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Callaway Golf Company uPro
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Created: 02/05/11

Callaway uPro dials in the yardage

I had been comparing and pricing Golf GPS units and playing some rounds with my brother in law who has a different brand. I hadn't bought one yet because of price, annual fees and course downloading fees pushed the cost up close to $450-500. When the Callaway uPro (refurbished unit) came onto eBay as a daily deal for $90 I jumped on it. There was no annual fees, all course basic downloads are free and it came with one free "Your Choice" Pro-Mode course download (a $10 value). I play my home course 3-4 times a week and I've been using this unit since iI got it. It has helped me dial in the yardage I hit each of my clubs and my handicap has dropped 2 strokes in the last month. I'm using the basic mode which gives accurate yardage to greens and hazards, and allows you to mark when you hit, walk to your ball and it gives you yardage you hit it. The Pro Mode allows you to mark off yardage on the unit for measuring lay-up yardage and gives an actual visual picture floover of each hole. Pro mode costs extra, but if going to a course you don't know it's well worth it. and you keep the courses without the paying the annuals fees. There is another feature which I haven't purchased yet, but plan to. For $20 it's a game/club tracking program which would help even more with club selection for each yardage. The Callaway upro is so much better than the unit my brother in law has, just as accurate and no annual fees like his. If you're looking for a Golf GPS this is it.

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Created: 09/10/10

uPro GPS Receiver

This is the first golf gps devise I've purchased and have found it to be extremely useful. The best thing is the confidence from knowing you have an accurate distance not only to the green but to the hazards as well. It's especially useful for lay up yardages. I used it in a three day tournament recently and it had a substantial impact on my scores. In pro mode one of the things that I didn't much care for is the flyover occurs on every hole. It's great if you haven't played the course before but if you know the course it takes up time before it's ready to give you the yardages you need. The SmartView feature gives you all the information you could want, outlining distances to hazards and the green in one screen. The screen itself is large enough and bright enough to be easy to see even in bright sunlight. I know it doesn't give exact yardage to the pin, but frankly I can't pull out an eight iron and hit 156 yards every time. If the pin in the front I usually half the front edge number with the middle number and most times I'm pretty close to correct, my club choices for the tournament were usually right on (I shot
76-76-75, now I'm bragging). Anyway, I feel this is an excellent product and a good value for the price.

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Created: 06/03/10

It's a "GO" a uPro GO and I'm happy with it!

What I love most about this unit and the main reason I purchased it is that "IT WORKS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX WITH NO SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE NEEDED!!!!"

It has many courses already loaded which is a plus. It gives you one free 2D layout of the course with yardage to any point.

The yardage seems to be pretty accurate and great for when you can't see the pin.

The battery holds a charge for an all day rounds of golf.

What I didn't like was the price although it was a better price than the competition who also require a subscription to work.

You can't choose which course you want the free 2D version applied to as it will be the first course you use the device on. (Fortunately for me it was my home course that I used it on first.)

You have to pay $10 for each additional course for the 2D layout which can add up and pretty pricey if you know you will only play a course once or maybe twice in your life or for a long time like if you happen to play a course out of the country and you know you won't be back for years, seems to be a waste.

It takes about a minute to just power on, so power that puppy up when you take your clubs out of your vehicle at the course or you will regret it at the first tee because....

It sometimes takes just under a minute to find the GPS signal for the course you are on.

The joy stick can cause you to make a selection you didn't really want which will cause you to go through the screens from the beginning; I suspect with a little practice that can easily be overcome.

Knowing what I know from owning this unit, if I had to make a purchase again, I would still buy this unit or the uPro without the "GO" upgrade if I had the money to spare.

Your golf mates will have you walking all over the course just to give them a reading (I may start charging them for the service.)

They should do something about the price though!

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Created: 11/20/10

Reliable and Compact

This is my third Callaway upro. My upro was purchased two years ago (new), my wife's last year (new) and the third is for my daughter (used). Price has dropped considerably and is now affordable to those who golf periodically (199 at the Callaway website). New basic mode software upgrade feature allows you to pinpoint distance to the pin (provided you are given the pin placement). Also, no fees to download basic course information.

I don't use the pro mode much because I play the same 5-10 courses over and over again. The pro mode would seem very helpful if you never played a course before and want an aereal view of each hole.

I debated between GPS technology and laser technology. Unforetunately, I hit the ball behind trees and other hazards that obstruct my view, so I chose GPS technology since laser rangefinders require that you have a clear line of site to the pin.

Only down side is that the battery life is short and I recharge the battery after every round. If you play public courses in LA, I'm not sure that the battery would last two rounds (of course, we are talking about 5 1/2 to 6 hour rounds).

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Created: 08/17/11

Great value and my experience with Customer Service was excellent.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I have used one of these for the last 9 months and love it. Other players have different GPS systems on the course and they can't believe how easy this one is to use and the features especially considering the price. I just purchased one for a friend he liked mine so much. I do find the "fly-over" rather annoying but it is great for a new course and you can skip it or turn it off. Distances to hazards is great not to mention to the green, etc. I really like that there is no additional fees unless you just want to buy the "fly-overs" and the other enhanced features.

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Created: 01/09/11

Take Your game to the next level........

Hey, you want to get the exact yards to the hazard or that tight sunday club pin placement? This is a item you must have. If you find one for the right price (either a new one or factory reconditioned one). You will not be dissapointed. No more guessing, no more holding up due to the conditions hindering your laser. No fees, unless you want to use some of the premium features it has. However you can have a great time right out of the box and a quick trip to your computer. It works with a PC or Mac. Very clean, however it take a min or two to load up so turn it on when you get your bag out of the car. If you want to add that security and take out the second guessing on the yardage decisions give this a try. Even if you don't like once you buddies see it in use one of them should be willing to give you some cash for it. So it is a win win. Which is alway good to hear on the course.

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Created: 04/10/11

Excellent Golf GPS!

I've had a different Golf GPS that worked pretty good but it used regular batteries and had a monochrome screen and $30/year. The Callaway uPro golf gps was available for a very attractive price with a money back guarantee.

It is outstanding! Color screen, rechargable battery, and an automatic battery save mode which turns the screen off after a programmable time. And best of all, no yearly fees!

From out of the box to the golf course was very easy. You will cut strokes by knowing the exact yardage and choosing the right club.

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Created: 03/03/11

This Thing is Awesome!!

I'm an average golfer who always wanted to know my approximate distance to the green on every fairway shot... Long gone are the days of searching for sprinkler heads!

I have walked off distances from sprinkler heads and compared the data to distances on my Upro... sure enough, the Upro was dead accurate.

My favorite advantage to having the Upro is for when I shank a shot completely off the intended path and onto another hole's fairway. I can get the distance to the green no matter when I am standing on the course.

Only complaint... It doesn't tell me how to aim my puts

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Created: 12/20/10

Callaway UPro,

Great Battery Life . I have only used the unit 3 times,but battery life appears to be very good. I used it the other day for 27 holes using the pro mode. No problem. My friend's One year old Sky Caddy died after 14 holes. It had been freshly charged. I really like the feature that once you download a course you have it forever. You don't have to pay each year. I know the other main competitor states that the callaway's info is not gotten by someone walking the couse so its not as accurate, but the numbers my unit read next to my friend excellent SkyCaddy were never different by more than 2- 3 yards. . So far very happy. I follow up after using unit abit more.


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Created: 02/02/11

Great Receiver

I really like this Golf GPS unit. It has the fly over that alot of units no do have. I also liked the price compared to the others. It is also small enough to put in your pocket and still play the game. Overall a great buy!

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