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Chemex CM-8A 8 Cups Coffee Maker
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Chemex C...

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Created: 12/12/10

Chemex coffee makers

Essentially these are big hour glass shaped lab beakers. The top part of the 'hour glass' is open and round. You wedge your triangular paper coffee filter in the top part, put in the grounds and slowly pour near boiling water through.
People like these for several reasons.
You can control the temperature of the water better than an automatic
There is no plastic being heated in your hot water (why I got it)
You don't have to clean your coffee pot for mineral build-up
Takes up less counter space.
Makes good coffee.
Chemex makes coffee filters that are extra thick so you don't get any sediment etc. I didn't feel like dealing with more delivery charges so I got the #4 Mellita filters at the grocery store and use 2 at a time. Works fine but my Chemex is 6 cup. You might need a bigger filter for a bigger one.

Cons - it doesn't keep your coffee warm. I guess you can get a little metal grate so you can put your stove on low and put the beaker on the stove. I think that would work fine. I just use the microwave and am not bothered by this con.
Heating water - I have been heating water in a cooking pot which is ok. I guess an electric tea kettle would be the way to go, but they are near impossible to find without plastic inside them. (I wish the people who run these companies would get with the program). Heating water in a pot or regular stove top tea kettle is not a big deal.
You have to make sure you don't run out of filters.

The coffee is good. Very 'clean'. Simple simple simple gadget.
Make sure you use good/filtered water.

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Created: 05/10/12


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Chemex coffee pot is great, I use it every day. It is easy to use though it takes a little more time than the average coffee pot or French Press. It is well worth it, the coffee always tastes delicious and never burnt!

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Created: 06/17/12


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is THEE! way to make coffee. (Miss that coffee from the service? this is the way!)

It's really easy to use. Boil water, pour over coffee. Pour in glass followed by pour into face.


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Created: 04/25/11

Classic timeless functional coffee maker

Makes wonderful coffee and the bonus is that the hard water in my home is not an issue with this type of drip coffee pot. It is simple and attractive; makes coffee quickly as well! The filters need to be ordered via internet - that is the only drawback that I have found.

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Created: 05/09/09

Chemeaax 8 cup coffee maker

I decided to buy it because my other one broke in the dishwasher. I wanted to have one again. It makes the best coffee you can make.

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Created: 09/23/12

Change your coffee experience once and for all!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The coffee that this produces is unlike any coffee we have ever tasted! It is so pure and delicious and I don't even really care for coffee this was a gift for my husband!! If you love coffee and care about not putting plastic into your body this is a dream come true. Do your self a favor and buy the resealable hemp coffee filter from lifewithoutplastic.com that goes with this coffee maker :)

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Created: 05/03/11

Fantastic product. Great value!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Top notch coffee - better than french press or drip, by a longshot! Easy to brew, clean and the coffee comes out perfect every time. Never going back!

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