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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (DVD, 200...
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Created: 05/04/09

2000 10 Academy Award Nominations, 4 Oscars

Wang Du Lu wrote the novel upon which "Crouching Tiger..." is based. The story goes like this:

Two martial arts warrior masters, Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat) & a beauty queen, who becomes an action goddess of the 1980's (Michelle Yeoh) must face their greatest challenge when the precious "Green Destiny" sword is stolen. As young aristocrat, Zhang Ziyi, prepares for an arranged marriage, she reveals by becoming a talented fighter, that she desires much more than a domestic lifestyle. This film earns its Oscar for Best Picture~ch warrior fights for justice. They include 3 generations of Chinese female stars. This film is set in the 19th century, in China. The panoramic cinematography of the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. From the acclaimed direction of Ang Lee to the amazing action-oriented choreography of Yuen Woo-Ping, one of the most awe inspiring action staged films is created. Believe me, this film doesn't depend upon the Chinese landscape on the ground! The action takes flight in more ways than merely martial arts choreography. The passion in the film is nearly its equal~

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Created: 12/11/10

Can Love Be Realized?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee (also,BrokeBack Mountain) is a dual story about the power of the green sword and about two sets of Chinese lovers -- brave Li & respectful Yu following traditional Chinese customs, and the younger desert warrior Lo chasing independent Jen.

Li has decided to retire and gave his powerful green sword to a dear old friend of the family. But the sword is stolen by Jen who wants the guarantee of victory that the sword provides, so that she can be in control of life's events. Jen's mother is the villian, because she poisoned Li's father when Li was just a lad.
Li crosses paths with Jen's mom many times to avenge his father's murder.

Yu who has always loved Li from a distance helps Li recover the sword thru many magnificent sword battles which are sprinkled with amazing acrobatic chase scenes. Lo falls in love with Jen when he attacks her camel caravan. Jen returns to her family to obey the rules of marriage that has been arranged for her.

Thru out the story the exotic landscapes and the soothing music create the majesty of the oriental culture. This tranquil & colorful environs is the backdrop for so many hand-to-hand fights. The contrast of human emotions against Nature's serenity demonstrates how nature attempts to nurture people if only the characters would become in harmony with the environment of the sunlight, the colors, the breeze, the water, and the space.

When Yu realizes that Jen is an Independent soul who has relentlessly endangered Li as well as her own family, there is a dynamic sword fight between these two beautiful women for the green sword. Will Yu's experience conquer Jen's youthful vitality?

The viewer is held in high suspense to see if the sword is eventually recovered, and to see if both loving couples become happily united. Each couple finds love, but you have to stay with the movie to its very end to see if the couples get to keep the at-long-last attained love.

Jo Jo

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Created: 04/05/07

Mystical Martial Arts, Ang Lee at his best!

From the stable of one of today's greatest contemporary filmmakers, Ang Lee, the film, 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,' or 'Wo hu cang long,' is a classic theme of unrequited love, woven into a story about a trial between two competing factions (both well versed in martial arts), who are out to recover a beautiful jade bejewelled sword. Lee combines the mysterious nature of these Chinese role-players in a timeless story that takes place in the province of QING in China, somewhere in time, (although the period in history seems to be irrelevant.) A girl from Beijing, voted in at #100 in FHM's Sexiest 100 Girls of 2002, plays Jen Yu, one of the lead roles in the film. But this film is not only about sex-appeal. It is a tale about believable miracles, visualized in a love story with classic themes, by people flying atop roofs, in between the trees, and choreographed in mid-air, floating over the terrain of a magical land. The story keeps you gripped with fascination as to what happens next. I watched the subtitles rarely, preferring to listen to the Mandarin dialog and watch the action. I was moved by this beautiful story, and would recommend that this becomes a movie that is an essential part of any sensualist's collection, regardless of taste.

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Created: 01/12/09

Crouching Tiger is leap ahead 1

This is a great DVD. After watching "Hero" the other night, I recalled this DVD . The fight scenes are graceful and a pleasure to watch. The neat thing about this movie is that it's in English; no Chinese speaking with subtitles. It's a joy to watch and not worrying about missing some dialog. Crouching Tiger is just plane great.

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Created: 04/19/13

An epic fairytale

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

What an intriguing, imaginative, inventive, ingenious fairytale--on a grand scale. I was not prepared to like this film. I avoided all the hype around the film when it was first released. But, boy was I very pleasantly surprised when I finally watched it. Taking place in China during the Qing Dynasty, it tells the tale of a much treasured sword whose original owner, a Master martial artist gives it as a gift. The sword is stolen and the pursuit and return of the sword to its rightful owner becomes the center of the story and sub-plots. It is beautifully executed. The concepts of this film seem to come from a child’s imagination – unlimited, untarnished – completely free to give these characters a ‘once-upon-a-time,’ superhuman type powers and abilities, without it looking like a comic book fable. It is as if you are reading the fairy tale, turning the pages and seeing these endearing characters, lavish locations laid out on beautifully illustrated pages.

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Created: 06/06/10

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Loved the fact that it was available for a great price, I love the movie and was glad I bought it! I love asian films, especially those with sword fights and a bit of fantasy and mythology. The music is great in the film, it definitely compliments the scenes.

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Created: 10/07/09

An instant classic of a movie

I bought this movie for my Dad because he was really into the David Carradine "Kung Fu" series and this movie has some similar traits. He agreed that the action sequences are top-notch (done by the same guy who did the Matrix) and the only real flaw is the flying thing they do (requires a little getting used to). The cinematography won an Academy Award and is very well-deserved. There are many beautiful images of China's forests and mountains.

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Created: 01/16/06

Beatiful and Amazing action

Ang Lee has put together one of the most beautiful stories and incredible martial arts movies ever. The action in this movie is fantastic. If you grew up on the 70s and 80s Saturday afternoon martial arts movies on TV, you will not be adequately prepared for this. The style of the filming is extremely beautiful and the scenery in this movie is breath taking. Of course the action is the pay off for everything, you will be amazed at the special effects and martial arts skills within this movie.

If you like kung fu, this is a definite must have.

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Created: 02/04/09

Two thumbs up (and the rest of the fingers! Perfect 10)

Beautiful and elegant; marvelously shot and directed; touching, and thrilling, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is my personal favorite movie. Ang Lee created a masterpiece, it is a must-have movie in my opinion.

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Created: 01/21/06

Amazing, one of the best films I have ever seen!!!!

Utterly beautiful, full of action, fantastic tale and amazing cast, it is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is best to see it as a foreign language film, to absorb the culture and the myth /legend aspect of the storytelling.

To see it in english takes something away from this priceless jewel.

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