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Created: 07/16/09

Season 2 is a hit!

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

The show’s sophomore season improved on an already good thing, and while it delivered more interesting story arcs and richer character development, its most impressive alteration was in the expansion of series stand-out Jeremy Piven.

Fresh off filming the indie flick “Queens Boulevard,” season two picks up with the boys returning to L.A. and searching for their next project. Vince (Adrian Grenier) and his manager, Eric (Kevin Connolly), are pulling for “The Pablo Escobar Story,” but super-agent Ari Gold (Piven) is leaning toward a summer blockbuster like “Aqua Man.” Pitching it as “‘Spider-Man’ underwater,” Vince initially refuses Ari’s offer, but when he discovers that James Cameron is attached, he jumps at the chance to work with the famed director. Production on the film is sent into turmoil, however, when Vince’s ex-girlfriend, Mandy Moore, is cast as the underwater hero’s onscreen love interest.

And while Vince deals with his past, the other guys begin to develop their futures. Eric already takes his duties as a manager seriously, but when he meets Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), the sexy daughter of Ari’s boss, Terence (Malcolm McDowell), he’s given the opportunity to expand upon his clientele. Meanwhile, Vince’s older brother, Drama (Kevin Dillon), is finally making headway with his acting career, including a role alongside Brooke Shields in a TV Movie of the Week, and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) actually gets off his ass to do some work, in this case representing an up-and-coming rapper. Ari isn’t without his own transformation either, whether he's battling Terrence for control of the agency or struggling to keep Vince as his star client.

As was common in the first season, the second year of “Entourage” is loaded with cool hot spots (like Sundance, San Diego Comic Con and the Playboy Mansion) and even cooler guest stars. Among the best include Ralph Macchio, Gary Busey, Chris Penn and Bai Ling, but none come even close to topping the appearance by Bob Saget as Vince’s new neighbor and frequent visitor of the local bordello. Still, despite the on-location shooting and hilarious cameo performances, the success of the show remains on the shoulders of the five leading men, and while Grenier and Connolly may appear to be the stars of the show, almost every memorable scene relies on either Piven or Dillon to shine. The former, especially, is given a much meatier role this time around, and when he’s not “hugging it out,” he’s dropping amusing one-liners perfect for your car bumper.

“Entourage” is, and continues to be, one of the best shows on television. It’s got a talented ensemble cast, steadfast writing, and the blessing of nearly every celebrity in Hollywood, and until that changes, you’ll just have to grind your teeth and value what attracted you to the series in the first place.

Overall Rating: A+ 97.3% good

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Created: 03/20/09

Entourage The Second

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

his show is simply great and another reason why cable TV rocks. First there was Dexter, smart and brilliany, then there is Californication and then here comes Entourage.

The show has just wrapped up its 5th season and is still as brilliant as ever. The show follows the lives of Vinnie Chase and his buddies that have moved from NY to LA so that Vinnie can continue to make it big as one of holloywood's A-List. Along with his entourage he has his gun agent Ari Gold who is played by Jeremy Piven who steals the show with every scene he is in.

His entourage is made up of Johnny "Drama" Vinnie's half brother who is the poster boy for "has been" celebrity. Then there is Turtle, an old friend from high school that does all the odds and ends jobs around the boys' swanky pad. Then finally there i Eric (a.k.a E) who is Vinnie's best friend and eventually his manager.

The best pat about this show has to be the constant cameos that make the show feel like it is right in the middle of Holloywood high life. But as well as this this show is just so damn funny with some great moments in almost every ep that will make yo want to buy the show on DVD just to experience the eps again and again. If you are not into this show already, get your backsides in gear people and watch this show. It is simply too much fin to miss out on!

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Created: 06/10/06

Entourage season 2 is a must have. Wonderful, A++++++++

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

This is a great series to own. With appearances by polly shore, hugh heftner and saigon as well as mandy moore. This is by far one of the most original HBO series ever created. You get a look into the life of a real movie star who is making films at 4 million a piece and trying to go to the next level ( 10-20 million dollar films ) With an agent Ari Gold (played by the brilliant Jeremy Piven) Vince is bound to make it. This show is hilarious and many of the jokes are that good. It is produced and written by the biggest names of Hollywood and guest appearances are second to none.

What makes the show very good is the clever writing and great acting and realistic hollywood approach. The script is realistic because it is based on some actual events of big time actor/producer Mark Wahlberg himself. The writing of many of the episodes are very unique, and there is no better show currently on HBO than this one. I would recommended this show for anyone who has missed seasons 1-2 and are just getting into the current season.

This show is like "sex and the city" for men however unlike sex and the city this show is both appealing to MEN AND WOMEN.


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Created: 10/03/06

Second season even better than the first!

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

I was already an addicted fan and this second season did not disappoint. Vince has his ups and downs with the showing of his indy film "Queens Boulevard" and then goes a few rounds with Ari (or should I say E goes a few rounds with Ari) about what to do next. Ari finally talks him into signing on to do Aquaman after Vince discovers James Cameron is directing it. Love the sparring that goes on in Ari's office. Also a cute episode that centers around Johnny Drama's past role in a sci-fi series. As before, this season left me wanting more and anxious to get to season three!

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Created: 09/13/06


Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

"BOOM"! Ari the over-ambitious agent to the stars exclaims. Entourage, Season 2 starts off where the first season left off. Vincent Chase more famous then ever is landing bigger and better deals. This season brings hot new cars, a huge mansion and a shot at becoming a super-hero. Once again we see Vince's brother, Johnny Drama in humerous situations, one of them involving the Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio. The season ends with a bang and provides memorable moments and great laughs all at the same time. The second season may be better then the first but your gonna have to see it for yourself.

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Created: 03/03/07

Entourage! what great fun!

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

I really loved the second season of entourage! can't wait for the third, the hbo series! makes you feel like you would enjoy living the life of the guys in LA. music is awsome! starring Jeremy piver as vinces agent, what a match!

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Created: 07/30/08

Entourage = Amazing!

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

Love entourage...very addictive viewing....i sat through whole season 1, in one go....thats why I bought the second one...fairly true to life of the perception of hollywood...and I love the guest stars in it!!

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Created: 08/30/10

Entourage Season 2, just as good the second time around

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

Love Entourage, great fun to watch with friends. Seeing it again on DVD is just as good if not better than when it was on HBO the first time around.

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Created: 07/20/06

Another great HBO series!

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

This is another awesome HBO series. The characters all have such chemistry. It is so much fun to watch vince's rise to stardom. The characters are from a poor neighborhood and they are just amazed at everything. This show will keep you laughing and leave you in suspense each week wanting to see whats going to happen next. My only complaint is that the show is just to short.

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Created: 08/08/10

Entourage: The Complete Second Season

Review For: Entourage: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 3-Disc Set)

Entourage is probably one of the best shows on tv. I subscribe to HBO mainly for this series. If you haven't seen an episode, buy the seasons and sit back, and catch up.

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