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Created: 12/26/07

Release is set for Feb 2008

Dragon Quest Swords utilizes a Battle System reminiscent to those of First Person Rail Shooter games such as House of the Dead. However, instead of using a handgun, Dragon Quest Swords uses the functions of the Wii Remote as a Sword and a Shield. The direction of a sword slash is dependent on the direction the player sways the Wii Remote. In order to defend from incoming attacks, the player also has to use the Wii Remote while holding the A button while blocking the exact location of an enemy's attack on the screen. A special attack can be unleashed once the special attack gauge is filled. The gauge is filled when you hit enemies with your sword. Only your allies (Dean, Baud or Setia) can cast magic. The player can set how frequently they use magic or they can use magic manually by bringing up the menu. The player may access the menu screen while in battle by pressing the minus button.

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Created: 10/08/11

Awesome game ! For all levels of players.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This game is the best for young players that can not do the difficult fight scenes. The enemy's are monsters (not other humans) so isn't teaching violence against fellow peers. Actually, it teaches loyalty, camaraderie, and cohesiveness among the hero's. Defending their world which has fallen to an evil entity that requires focus, upgrading of weapons, honing of skill and helping upgrade your comrades to be strong as well. Sounds alot like what needs to happen in todays world, but with the vote instead of the sword. Thanks for a great game and great price.

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Created: 05/13/08

Rented it before, wanted to buy it for myself.

This game really takes advantage of the "Wiimote", everything in this game is done with one hand. That makes it the PERFECT game to play while having some lunch!
The Graphics aren't as great as say, Super Mario Galaxy. They're good for what they are, and stand up on their own legs. If you remember the fun of those old "Dragon Warrior" games from the NES days, this is a very successful attempt to recapture that feeling, and at the same time reinvent it! The sound team did a fantastic job too, they threw in quite a few nods to the originals, including that spell casting sound. The voice acting is also pretty good, which is very rare in itself!
Long story short, don't listen to the "Professional" review sites, this is a solid title!
I definitely recommend it!

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Created: 05/22/08

I really like this game on the WII console.

I really like this game, it is tons of fun they really did a good job mixing a classic game series with the new WII console. The WII remote worked really well for a sword/shield in this game play. My only concern was the lack of true FREEDOM to explore the vast country side that the map shows. There is a set path for you to walk and the monsters always come out at the same spots each and every time you go through the same quest over(hey I am a power leveling player lol). So once you go through a quest the only new surprises are what types of drops you get. But all in all I still have to give this game a 5 out of 5 because I truely do like playing this game and can see me playing it over and over again.

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Created: 02/09/10

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of

We enjoy playing RPG type games so this caught my eye. My daughter is the player and I like to cheer her on. The price on the game was good. It was sent as promised and was everything that it was promised to be.

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Created: 08/16/08

A fellow fans review of this spectacular game

Dragon Quest Swords has been one of the best games I have ever played, and in my opinion, it greatly rivals the total awe that was DQ8 on the PS2! With great gameplay, perfect control and graphics, and not a single glitch or error in the game within site, I think this is the best Dragon Quest game ever! With slightly over 6 to 7 hours worth of gameplay, every second you play this splendor of a game, you will be completely captivated by it's total and unbelievable storyline, characters, and much, much more! I know I sure was, and still am!

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Created: 12/20/08

Grandson Loves it.

Love the real time fighting hate nothing about it except its only a one player have quite a few grandchildren and it would be nice if it was a 2 player at least but other than that I have fun watching them its really a great game.

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Created: 08/02/10

Very fun game to play!

A very fun game to play! A mix of dragon warrior and 7th saga! I hope the game is longer then I expect. Interaction is great!!!!

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Created: 04/21/08

Lots of fun playing the game.

My son (age 13) has been playing this for days... so it must be good! Great game and we noticed many of them at reasonable prices. Recommended by a 13 year old.

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Created: 03/24/09

Same feeling I got as 20 years ago.

I got it for my daughter of 9 years old.
I was playing Dragon Quest some 20 years ago and this new, new version still has
same music, sounds, and basic enemy characters. Wow such an interesting game same as long ago.

Now on Wii, good phisical exersize also!!!

Excellent game!!


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