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Eyes in the Night (VHS, 1999)
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Created: 04/14/09

1942 Edward Arnold as Blind Det. Maclain & Friday a Dog

Review For: Eyes in the Night (VHS, 1999)

"Eyes in the Night" is the 1st of 2 films that feature the blind detective, Duncan Maclain & his service dog (a seeing eye dog, in old fashioned terms), the famous German Shepherd, Friday. Interestingly, instead of the gumshoe Maclain setting a trend, it was the service dog, Friday, who became the original model for the intelligent, resourceful, heroic "canines to come."

Bernard H. Kendrick's novel, "Odour of Violets," has been adapted to create this story that stars Edward Arnold and Donna Reed. Captain Duncan Maclain is a detective who's sightless. His side kick is his constant companion, a service dog, Friday. Friday's the real star, if you ask me! Like super dog, Friday can defend Maclain, discover evidence that people can't, open windows, and follow trails by scents, for staters.

This episode involves the murder of actress Barbara Lawry's (Donna Reed) lover. Barbara finds him lying dead on the floor of her apartment, with her stepmother hiding in the shadows. After proclaiming her innocence, Barbara's stepmother enlists Maclain & Friday to clear her name.

As the human and canine detectives begin to uncover evidence, it takes them on a twisting trail of deceptions, conspiracy & malice. Where it leads to is unimaginable Nazi ruthlessness~

Released in 1942 right after the US entered WWII, filmed in B&W, the film's runtime is 80 minutes. I remain crazy about Friday ♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~

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