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Fallout 3: Collector's Edition  (PC, 200...
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Created: 11/13/08

Fallout 3 is a new achievement for games

Graphics: Breathtaking 9/10

Sound: Great – 8.5/10

Gameplay: Spectacular – 9.5/10

Replay Value – High (for a single player only game) 9/10

Overall – Near Perfect 9.5/10

Please note: I have never played any prior Fallout Titles, and this is from a n00b prospective.

Graphics: Breathtaking 9/10
The graphics are make you look twice – When you first exit the vault and see the landscape, you think to yourself “what next”? The graphic interface, use of PiP Boy and the movements really show that Bethesda took the time and care to make this well worth your hard earned money.

Sound: Great – 8.5/10
The sounds, music, effects, and voices take you immediately into the game. The time specific music, the radio channels, and the voice acting are all A+. The reason for the slightly lower mark is the repetitiveness of the radio, some of the sound effects, but overall, a lot of time, and thought, went into putting in effective music, voice acting and emphasis, and surrounding wasteland. The best, yet simplistic feeling is when you first turn on this game for the first time, and all you hear is the old 50’s radio sparking on with the tube. Well done.

Gameplay: Spectacular – 9.5/10
Smooth animations, huge world design, and interactive and smart A.I. This game can be streamlined to do the main quest, or you can help the citizens of wasteland in their personal affairs. The single player game takes a lot of chances, but succeeds, in making the player make hard choices and customizing the game to their own path. Some find out too late that it is important to make hard choices to choose which attributes to build up. This aspect alone warrants multiple play times.

Some critics and players are commenting on the ending (no spoiler), but I must say that for the amount of customization a person can have in this game, it goes right along with the story.

Replay Value – High (for a single player only game) 9/10
Even without multiplayer, this game has replay value with the limitless ways you can play as – via good, bad, neutral, thief, etc. This did not feel like an RPG to me, and was well done to the point that I am on my second playthrough.

Overall – Near Perfect 9.5/10
I am not a fan of RPG’s, nor long drawn out games over 30+ hours, but I was swept away in this post apocalyptic wasteland. This holiday season is rough with the shear amount of great games, and this is definitely in the Top 5 for contention of game of the year.

This would normally be a game I would run from, but I rented it, and then bought it. It is so engrossing that others will want to watch you play and help you make those hard choices.

The game is not perfect, but close to. The story flows, as with the action, and it makes you feel as if you were there with your character trying to survive.

It has elements taken from genres such as RPG, puzzlers, action-adventures, but is not pigeonholed into this experience and to say it is an RPG is gives too little credit. This is an experience that should be played by any hardcore gamer.

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Created: 02/01/10


My husband and I both love this game for the seemingly endless possibilities and situational outcomes. I have yet to finish the game because I keep starting new games (in addition to those in progress) in order to achieve different outcomes.
I did find it easier to target and play in first person as opposed to third because the target seems off-kilter and the character runs funny - I get too distracted.

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Created: 12/09/10


I have been playing games since they became available for pc's.(Mid 90's) This is the best game I have ever played and I have played a bunch! I purchased the game in 2009 and didn't play it for a year (purchased several other games at the same time)Knowing what I know now I would have played it first and probably wouldn't have gotten around to the others yet. It is and will always be a classic. It puts other games to shame.
I decided to buy the collectors edition because of what it contains. Game, bobble head, making of the game disk, lunchbox,and
hard bound book with graphics. If you have never played this game YOU MUST GET IT. I have also purchased fallout 3 game of the year edition which has all 5 game add ons. They are all great. HIS GAME BE PLAYED FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

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Created: 02/11/11

very good game

i love the game its so cool you can go about anywhere in the game and you can gain more weapons armor everything i love the fallout series and i got a good deal on my fallout 3 collectors edtion luck out and got it for 21 bucks that good aint it lol but this game is long to you gotta put alot of time in it took me about 3 or more weeks just to get really far in it i havent beat the game yet but i will soon and fallout new vegas is very good game to best game i ever played i would recommend it to anybody who likes 1st person shooter and 3rd person shooter

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Created: 04/20/09


one of the best games ever made !! so much to do and explore.
If you only follow the main quest you are done in a few hours,but that is not what the game is made for. There a a lot of side quests and dungeons to explore which keep you busy for 100+ hours if you want to do and find them all !!

If you love RPG's you must buy this game.

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Created: 04/01/09

Best Game Ever

The Apocalypse, Zombies, The Fifties and the minimization of Nuclear Holocaust, Mutants, moral dilemmas...well need I say more. As a first person shooter it is not the best but it more than makes up for it in the best themes and role play games that I ever could imagine, hours of fun, very addictive. Book, DVD, a Bobblehead and all in a lunch box to boot, and I got it for what the game alone costs!!!!

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Created: 06/16/09

Simply great!

What else is there to say? It's a reset of a great game.
The direction taken by Bethesda was innovating, regardless people mentioning Oblivion, which I never played and I won't play by the way, the game gave me the feeling of walking on the wasteland and the feeling I was all alone when I first came out of Vault 101. I really recommend it, and this is coming from a Fallout and Fallout 2 addicted! Seriously, it's worthy every cent!

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Created: 12/04/11

Definitely worth buying if you're a fan of Fallout. Wont be dissapoint

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Fallout 3 made me fall in love with RPG's. Bethesda does an absolutely amazing job with their RPGs and this game blew me away on all levels.

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Created: 04/29/11

Super fun and long ended game if you do all the side quest! which are fun!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Excellent game! I already own it for my 360 but the collectors ed. is worth the buy! The extra are fun collectibles for any fan and the game has lots of playability, with so many ways you can solve problems, get around obstacles or just bash your way through guns a blazin' it'll keep you coming back for more! only thing wrong with it is it's a little glitchy but with a game this huge you're bound to run into those kind of probs.

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Created: 05/26/09

One of my favorite games

This is an absolutely fun game. The world changes around your hero's actions and you pay the price as well. There is even some replayablity, and with all the new downloadable content, you are looking at over 50 hours of game play!

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