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Created: 11/02/10

Dante's Peak

Review For: Dante's Peak (VHS, 1997, Additional Footage)

Dante's Peak is a great movie if you're a fan of the disaster genre. All the great disaster movies (i.e. Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, Earthquake, The Day After, Twister etc.) have that great combination of the actors we love to see and what's going on in their lives intertwined with the element of impending doom, and Dante's Peak definitely falls into this category of classic disaster films-the "fluff" of the storyline along with the anticipation and build-up of suspense that leads to the ultimate reason of why we love these movies in the first place. Fortunately(or unfortunately), disaster movies are what they are--you either love them or you don't. I had this movie on VHS when it came out, and I introduced my then 7 year old son (who is 17 now) to the world of disaster films and he fell in love with them, watching them over and over again and reenacting the action sequences with his toys as they were happening onscreen. I purchased Dante's Peak again because I have a 10 year old boy in my life now that I watch over sometimes and I wanted him to experience the same enjoyment that my son and I had when we watched it together. So the legacy of disaster films carries on to create memories you never want to forget, because that's how it was for me. My dad took me to my first disaster movie (The Poseidon Adventure) in 1972 when I was 6 years old, and then to The Towering Inferno a few years later, which created those great memories for me, too-- the "fluff" of what life is really all about in the first place and THAT is definitely worth passing on.

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Created: 08/11/07

A Great Drama in any Format!

Review For: Dante's Peak (VHS)

Dante's Peak has and will probably always be one of my favorite natural Disaster movies! You felt like you were watching Real People Dealing with Real issues!! This movie takes the cake over movies like Volcano or Deep Impact! There was simply more meat in the characters and more involvement with surviving the disaster! The intricacies of escaping didn't come across as you having to have superhuman abilities which made this even more believable!! This is a Keeper. I'd recommended the DVD over the VHS however!

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Created: 12/08/08

Dante's Peak

This movie is same as Volcano because both were release to theaters in the same year (1997). The stories of each film has a different city with a different volcano problem.

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Created: 03/07/09

Dante's Peak

Excellent portrayal pf a volcanic eruption.
Great cast- Well performed.
I bought it for entertainment purposes.

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