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Canon EOS Digital Rebel Rebel T1i / 500D
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    Created: 05/29/09

    Notes on the HD Video Thing

    As a DSLR that takes wonderfully expected images like all modern day DSLRs do and as one of the very few (currently, but we'll be seeing more) DSLRs that record full resolution HD video (1080 & 720) at the moment, it's a clear 5/5. After all, this is one of Canon's lowest trim DSLRs and it already offers 15 megapixels and HD recording.

    But then all of those goodies have been beaten to death in reviews everywhere, so I thought I'll just detail some notes on hands-on experience using VIDEO on this bad boy (firmware 1.0.9). It's quite a new thing with DSLRs and some buyers (new DSLR owners and repeats!) might not be too sure what to expect.

    - don't expect HD video quality matching HD video dedicated recorders. There will be the "jello" effect (that is actually the Internet technical term for it!) if you pan too fast. And just don't move too fast (you & subject) since at full 1080, it's only 20FPS, not quite up to specs to avoid choppy video when speed's involved (720 has 30FPS). Dynamic exposure is quite slow and sometimes off.

    - manual focus seems like the only real usable method of focusing. Not only does the Liveview contrast detecting focusing really slow, it makes a ton of noise (recorded!) and for a LONG time (back and forth) even on a quick focusing USM lens like the 24-70L. Unless you want to give the viewers a bit of nausea, manual focusing gets you there much faster (and remember manual focusing by eye on the fab screen is fine since the output is not 15MP still image but 1080px in height video, i.e. precision doesn't need to be super exact). One last IMPORTANT point on auto focusing, if you try focusing on something dark where the camera needs more light to be able to find focus, the lens will automatically open the aperture so the camera can see. But then, that means while it is focusing, the video will suddenly become crazily overexposed. No joke. It's a lot like spot metering a backlit object where everything not dark will overexpose.

    - the mono sound isn't too bad, a lot like video on a point and shoot/prosumer camera. It's sure no competition to an actual HD video recorder, but hey it does the job more alright than I thought.

    - zooming the lens while you shoot does make a sliding sound in your video, depending on how smooth the zoom is on your lens of course. And don't even think about clicking any buttons or turning the wheel. The sound proofing for the on-body controls is quite crap. But then there's really not much you have to/can change on the camera while you're shooting anyways.

    - I'm not sure what others are reporting (looking at the other reviews), I have an 8GB PQI class2 SDHC and it hasn't failed in writing speed to lose video bits yet.

    - It's actually quite fun.

    I know most of my notes are rather negative (point is to inform, right), but to be honest, HD video, especially on a DSLR with interchangeable lenses is really fun. Just think fisheyes! Telephotos! Super narrow depth of field! Tilt-shift lenses! And it's really something when you watch the videos, captured by a PHOTO CAMERA, on your computer monitor and find that at 100%, it's bigger than your screen.. fullscreening the video actually shrinks the video window. Hm.

    So maybe it seems like this is just HD slapped on a DLSR for marketing and fuel for the whole gimmick-why-video-on-a-DLSR whine, but really, it's a sign for things to come. Future gens of these love machines will surely be refined due to competition and at the end of it all, we win.

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    Created: 02/02/11

    Great Camera

    I have been a photographer for 30 years working with 35mm, 4x5, 8x10 and digital. I just upgraded from an 8 mp Canon XT. And I am very pleased with the improvements on the T1i. I can use my remote shooting window again! - as the old Rebel was not compatible with 64 bit systems. I have used Canon equipment since my first SLR - an ftb in 1975 - and have never had and complaints. The larger preview / menus screen is a real plus, as well as the added flexibility. I don't use video so that's not a concern. As far as people complaining about lenses, I don't get that one, I don't think the naked eye can tell the difference.

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    Created: 08/10/09

    Canon EOS Rebel T1i - Awesome Camera

    This was my first purchase for a DSLR camera. I believe I made an excellent choice. The camera is easy to use and takes excellent pictures. Of course the camera is only as good as the person taking the pictures. The basic kit lense that comes with it is great for starting out but you will be buying a new lense that gets a better zoom. True you get a 15.1 megapixel camera, but really a 10-12 megapixel camera is going to take just as good pictures. Don't let the megapixel count be your only decision in buying a DSLR. The HD video recording is a nice touch. The 1080i only records at 20fps, so the camera has too be quite still to get it perfect. But if it is the recording is flawless. You will find yourself using the 720p at 30fps which takes excellent recordings. I spent a good 2 weeks reading online courses and videos on this camera and on DSLR's in general before actual trying to take some pictures. Let me tell you that the people that I have shown the pictures to have said that I should start a photography shop. You will probably narrow your search down between a Canon or Nikon camera. I hear pro's and con's for both. Both are excellent cameras as I spent about a month researching both. Why I chose the Canon? Just because that I wanted the recording feature. I almost just flipped a coin. I'm sure if I chose a Nikon I would be just as happy. Spend your time choosing what DSLR will fit best for you and then go for it. Learn all you can about Shutter, ISO, Aperture and you will take some fantastic photos.

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    Created: 03/09/10

    Excellent Product

    In terms of a camera, this is an excellent buy in the Rebel category. Not only is it apt for a beginner but it is usable for a amateur and as a back up for a pro. The stills have been very pleasing. Some things I like a lot are the high ISO (if I need it) and the general feel the camera has: not to big but solid. The screen is way above average and the settings are very suitable.
    I researched for 2 months before I bought this camera and it turned out to be exactly how its has been described. Not only did it surface because of its great specs, but because it had the best price for what it offers.
    In terms of video, it is what you expect. To be one of the few new DSLR with HD video it does a decent job but nothing above average. You can set it up to shoot great videos, but you have to get to know it and work around some of the setback. The image is great, but its the sound that is not the best. 2 things: its mono and you can here the focusing. But even if it had better better audio settings, it would be better to record with separate equipment.
    Bottom line: Its a great camera as it is, and for the excellent price it includes a video recorder. As long as you don't think that it was made to be a video recorder you will be very pleased with this fine piece of equipment.

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    Created: 03/08/10

    Canon T1i

    I have used Canons for several years and my husband has used Canons for as long as I can remember. I had a Eos Digital Rebel 6 megapixal and loved it, but is is heavy. I am now taking pictures at a more professional level and felt that I needed a camera that had more megapixels since I am enlarging pictures and selling them. I liked the feel of my old Canon and had tried a T1i before and liked it. It processes faster on action shots and that lets me take more pics. Since my husband had a lot of Canon IS lens from film days, I have been able to adapt them to digital. I look forward to going out and taking different shots. I am thinking of taking a class on RAW and moving on to the next level on photography. This camera will allow me to think seriously. This is a great camera and I plan to use it until I need a bigger and better Canon. I am sure Canon will continue to lead in digital needs.

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    Created: 08/03/09

    Top Notch Camera!!!

    I bought this camera (my first DSLR) after lots of research, over the Nikon offering, and I'm glad I did! It's a solid piece of equipment that fits my hand well (I'm a big guy at 6'4") and is packed with features. I haven't tried the video modes yet, but the picture quality is amazing. Low light shots look like they've been shot in daylight - I was never able to get pictures like this before! And my favorite feature is that I can grab the camera, turn it on, and before I've even properly aimed, the camera is ready to take the picture.... FAST!!! The camera will no longer be your excuse when you miss a shot! This camera is pretty amazing, with 15.1 MP and the amazing 3" LCD on the back! I think it's the best prosumer camera available today for the price, and am very pleased with my purchase!!!

    Several reviews mentioned that the 18-55mm kit lens wasn't very good, but I think it's amazing! You just need to be sure to read the manual and experiment with the MANY settings available! The Image Stabilization built into some of the Canon lenses is pretty amazing too! I also purchased the Canon 55-250mm IS lens, and these two are a tough pair to beat, although I also added a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens to complete my kit for now. I did LOTS of research, considered buying just the camera body and getting other lenses, but after all my research, decided that the Canon lenses offer the best bang for the buck!

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    Created: 10/23/09

    Spectacular DSLR

    I wanted the T1i because of it's video. I bought the Rebel XSi a few months ago and it was excellent. When I switched to the Rebel T1i it was an even better camera than the XSi. Although the XSi was excellent, the T1i was even better. I could have been happy with the quality of the XSi, but after buying the T1i for the video I havn't even used the Video yet but I'm recording awesome sunsets and Eagle pics. Now I have to sell the XSi and wish I would have just purchased the T1i first. Speed and versatility of this camera are amazing. The EF-S 18-55 and 75-300 take amazingly clear pics. I used the XSi for magazine photos and this T1i is a big step up from there.

    This camera comes with a steep learning curve. Although the mode dial causes terrific pics I now have the desire to learn all the functions of the camera. The blue and green enhancements to Landscape mode are obvious after comparing portrait (enhances pinks and reds) modes. Beautiful pics made easy.

    Landscape mode tales the best sunset pics.

    Point and shoot are junk compared to these DSLRs. I do car photography and captured some unbelieveable shots with these cameras. I expect that once I learn how to use the camera properly all of my shots will be great.

    I think they call this a Pro rated DSLR because the camera makes you look like a Pro.

    Comfortable in my hand and the kit lenses work great. Hoping to purchase a full range zoom plus a 50mm prime and sell my 2 kit lenses.

    I take action snowmobile video and stills and hope to get a much higher level of video and many more front page newspaper shots with this camera.

    Camera is tough as I've already been bouncing it while carryinig it around the yard, with no damage.

    These cameras take amazing low light shots. I've taken hand held car pics after dusk that were good pics. Unexpected, but clear as day.

    I've taken flying Bald headed Eagle pics. Another day I took some floatplane shots and loaded the SD chip into my laptop, zoomed and read the name on the plane.

    The LCD was excellent on the XSi, but the T1i was massively better viewing. Being able to zoom the LCD to show a tiny portion of the shot is excellent.

    I bought a Battery handle so that I can shoot long large videos.


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    Created: 03/07/10


    First off, I'm no one special, so please don't base your decision solely on my review.
    I've been shopping for a high end camera for over 2 yrs now, and this one has everything I could ask for and much more! From my first picture of my daughter, to my 1,000th taken today I've been very pleased with the features, and easy of use! I've charged the battery 2 times (once when taken out of box, and one more time after I drained it on the first 500 pictures.)

    The camera is very light, and feels very comfortable to hold. The lens that came with my camera is a general purpose lens, so depending on your needs, a few different lenses and the speedlite 270 flash is going to be on your shopping list. The included software is a bit complex even for this computer savy guy.

    all-in-all this camera is well worth the money for a 15 megapixel camera

    The only major draw back at this time is during a test run of the 1080 Video recording option the lens auto focused and was very, very loud and noticable during video playback. Guess good thing this is a still camera and not a video camera.

    feel free to ask me any questions and I'll be glad to help you out!
    Ebay id: allphasehugo

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    Created: 04/01/10

    EOS T1i has everything a novice photographer could need

    Likes: It's complex enough that there's always new modes, settings and environments to learn from; It takes much better pictures than any pocket camera on the market or any camera I've owned for that matter; This camera takes excellent scenic shots, portraits and dark/indoor shots with or without flash; Having a multitude of focal points makes AF images come out very balanced and clear looking; The LCD screen has the most detailed and sharp images I've seen; Versatile and well balanced - got much more than I expected with this purchase.

    Dislikes: Have yet to be able to use the LCD screen to take images in auto-focus mode (I don't think it can); striking a balance between ISO, aperture and shutter speed is difficult; the LCD screen does not fold out like the equivalent Nikon model; It is lighter than I expected but still more awkward and difficult to carry around than a smaller camera.

    Overall: As someone who needs to use this camera in a journalistic sense (for live music events) it can be a bit difficult to minimize blur, but I'm starting to understand what I'm doing wrong and the online manuals are extremely helpful. I feel like I've gotten my monies worth, am learning something new every time I take another picture and would recommend this camera to those who either already know the basics of a film based SLR looking to upgrade or someone who is not afraid to crack open a manual to learn how to shoot with this camera. It's a lot of fun.

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    Created: 03/08/10

    Canon Rebel T1i

    I purchased the Canon T1i three weeks ago after a return trip from Costa Rica and havent put it down yet. I am impressed with all of its functions and am still learning how to get the best pictures possible. I especially like the video feature which I have used often. The battery life is pretty good as well, usually 4-5 hours before I have to recharge. I'm new to SLR so I have a lot to learn about aperatures, ISO, and the different modes possible. Right now I am loving my new camera and plan to take it on my next vacation.

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