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That Darn Cat (DVD, 2003)
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That Dar...That Dar...That Dar...

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Created: 02/05/12

The DVD cover art tells you everything you need about That Darn Cat

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Remember Christina Ricci? How about Doug E. Doug? Do you like cats? These are some questions you may ask yourself before deciding whether or not to buy this movie.

The movie itself centers around Ricci's character, Patti, and her cat, D.C. When D.C. returns from a night of roaming the neighborhood, Patti notices what she believes to be a bloody twig stuck to the cat's fur. Unfortunately, the only person willing to work with her is rookie FBI Agent Kelso (Doug). I won't spoil the plot for you (although Citizen Kane this is not), but if you enjoy watching car chases that involve old people or men trying to think like a cat by slinking around, then you will love this movie.

I could only give it three stars (I could not, in good conscience, give it four), but that does not mean this is a bad movie. It is good, family fun for kids and for adults who can look past the simplistic story. Hey, it's rated PG; you cannot expect much depth from PG can you?

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Created: 08/28/09

That Darn Cat (DVD, 2003)

Great DVD...Prefer this new version as compared to the older original movie. My 8 year-old grandaughter watched the 2003 version repeatedly. Plus product was brand new, great case, and perfect playing condition. If you are looking for decent, good family fun thru entertainment, this is your movie. Humor, updated version, clean language. Hated to see the movie end.

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Created: 11/08/14

My grandson loves this movie!!!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My Grandson was twenty months old, sitting on my lap when this movie happened to be on TV. He was absolutely fascinated. Of course, he has a cat living in his home which probably contributed to his interest but I had to get it for his second birthday. As soon as he gets an email address I'll be sure you get it as I'm sure he will be a great reviewer for products such as this.

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Created: 05/28/11

great movie

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The movie is great and is very funny my kids love it. Didn't like that the trans-am got destroyed in the movie because it was a nice looking car. Full of surprises.

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Created: 02/10/09

That Darn Cat (2003)

I bought this movie for my mom for a birthday gift. She loves to watch the more "wholesome" style of movies, much like the family movies of years gone by. As this is a remake of such a movie, she found it entertaining, yet not out of date.

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