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Candy DVD, 2001, Limited Edition Tin
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Created: 10/05/07

Review of Motion Picture "CANDY"

Review For: Candy DVD, 2001

This All Star Cast (Ewa Aulin, Marlon Brando, Charles Aznavour, Richard Burton, Ringo Starr, James Coburn, Walter Matthau, John Huston, John Astin, Elsa Martinelli, Anita Pallenberg, ; Directed by: Christian Marquand) type film is truly one of a kind.

As of 2007 this 1968 film has become A CLASSIC COLLECTORS ITEM and I purchased the DVD on EBAY for this reason. Rating it is extremely difficult as I can see how many could think it hilarious while others terrible. Suffice it to say, one with "a light and very open sense of humor" will laugh all the way through it enjoying the film as it was intended. It's a close call as to whether Richard Burton or Marlon Brando is the winner of "craziest of the crazy" in this sex spoof.

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Created: 03/30/11

Candy: A `Campy` lost Gem from the late 60`s era....

Review For: Candy DVD, 2001

I first saw this Movie in the early 70`s at the Drive-In.
(Yes Kids no straight to Home DVD in those days.)
My buddies and I packed into a car to catch this one
w/our Teenage hormones going Full tilt for Ewa Aulin`s
Orig. released in theaters in `68 we were too young to
enter then. I seem to remember it had a `hard` R rating
or maybe even an X.
Remember..this is 1968!
OK..the Movie Review.
Fastfoward some 40 odd years Later.
An unreal cast that is sometimes `Brilliant`.
Stand out`s are Richard Burton-M. Brando-James Coburn and
John Astin( very Cool in his `Gomez` Addams Family Character)
I don`t know how much ad/lib these actors did off the written script
but the results are sometimes very say the least!
The Drummer from a `popular` singing Band from the time is OK as the
Mex. gardener.
I think his Pal..Keith Moon would have fit right in this Flick.
It is that the wall!
Almost a Monty Python forerunner of Satire/Humor to come out Later.
Worth Having in your Collection for sure!
Richard Burton`s Character alone is worth the price of admission.
And let`s not forget...Ewa Aulin.
Now available on Home DVD!

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Created: 02/22/08


Review For: Candy DVD, 2001

I had to see this movie, if only for the cast. I especially remember seeing the operating theater at Rockefeller University from when I saw a short part of this film on TV over 20 years ago. Finally, I found a copy of this rare DVD and settled down to enjoy it. I must report a truly mediocre film. An all-star slog. It was monotonous and painful just waiting for the end of this drawn out spectacle. The entire experience was analogous to being part of Buck Henry's bad acid trip. There are many better trips to take!

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Created: 08/23/10


Review For: Candy DVD, 2001, Limited Edition Tin

My boy friend was thrill with this purchase hw was almost speachless. Was recieved quick. My boy friend is happy to add this one to his large collection.

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