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Created: 01/02/09

540EZ great for strobist work

The Canon Speedlight 540EZ was the top of the line flash for Canon film cameras. Since Canon's digital EOS cameras use E-TTL instead of TTL metering, this flash will not automatically adjust it's power output for proper exposure... for that the EX line of flashes is required.

This flash has 2 other modes though, Manual and Multi/Stroboscopic. For any type of "off camera" flash setup however (, these flashes work just fine for that... and can be had for about $70+. These flashes make a great addition to any strobist gear list.

Note: The flash will make a noise as it recharges it's capacitors, however be sure to inquire if it makes any noise while it is fully charged and on standby. I have one which continues to make noises (which can be annoying) while the other is completely silent.

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Created: 10/03/10

One of the Best Flashes Available

After 15 years of using the first digital canara made by Olympus I decided to get something more my style. I couldn't afford a new flash for the Canon T1i . I researched and purchased the Canon Speedlite 540 Regular Flash. INCREDABLE product !!! It takes a bit getting used to (still learning) but after Many combinations that the flash offers for use I finally Dialed into what is exactly what i wanted . Although it was used I received an extreem amout of support from the seller , he helped me choose the right settings and was fair about the price for the flash. The flash has too many options to list and very easy to learn with little practice and patience you will be amazed as to what a flash of this caliber can do for you. INCREDABLE !!!
You can find just about anything you want on E-Bay if you take your time and research your needs. I took my time and found EXACTLY what I wanted and afford .
Pawtucket, RI

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Feature ratings

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Created: 01/07/13

Not satisfie with this particular product that i purchased

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I have the Canon 20D Canon D7 and the 1D Mark 3.
This flash only works in Manual with all 3 bodies.
The TTL gives a FULL POWER flash in all functions which
leaves me with ZERO control. I have to use this flash
in Manual to control the flash output. I am not convinced
that ALL 540 flahes will work the same on all 3 of my
bodies as this one does. I will not say I wont recommend
this, because i know someone out there is having succes
with theirs.

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Created: 09/12/10


I don't take many pictures that require the use of a flash but the Canon 540EZ TTL works as well as I want for anything I use it for on my 5D Mark II.
It does what it is intended to do and the Mark II can jump through hoops! Together they work fine for what I want.
I bought the 540 because I didn't need more of a flash unit!
I've learned over the 50 years of taking pictures with a 35mm camera and finally going digital in the 21st Century, not to buy more than what I need or will ever use. The 540 is fine for what I need. I believe the 540 is an above average speedlight, is fast enough recovery for me and I almost always bounce with a diffuser to soften the flash more than what is done automatically.

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Created: 12/10/10

Canon 540s

if you know how to use a flash this flash will work with any of the digital Canon cameras on Manual mode only!! Bought two 540s to use as off camera flashes. No more lugging large strobes around. These will be good enough to use. So if you dont have a large budget these old dinosaurs will be more then good enough. My 9 year old is just began to use them on his Canon 20D.

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Created: 04/03/09

All you need.

I know this isn't the latest model from Canon, but for an amateur strobist enthusiast, this is a great flash. I know there are some features this flash doesn't have, but I don't know what they are because I haven't had to use them. This flash has come in handy quite a bit, and it's a great flash for anyone who doesn't want to drop huge money on the 580. It's a good supplemental flash as well, if you ever do upgrade.

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Created: 05/25/10

AWESOME Canon Speedlite 540EZ Flash Unit

I'm using the AWESOME Canon Speedlite 540EZ flash, with my Canon Rebel Xs. When it first arrived, I wanted to see just how bright it is. I went into the bathroom, closed the door and shut out the lights. After pushing the "test" button, I saw spots for five minutes. Later, I went outside and took a test shot. It lit up my entire backyard (over 30 feet deep) AND my neighbor's house. I've recommended this flash unit to multiple friends. The only thing I would add with this is an external battery pack (to speed up recycle time and prolong the life of your batteries). I can't wait to try it out inside Carlsbad Caverns this weekend!!!

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Created: 07/20/09

Old but great

Very good product, perfect even for the latest DSLRs as a addtional flash (if you have set of 2 or more). Bit slower to control but hey 61 USD? I can wait.

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Created: 03/08/11

What have you been missing?

This flash does alot of the thinking for you! It's amazing how we got used to non-Canon flashes all this time and over-exposed flash pictures. This flash turns out a great pic every time. Don't delay in getting yourself one if you're thinking about it!


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Created: 07/04/10

Very professional

It's a very good flash , good quality but if you have a Canon XS , XSi or newer models you will not be able to use full features from this flash . Overall works good and a very good flash for a beginner or medium photographer.

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