses. Dragons. Technology and Swords. Its just a mix of everything wonderful!

Every couple of levels you climb in the Tower you are led to a different world with its own unique storyline.

So the question is asked: Will you climb the Tower to Paradise?

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Created: 10/09/06

You should totally own this!

I had never played Final Fantasy until a couple of years ago and I am saddened that I had missed out on it until then! I owned a Super Nintendo when I was little but always played the Mario games and never tried these. I highly recommend you play it and own it but I will warn you it's very addicting!

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Created: 09/18/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

best game ever buy it now awesome play not realy good grafics but still realy good game ho cares about grafics realy clasic game and fun

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Created: 11/07/15


thanks for all

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