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Created: 07/06/11

must have for collection

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

For all of Square's explosive growth over the last few years, Final Fantasy Chronicles proves that the company hasn't forgotten its roots. Like 1999's Final Fantasy Anthology, which saw the release of Final Fantasies V and VI, Chronicles is a repackaging of two of Square's greatest triumphs from the golden 16-bit era--here, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger make their return. But in the 21st century, when games are as often based on polygons as plot, can a couple of good old 2D epics make a new mark? The answer depends largely on your perspective.

Informed gamers will know Final Fantasy IV was originally released in the United States in 1991 as a scaled back and poorly translated Final Fantasy II. In addition to realigning the title of the game with subsequent releases, Square has remade Final Fantasy IV into the game it should have been 10 years ago. To begin with, the game's text has been retranslated; gone is the simplistic and sometimes broken English of the Super NES version. The new translation also gives us vastly deeper insight into the characters and plot than we ever got before--Cecil's struggle with the nature of his dark knighthood is much more fully developed, for instance. This translation has thankfully been applied to the original Japanese edition of Final Fantasy IV instead of the dumbed-down "Easy Type" version that was originally released in the States. American gamers finally have a chance to see, in English, all the missing items, battle commands, and other removed features that they missed out on the first time. This is surely the version of FFIV that will endure for years to come.

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Created: 04/11/11

Purely Nostalgic

I can't say enough about these 2 awesome games. I played the original games on the SNES and fell in love with them, which are 2 of my favorite of all time.

There were some changes made in this re-release though, namely the short movies, some text in game, and a few others. The added movies are a plus, although unnecessary they are a nice bonus. Apparently some of the text was rewritten, which I was overall disappointed with. The one issue I had was the long-ish load times, as I am a very impatient person, this flaw was hard to miss. It took some getting used to but once I became enthralled yet again with the great storyline, it faded into distant memory.

Although nothing will compare to the originals, this re-release is a must have if you still want to enjoy these classic games for a while longer. My vote, buy them, they are cheap and still very exciting and nostalgic if you played the originals.

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Created: 08/11/06

A Great Game-A Great Purchase!

The entire Final Fantasy series are awesome, and Chrono Trigger is yet another example of a great role playing game; it's like 2 games in one! I bought this as a request from my 18 year-old nephew. He had played this game, previously for Playstation.
It involves realistic graphics and several possible endings; it's like playing a different game each time! The story, characters, magic, and mystery are truly engaging!

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Created: 12/08/06

Final Fantasy Chronicles

I bought this to give as a gift to my husband. He loves the Final Fantasy series. This was a great way to get two of the series with one purchase. They are fantastic. We are enjoying the game play. Recommend this for everyone.

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Created: 01/11/07

Final Fantasy Chronicles

I liked the FFIV game well. I haven't played the Chrono Trigger game much, but I didn't like what I have played of it. I decided to buy this game because I got addicted to the Final Fantasy series when I played FFVII. I have now successfully played all FF's on the Playstation and Playstation 2 and I have not been disappointed in any of them (although a little upset about FFIX instillation of the series.) But all around this was a great buy on the FFC game and I have no complaints about it. It is worth every penny.

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Created: 04/09/07

Final Fantasy Chronicles (Playstation)

I like all the Final Fantasy games i got into them after i played ffVII and Chrono tigher was a game i always wanted to try it

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Created: 02/07/07


I loved the 5 final fantasy games that I played in the past and the present so purchasing this item seemed like a no brainer. I believe any game with the final fantasy logo in front of it, is going to be a great game. With that being said I have to say that I have not tried out this game yet. Sorry. I hope this helps.

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Created: 09/19/10

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Old, but very fun to play! Has great puzzles involved in the game play along with working for ps1-2-&3.

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Created: 02/17/07

Final Fantasy Chronicles (Playstation)

Excellent game, great to know people still remember the classic games, would recommend for fans of the games that came after these games.

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Created: 02/09/08


TODO DE Maravilla gracias por todo no sera mi ultima compra seguro ESPAÑA

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