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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  (Xbox 36...
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Created: 03/12/12

Modern Fantasy 3, really unrealistic,worst COD yet,SAVE your Money!!!

No, I would not recommend this product.

I have played every CoD & some BF games so I can tell you I'm not biased.This game a 2 or a 3 star game, not a 1 or a 5.I expected MW3 to be better than Black ops was, & to be even better than MW2 was.It turns out I tried every mode,& it turns out it is possible for a COD to be worse than black ops.
Single Player:
The single player is by far the worst in a call of duty so far,it is not interesting, & the story makes little sense.It starts off with a continuation of the war between the US and Russia in New York.The first level is just you moving around NY killing Russians. There are many stupid scenes in this mission like when I tried to destroy a Hind with the XM25 I found & words popped up saying weapons can't kill vehicles.Later in that mission you get on a mini gun in a black hawk being chased by Hinds,on this mini gun somehow you easily destroy like 4 attack helicopters.Also in the first 2 missions the amount of Russian ships clogging up the harbor made little sense.Later in the game you end up on the Russian president's jet to protect him from makarov, it turns out somehow a bunch of makarov's men were stowawayed on the plane,ends up that makarov finds him & then threatens the presidents daughter if he doesn't continue the war after they somehow survived a plane crash unscathed. This is incredibly unrealistic,no president would want a devastating & costly war just so his daughter could live. Afterwards we go to Africa, in a location very similar to Brazil in MW2. It seems for whatever reason in this game they tried to make it controversial or something because there is a part where you snap a dog's neck and brutal shoot it multiple times,in another scene price brutally interrogates a guy by setting off poisonous gas,then gives him a breathing mask after getting the info and then brutally shoots him,then of course the little girl gas bombing home video,Makarov getting hanged in the end seemed too dramatic and unnecessary. The other stupid part of the game is how it seems like they tried too hard to make it WW3,by going to Africa,England,Germany,France,​Siberia,and the middle east;yet there seemed to be little involvement with other countries apparently involved in the war other than the US,Russia,and the UK.There were several inconsistencies that made it seem more of a modern fantasy, Russians having vehicles from the cold war, heavily armored juggernauts immune to bullets,an unnecessary amount of slow-mo scenes,& several circumstances where it seems like you will die,but by some miracle you live.
Survival Mode
Its a fun addition but was ruined with the addition of suicide bombers & dogs strapped with C4.
The multiplayer is hardly different from MW2.The engine,graphics,audio,mechanic​s,are pretty much identical. 26 guns are back from the others MWs.They included proficiencies which are pretty much perks for guns which doesn't make sense.They don't physically add anything to the gun which makes no sense when it changes something like the kick or power of a gun.The grenades are pretty much same except the doesn't exist trophy system.They got rid of some bad perks,but added ones like Quick draw for quickscoping,hardline pro which means 2 assist=1 kill.Stupid deathstreaks like juiced,dead man's hand. Kill confirmed makes 0 sense also, that your kills don't count unless u pick up the red & gold floating dog tags.The infected mode has no zombies just people with knifes,and juggernaunt.Overall the game isn't worth the time or $.

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Created: 02/08/12

Call of Duty MW 2.5...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Once again Infinity Ward releases another substantial work to the CoD franchise. Unfortunately it really is not so much as near as new, yet it is the "stunning" conclusion to the story that spanned three games, and I have to give the campaign credit for innovation and action, though a little too short even on "Veteran". Multiplayer on the otherhand still has a semblance to the previous title albeit with new game modes, features, if you would not call most of that new content a waste of chaff. The online gameplay will keep you busy for a good amount of time for the purpose of replay value, despite some flaws in spawning and overpowered weapon combinations and useless customizations.

MW3 is still worth getting whether new to the FPS genre or a returning player. Unless you are the latter don't expect too much from it.

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Created: 11/04/11

all of the CoD MP's have been entertaining, form your own opinion about it

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

First off just wanna say not a die hard fanboy, am a general FPS player that has taken a liking to CoD's MP. For all you ppl complaining that it's the same thing as MW2 or the story sucks, all I have to say is this...IT'S AN FPS, if you want a intriguing deep story go play an RPG, or 3rd person shooter. FPS's in general are mainly made for one thing now days and that's MP since online gaming has skyrocketed since the release of xbox live. Granted you still get those decent SP stories the main focus is MP without a doubt though in the main stream shooter's mind.

And if you like the MP of any of the CoD games done by IW then you'll like this one. You can flame all you want that it's the same MP as MW2, but when you look at it all the CoD's MP is the same just diff guns and maps (with the addition of perks in MW1, maybe some updated graphics along the line but I'd rather have them skimp on graphics (slightly) and have smooth gameplay at 60 fps, ya not over the top excited about it, but am interested to see what's new in this one's MP. Anywho that's just my opinion when I see all these idiotic reviews about story and no change in MP.

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Created: 08/13/13

No risks taken, no money given.

No, I would not recommend this product.

The game series that just don't want to take any risks. Sure is Call of Duty the best selling franchise, but overall, sells don't make a good game. The same recipe overuse over and over and almost to none innovation. I bought it used for 15$ and I'm pretty satisfied about paying that price for a Call of Duty. It doesn't worth 60$/years, no matter which episode. Count in it some 12 years old crybabies online, some raging ''MLGs'', uncalibrated weapons and lagging servers and you've got one of the worst Online experience ever... But you can find your fun by trolling people of just sit back and play for fun. Not for competition. There is no skills in aim assist.

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Created: 05/02/12

There are others, buy used

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Only buy the used game.
There are shooting games much better in market. I personally don't think that I would have paid the full sixty dollars on release for it, but I managed to get it at a good price on eBay so I am happy.

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Created: 04/02/12

Not like Black Ops, big learning curve. Buy used and watch your temper. Ha!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Infinity Ward has put together something for everyone in the latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warefare 3. The Campaign is action-packed and stunning, transporting you by air, sea and land to save the world once again! The story however, is unimaginative and the Campaign mode relatively short. Hardened and Veterin settings add challenge and replay value.
MW3 is unlike Black Ops in many ways (repeat this as a mantra); you'll have to retool your strategy and gameplay. All-new, expansive multiplayer maps, new weapons, perks and powerful Killstreak rewards are overwhelming. Read the manual, watch YouTube videos and play, play, play. The Pros are that it's a visually amazing game, loads of features and varying game modes. However, the Cons are quite weighty, with too powerful launchers, Killstreak rewards, Deathstreak rewards, and players who are just too good to be true. Perhaps the most interesting and rewarding aspect of the game is Spec Ops mode, which allows you to co-op with a friend or a random Live player to complete various Missions or Survive waves of enemy soldiers. It's a great way to get to know other players and party up for the multiplayer battlefield later (or other games). Overall, I'm having fun with MW3, but Multiplayer mode is overzealous and not nearly as thoughtfully executed as MW2 or Black Ops. I applaud their effort and think they'll get it right next time.

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Created: 03/15/12

If you haven't gotten this game yet.... then don't

No, I would not recommend this product.

Here's the bottom line. I had REALLY high expectations for this game. The problem is is that this is too much like MW2. I'm not gonna be a little CoD fanboy and say every game is great. That's because most of them aren't. Let's start with multiplayer. When I started playing the frame rate was SOOO crappy. This was not due to lag for we had perfect connection. Infinity Ward fixed this but I think they should have prevented this anyways. Survival was pretty fun.... at first. Survival didn't really have anything. It was like playing combat training with rounds. The one good thing about this game is that the sniping was fixed. Honestly, in Black Ops sniping sucked. Everything else was fine to me though. The problem is that MW3 doesn't have one problem they have NUMEROUS. I played this game for about 2 hours and I switched back to Black Ops. You're wondering why I didn't sell it aren't you? I don't think it is necessary. This game is not a Must-Get but it also isn't a Must-Throw. This game is decent if you want to play private matches with your friends. Other then that I would stick with Black Ops or MW2. You can listen to my review or you can choose not to. Your decision, your life, your money. But, I just want to warn you. This is not worth $50. If you really want to try it rent it from RedBox first or if you want to own it wait a year. I am now waiting for the next installment in the CoD series. I hope it is better then this. Thanks for reading!

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Created: 02/14/12

Dull But still pretty good.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Got it because it was cheap and My Friends play.
Not much to say, Same ol Call of Duty.
Still a Good Game

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Created: 01/20/14

if story is your thing, under 20 its worth it. mp was underwhelming for me

No, I would not recommend this product.

more of the same, lots of overpowered weapons and very cluttered maps with lots of cornercampers.

story was ok, nice to see the story come to a close if you played 1 and 2

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Created: 01/31/12

Modern Warfare 2.5

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this game when it first came out because I had liked all the other CoD's I had played before so I thought this one would be really good to. I was dissapointed in this game unfortunately. This game is pretty much the exact same game as MW2(from a multi player point of view). The only difference is a few new game modes and some new guns. The Story Mode is decent and provides you with more achievements but over all its just MW 2.5. Over all it's a good game but they could have done A LOT better. I would only reccomend getting this game if you can get it cheaper than $45.00 and truely enjoy Modern Warfare.

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