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Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007,...
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Created: 08/16/10

ENTOURAGE! 1 of BEST SHOW'S OUT THERE!This episode 4*'s

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

Entourage, a group of 4 guys,more like family than friends, except 2 of the guys are brothers.
Eric Murphy:(Kevin Connolly)-*THE MANAGER TO VINCE THE ACTOR.

I liked this season but it was a little too much obsession about Medellin(a movie Vince wants BAD!)and not caring who did the movie and how and just getting it out there. It made me sad about the break-up with Vince and Ari, and it's not like a regular happy-loving-romantic-fun entourage, but more suspense and sometimes at the end too much. But It's good, not my fav. here's a better summary:
ENTOURAGE Part two opens with Vincent & his team of boys from Queens having finally firing his manager Ari( Jeremy Piven)& got a new manager Amanda(Carla Gugino) who's helping Vince, trying to get him into his dream project, playing Pablo Escobar in the three-hour bloodbath Medellin movie. The episodes follow Vincent & the gang as they spar with Amanda over what kind of film he'll do next: She wants him to star in an Edith Wharton period piece. He doesn't! Ari, Vincents old manager who they fired, is still poking obsessively around trying to win back Vincent by making him believe that Medellin is still a going concern. Each member kinda gets their own subplot, though only Vincent's older brother Johnny 'Drama''s (Kevin Dillon) pathetic but somewhat touching fight to stay out of Vincent's shadow by getting back into the acting game himself in a awful TV drama show.the harder they wok on getting this movie-the more this picks up steam as Medellin starts to seem like less of a dream to Vince & more of an actual possibility for the obsessed Vince, who justs wants to do this movie & nothing else!! As all Entourages their's romance but ultimately, the women here are minor distractions at best,compared to Medellin.That's all on Vince's mind,& goes in every direction to make this movie his and happen, at any cost!

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Created: 07/16/09

Short but excellent 2 disc collection

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

While many may not realize that the debut season of “Entourage” consisted of a measly eight episodes, it probably has something to do with the progressively larger seasons that followed. Convinced of the series’ staying power after the success of its first year, HBO extended the second season order to 14, and when word rained down that the show’s junior year would continue the trend by featuring 20 episodes, it wasn’t so much a surprise as it was a natural (and well-deserved) promotion. It was a win-win situation for both parties. Fans of the series were jazzed about adding more “Entourage” to their TV diet, and the show’s writers would be able to develop more complex storylines. That is, until it was learned the season would be split into two parts.

Still, there’s something to be said for the fact that the second half was delayed to coincide with the final season of “The Sopranos.” It seemed “Entourage” was finally a big enough success to be partnered with the network’s most popular show, and when both seasons ended in late June, it served as a symbolic passing of the torch from one program saying its goodbyes to another just beginning to hit its groove.

To call the second half of season three a necessary continuation of the ongoing story, however, would be pushing it. Consisting mostly of filler material meant to stave off the real drama until season four, the eight episodes that make up this leg of the show’s journey amount to one thing and one thing only: the return of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). After sacking his top-flight agent for losing The Ramones biopic at the end of the first half of the season, rising star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) has moved on. His new agent Amanda (guest star Carla Gugino) is not only more cutthroat than Ari, but she’s a helluva lot prettier too, and her first order of business is landing Vince a quality role. But when Ari returns to tease his former client with the opportunity to finally make “Medellin” (AKA The One That Got Away), Vince can’t help but chase his dream project. And in doing so, he chases away Amanda as well, both emotionally and professionally.

Overall Rating: A+ 98.9% good

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Created: 03/31/08

Fantastic Show

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

I absolutely love this show. I just started watching it recently and I'm officially hooked! The show is set in Los Angeles following a rising star and his three best friends. Vince Chase is the next big thing in Hollywood and his manager/best friend Eric, chef/brother/out of work actor Johnny Drama, and driver/ friend Turtle are there along the road to stardom to enjoy all of the perks with him. Several celebrities guest star, adding to the already amazing show. Highly recommend!!

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Created: 03/22/09

Enoturage S3

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

his show is simply one of the most hilarious tv-shows i have ever seen, it has got everything, an interesting story with lots of opportunity for diversification, great humor, creativity and 1 or 2 brilliant roles that will always make you laugh (Ari Gold and Johnny Chase). Especially Jeremy Piven really delivers an outstanding performance as the ****ole narcissistic, swearing though growingly sympathetic agent Ari Gold. Piven really pulls this show from excellent to perfect, with perfect bodylanguage, hilarious expressions and genious lines, mostly swearing and dissing everything and everyone who does not exactly what he wants them to, especially his asian gay assistant is subject to a hysterically funny unsatisfied Ari Gold.

The biggest weakness of the show is the sometimes trivial plot. For example it seems that when Vince apparently has secured a part in a movie and the group gets excited, it takes about 20 seconds before Ari gets a phone call with a problem which is often where irritating and unnecessary. This does'nt happen just once, but probably 5-6 times through the series.

I would primarily recommend this show to everyone, because I don't know why anyone should not find it at the very least entertaining.
Except if you are sensitive to swearing, nudity and to look at girls offering themselves to moviestars and their entourage, of course. :-)

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Created: 07/01/11

Awesome product.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

Normally, there are two things an actor fears more than anything else: unemployment and bad reviews, especially when the latter leads to the former. In addition, negative criticism can be most harmful if the targeted thespian is a newcomer, because he will most likely have a rough time getting his career back on track. It was therefore quite hard to avoid that one of the first episodes of Entourage be centered around this kind of incident.

The whole tragedy is kick-started by a review in Variety that carpet-bombs Head On and reduces Vince to a "fly-by-night pretty boy". While Drama works on his acting class and the others cope with the bad news, Eric goes to discuss the story with Ari. On the plus side, he gets to meet Ari's new assistant Emily (Samaire Armstrong). On the minus side, he gets lectured for worrying Vince and is subsequently asked to distract the poor boy, before receiving Ari's ace "let's hug it out, b*tch!" treatment. E complies, accepting his friend's foolish decision to buy a new Rolls and agreeing to accompany him to a party hosted by Jessica Alba (a genuinely hot cameo). As it turns out, that's what everyone needed, particularly Vince who gets to make out with a virginal pop singer.

Being a comedy series, there is no doubt the potentially upsetting premise leads to a sort of happy ending (though later seasons have become bolder in that sense): what really matters is what happens in between, more specifically those little moments that help establishing the characters - E is a truly concerned friend, Vince is far from the "shallow sex symbol" type, Drama is an adorable loser and Turtle... well, he's just Turtle. And what about Ari? Oh, man, his charm is summed up in one sentence: Let's hug it out!

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Created: 12/29/08

Midget Porn!!

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

I gotta say I love Ari he is the man. And Vinnie's new female agent was off the hook. Definetly worth every penny to see he walking in the kitchen in panties. Great season!!! One of the best to date. Having seen season 4 with out Season 3 part 2 I was a little lost but now everything is together and This is still my favorite series ever!!

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Created: 04/09/08

It is Undeniable

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

The only way you can not like this show is if you never sat down and watched one episode. My buddy was hooked on this show and I was a little skeptic and he made a challenge, I can pick any episode I want and if I do not completly 100% love the show and every character than he would buy me gas for my Yukon Denali for the entire summer. Make a long story short, I still get gas every week.

Amazing Characters + Phenomenal Plot= Great TV!

O did i forget that every single girl, even extras, are extremely beautiful =)

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Created: 12/02/08

Entourage is class class class

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

Entourage is the best show on TV. It gives people a look at how they wish they could live while showing that it's not always easy at the top. The characters are badass and Ari is funny as hell, and who doesn't love seeing naked women all the time?

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Created: 06/12/08

Entourage and the HBO do it again

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

Although I highly reccomend season 2 of Entourage, Season 3 part 2 was the better out of the 2 part season 3 series, excellent character writting, the wittyness and production was also superb. The boys from Queens are as addicting as Pain killers but bring laughs as the side effect.

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Created: 01/26/08

The coolest tv-series ever??

Review For: Entourage - Season 3, Part 2 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

I started to watch the first season a month ago and couldn`t stop enjoying it! I`ve bought season 2 and 3 and just watched it all in just 1 week. This is the coolest tv-series i`ve ever had the pleasure to watch. it just make me want to move to Hollywood and become an actor.

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