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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (DVD, 2...
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Created: 06/21/08

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Well of course I had to write a review on the one the only BABY JANE HUDSON wonderfully played by the one and only Betty Davis her self. This classic title and role has so many meanings behind it!!! As 2 womans of a life time never to be forgotten along with Betty Davis co stars the one and only Joan Crawford WOW what a team, Ones that despise one another. In this film Jane must take care of the one and only sister she has Joan Crawford as Blanche Hudson who desired to be the star good ol brat baby Jane as childhood had it all. Voice stage and what else attention attention attention. Until Blanche Hudson gets in a gig or say more then two as the sister's grow up to despise one another, Blanche Hudson aka Crawford hits one hit after another on the set while Baby Jane starts to fall with lack of skills and then comes rage uhhh ohh. Jane must take care of her now retired by an accident HUMMM or was it? For Blanche is now in a chair upstairs and must depend on the wanna be evil and mean ol sister who just wont stop till she gets what she wants, Boy these girls go at it! Not just in the movie but on set as well. The 2 queens of there prime really hated one another with no respect. Doing this movie had to be fun and scary at once. For not the evil onset but off set these brawls go at it, from kicking in the head needing Crawford stitches, so in return on set Crawford put bricks in her dress as Betty Davis had to drag her across the room so the queen of don't mess with me fellas loaded her dress up with them bricks to make it hard to drag!!What a drag. I have to say yet the girls stood there ground on stage and shocked us all with this 5 star set and movie. Yes they hated each other but yet they fought to win the title of the best of the both. But no matter what in this area of time these girls stood it out and made the one and only. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? For those who have not seen this film you must its a classic as up in with Mommie Dearet,& fits in with our cult flowing classic Psycho (1960), So if your looking for a movie of its time that continues as the others 2 mention then this is a hot pick, best if you liked Psycho (1960)
in b/w of course so here's another black and white classic horror,yet reality and one you will never forget!!so get out the pop corn and enjoy that one art work is all about. Release Date:31 October 1962 (USA),Drama | Horror | Thriller,
famous tag line: Sister, sister, oh so fair, why is there blood all over your hair? watch and just see how or if. Thank you for reading hope this helps 10 stars out of 5 here.....Enjoy always yours Baby Jane Hudson hahahahaha ;)

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Created: 08/09/07

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Anybody who knows me knows I love Bette Davis: young, old, or somewhere in between. Any time, any place. Bette Davis all the way. Here we have the queen of Hollywood playing Baby Jane Hudson, a washed up former child star who has lost all of her "marbles" but who still wants to rekindle her long ago performance career with the help of momma's boy Victor Buono (who is fabulous in his first role, especially when he snidely comments to his mother about how he was conceived, and leaves her standing speechless in the kitchen. Later he played Bette's father in 'Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte.') Joan Crawford plays Jane's crippled sister, Blanche, who has maintained a love-hate relationship with Jane going back to when they were both children. It isn't long before we learn that each of them has her own set of secrets that ultimately will threaten to destroy them both; the biggest one not being revealed until near the end and believe me, it's a whopper! I first saw this movie when I was a child and it was frightening to me at that time. When I saw it again years later, I could appreciate the unintentional humor, sadness and absolute high camp of it all. This is a wonderful movie. If you see it a couple of times you're bound to start quoting some of the lines just as I do: "But yar, Blanche. Yar in that chair." (Bette as Jane says this one to Joan as Blanche while she has an absolutely insane look on her face. The fashion designer, Issac Mizrahi does a great imitation of Jane saying this one in his film 'Unzipped'.) Don't miss a cameo by Bette's real-life daughter, B.D., who wrote a tell-all book about being the daughter of Bette Davis, as well as the appearance of a youthful Anna Lee who later came to fame playing the elderly Mrs. Quartermaine on T.V.'s 'General Hospital.' Rat for lunch, anyone? Or would you rather have parakeet? Perfection!

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Created: 02/10/11

What ever happened to baby jane

An excellent all-time classic about a decades old auto crash and two wasted lives. Bette Davis is at her all time best as the cruel psycho, and Joan Crawford as the "innocent" victim. A great movie with a surprize ending. Highly recommended.

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Created: 03/23/09

What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Have always admired Bette Davis and this has to be one of her very best performances. DVD also has background on the making of the movie plus a lot about Bette and Joan as well. A marvelous show and one that takes you into Baby Janes life and drags you all through the trials and events that take place for the entire movie. Excellent.

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Created: 04/02/08

Superior Story

This movie is beyond classic. In the modern day where most movies rely on special effects and gore to shock and frighten the viewer, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane shows what movies were about when people actually acted. Davis and Crawford put forth such convincing efforts that you will feel chills from a black and white movie that you never thought possible. A must see for anyone who likes a good thriller with a psychological twist.
If you watch this movie and do not get that "chilling tingle" at least twice...see a doctor...

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Created: 12/02/10

This movie is Awesome. Drama! Suspense!

This movie is fantastic! It is a "must have" movie is everyones collection. When Betty Davis and Joan Crawford teamed up, the two actrists produced one of the best dramatic and thrilling story-lines ever told. If you've never seen this old movie, make a special point to see it as soon as possible. You will never forget it!

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Created: 03/20/09

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane

I always loved Betty Davis movies. She is one AWESOME actress;whom I wish was still with us.Joan Crawford is also a FANTASTIC actress as well & both together make this a great movie u can watch year after years!!!!Its black & white BUT still a GREAT movie!!!BUY IT !!!!

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Created: 09/20/06


This is one of the greatest psychological thrillers of all time. This is a story of two sisters. One was famous as a little girl and grew increasingly jealous of her sister as she grew to become a great beauty. The "evil" sister, Bette Davis, will stop at nothing to exact her revenge. Her sister, who becomes an invalid for reasons uncovered over the course of the film, is trapped and at the mercy of her sister.

This is a definite must see movie!

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Created: 01/02/10

The greatest psychological thriller of all times!

I purchased this CD so that my daughter and I could watch it together as I had not seen it in more than 30 years. It was as scary and eerie as I remembered and both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were superb. This movie is a true classic and one of my favorites.

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Created: 12/07/06

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1997, DVD)

Joan Crawford's character was good but Betty Davis character as Baby Jane was excellent. Her character was so evil, mean, manipulative and sarcastic. This is another one of those classic that you have to have in your collection.

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