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Dumbo (DVD, 2006, Big Top Edition - Spec...
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Dumbo (D...

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Created: 10/15/06

Dumbo, the disdain and delight of the circus.

Another orphan success story for Disney! Dumbo, the baby elephant born with genetically superior ears, becomes the disdain of all the elephants, then the entire circus. After attempting to protect her son, Dumbo's mother is thrown in the slammer (the circus jail). Dumbo learns he can fly quite by accident after drinking some water laced with booze (what is the message in this anyways?) I have issues with the Pink Elephant sequence...which really serves no pupose other than sending the message that when you get a buzz, you are able to do anything (flying). Also, Racial stereotypes toward the end of the movie are particularly evident. Considering the time period Dumbo the movie was born out of, such manifestations of racial stereotype were probably tolerated and accepted. Too bad that legacy lives on in these remastered versions. The saving grace of this movie is Dumbo, who becomes a flying star thereby freeing his mother from the clink.

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Created: 07/02/06

I love the big top edition - the special features RULE!

I love the big top edition - the special features RULE! Dumbo is a great movie; I think it's adorable. But if you get dumbo big top edition, you get circus animal cards that go with a game on the DVD. There are many things I liked to do and see on the DVD. Most special about dumbo big top addition is the special features. One game is educational and teaches you all about animals. I love the big top edition; so go ahead and buy it, watch it for yourself, play the games - I hope you like them, too.


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Created: 09/10/08

Wonderful Dumbo

The DVD is digitally remastered, the colors crisp and bright. It also has fast play to start the movie itself. Following the film are a few old elephant movies from the 40, I think. Great nostalgia. Also, after that, few songs from the movie play, along with animation and the words to tbhe songs.
MY kids absolutely LOVE Dumbo now. Really so glad I bought it. (Although when I watched it as a child, I was unaware how sad it is until the end.)

"I believe I've seen just about everything, when I see an elephant fly!"

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Created: 02/15/11

a classic must have!

I grew up watching Dumbo many many times. One of my favorite parts is where the train sings carrying circus animals. I'd recommend this DVD to adults AND children. It is a classic must have story.

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Created: 11/13/10

The Sweetest Classic Disney Movie, Ever? YES!!

There are so few movies that a person turns to in adult life that was also a movie that they loved as a child. DUMBO is probably the greatest of this type of movie: a movie that while carefully selecting films to allow YOUR child to view, to watch with your child and KNOW you are adding something magical and lovely to their life. The quality and care that the artists used while creating this masterpiece, along with the storyline and, of course, the songs and music found in this movie, will resonate in both children and adults hearts alike. Sweet Dumbo, and all those he encounters during this movie, will stay with you and yours forever.

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Created: 10/29/10

Great Movie!

Dumbo is one of Disney's overlooked classics. It's a very entertaining story that kids (of ALL ages) will love. I highly recommend adding it to your home movie collection!

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Created: 09/05/06

Dumbo is Great

I had never seen the movie, "Dumbo". Iloved the music, the animation, the colors in the film,the story line and everything else about it. The only thing I didn't like was the duration of the movie; it didn't last long enough. It was over and I was thinking, "Was that all"? I could have watched another hour or two of it. My 5-year-old granddaughter wanted the movie and we were unable to find it anywhere in our area. I ordered it through e-Bay and received it in a relatively short time and she and I watched it and we both enjoyed it tremendously.

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Created: 10/10/10

Dumbo DVD

I bought this DVD for my Granddaughter for her 6th Birthday. We recently took a trip to Disney World and she rode the Dumbo ride. I found out she had never seen this Disney Classic. I remember several years ago seeing signs at my local video store about last chance to purchase Disney Classics. I didn't really pay much attention thinking that was just a sales gimmick. Well let me tell you it is rather difficult to find ANY Disney Classics anywhere. I thought I could simply go to any retail store that sells DVD's and pick one up. Not so. Thankfully I found this terrific deal on eBay. Thanks eBay for coming through again.

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Created: 08/15/11

Great with adult on the FFWD button, drinking/drunk PINK ELEPHANTS PARADE.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I purchased this movie for my two year old Grand daughter's birthday, I was VERY happy with 90% of this classic. How ever I do not condone alcohol consumption, (PINK ELEPHANTS on parade), for childrens viewing. It is such a long part of this movie. The G rating was not apporiate. I caution everyone to preview this movie. You can judge for your self. I can not think of another G rated movie that has such a long drinking and drunk segment. I would advise having the FFWD button at the ready.

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Created: 08/12/11

Awesome product! I love how the pictures were restored in this edition!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I love how the pictures were restored in this edition. I've always love watching Dumbo as a kid and now, I can share the experience to my children. The story is about a semi-anthropomorphic elephant who is cruelly nicknamed "Dumbo"; his name is actually Jumbo Jr. He is ridiculed for his big ears, but in fact he is capable of flying by using his ears as wings. Throughout most of the movie, his only true friend, aside from his mother, is the mouse, Timothy — a relationship parodying the stereotypical animosity between mice and elephants. This movie is great. Subtle, simple, and the moral of the story is perfectly illustrated so the audience can easily capture it. A great movie to add on anyone's Disney movies collection!

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