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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  (Xbox 36...
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Created: 07/01/11

The epic saga of call of duty 4!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

The modern warfare franchise is mainly thanks to Infinity Ward.Since Infinity Ward's first appearance with Call Of Duty 4,it's been a huge hit. When Modern Warfare 2 was released, gamers were exploding with excitment.

The campaign of this game is overly exciting.It does have over-powered guns, but that doesn't make this game bad. The campaign isnt to long or to short. It should probably take an average of 7-11 days to complete for regular average gamers.

The multiplayer is the big hit in Modern Warfare 2. It has good graphics which are better then Black Ops graphics.Black ops did cut down the levels to 50 and modern warfare 2's levels are at 70, but it doesnt mean this game is bad.

Also Modern Warfare 2 has quickscoping unlike Black Ops.Quickscoping is a huge plus in Modern Warfare 2. quickscoping is right when your about to look through your scope you fire.Black Ops made it so you can't.Lots of gamers were dissapointed with Black Ops banning quickscopes.

Modern Warafre 2 Doesnt feature Zombie mode but has a Special Ops feature.Special Ops are side missions that you can complete solo,split screen, or online with a friend.Missions dont connect with the storyline. Each mission has a total of 3 stars you can earn.How you earn them depends on the mission you play.Example...If the mission your playing is a racing one,the stars will be depended on how fast you completed the mission.

Special Ops...7/10
Overrall rating...9/10

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Created: 02/14/10

Good but Disappointing.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

I honestly believe that Infinity Ward could have done so much better with this game than they did. They took out some key features of Call of Duty 4 that made it great. An example of this is that the classes on multiplayer are unbalanced. If you are familiar with Call of Duty 4 then you know that you can't have stopping power, sleight of hand, and double tap in the same class. You would have to choose between the benefits but in MW2 you can have them all. Another annoying feature is the riot shield. This was a good idea in campaign but it shouldn't have carried to multiplayer. There are many faults in this game but the biggest disappointment of all is the fact that you are required to be in game chat in a majority of the games. This is very annoying because you have to listen to everyone and when it comes to 8-18 people in a game this is extremely hard to cope with. There are also many scams with some players online. There is a hack on the xbox 360 that allows you to boost accounts up to 10th prestige. Most of the people who claim to do this are going to want some form of payment. I suggest you do research on how it works before you trust them with your money. Infinity Ward needs to take some key elements of this game back to the drawing board. I personally like the game but multiplayer was the biggest let down. Call of Duty World at War was better and that is a shame.

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Created: 12/11/09

to be honest: kind of a let down from COD4

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

Don't get me wrong this game is still awesome in its own right. But anyone who's anyone is going to compare this with COD4:MW in a review of this game.

The story is a little less objective and more setting it up for a third sequel (I hate that).

I think the biggest let down of the game is how much more challenging multiplayer is. It's harder to memorize the maps, the customization is very very deep (too much so for me)...
maybe its just because there are more of the Halo 3 geeks coming over to play MW2 now that the Call of Duty franchise is so popular. Maybe they'll stop playing once Halo 4 comes out. Coming from a fan who bought Call of Duty 1 (PC) on the first week of release, I truly say that I long for those days on the European theater.

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Created: 03/10/10

Modern Warfare 2

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

We got in hands of one of the best first person shooters around today. If you are looking for a good Xbox 360 game. This is definitely something that you should consider picking up. Best parts of this game is that multiplayer is huge and their is a lot of people who play this game. We think that people should already have this game. Their could be some things that could have been changed but overall the game was good.
Campaign: A- Great campaign missed some minor parts out. Great campaign out of the Call of Dutys
Spec Ops- B This isn't as great as I thought it would. Not fun when you play alone. Need your friends to come over or get someone from Xbox Live
Multiplayer- A Solid, great and nice way to spend your free time.
Lacks Co-op campaign and some nazi zombies from Call of Duty: World at War would have just made this game a true masterpiece.

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Created: 09/09/10

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Review by KNjVEZ

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

Call of Duty: Modern Warare 2 Review

Campaign: There is a word I hear more often than not when talking to fellow gamers about Modern Warfare 2s campaign. While it may seem ignorant and somewhat missplaced with the ever growing arsenal of teched-out super weapons, I feel the campaign can be summed up with this one word: Chaos! Die-hard fans of the previous Duty installment find themselves hard-pressed to call their actions tactical in this sequel. That is not to say action its not welcome. However, a touch of the 'tone down sitck' seems more than neccesary. Infinity Ward seems to have attempted to go too big, too fast. Never a dull moment, as you're dodging fire from endles hoards of enemies weilding the 'die for the cause' AI. (That's regardless of the difficulty you choose, mind you.) That in mind, I still found myself in awe of my surroundings (when I had time to look at them). There is a definite Red Dawn approach for one chapter of game, which really gives you the 'wow!' factor. And lets not forget the mission that is actually so graphic and controversial that I was asked if I wanted to play it. Really, though, this all just ties more into what im talking about with the "too big, too fast". All in all, I felt that IW delivered the best they could. From a technology stand point, I mean this quite literaly, we have World of Warcraft's Blizzard to thank for a lot of it. Though I'm not quite sold on it being the dream team it should be, but that's for another review I suppose. Campaign Rating: * Story - 7/10 (A lot of stretches were made and crafted together with seemingly little care. Also a bit to short, clocking in at around 6hours.) * Characters - 5/10 (You won't remember to many names, if any.) * Mission Flow - 7/10 (Much room for improvement on the multiple character view points you take on.) * Graphics/Details - 10/10 (Beautiful and seemingly flawless!) * Replayability - 8/10 (Most missions are based on a lot of luck. You won't want to revisit that gamble very often.) * Overall - 7.5/10 (Solid game, but room for improvement?)

Special Ops: In all honesty, I have not played all of the Spec Ops. This is simply because of the lack of online player matching leaving me without a teamate more often than not. This feature in no way challenges the infamous Nazi Zombies of Call of Duty World at War. While a ton of effort was thrown in to this addition, I can't help but feel it was wasted space. The question I ask myself is if this feature had online random player matching, would I enjoy it? The answer I have fallen on is simply no. Irrating is a good word to discribe Spec Ops. Plan on hitting that replay mission button A LOT. And with most of the levels being mirrors of campaign levels, it gets old fast. So what is good about Spec Ops? Snowmobile Racing. Spec Ops Rating: * Replay Value: 5/10 * Overall: 4/10

I will not go in to detail here as CoD online has always been great. This installment is no different, accept that theres so much more depth. Modding and hacking has ruined a lot of the fun, but it isn't a constant problem. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say go out an play it yourself. I'm sitting at 12 days played (that should tell you I enjoy it).
* Overall rating of 8/10

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Created: 08/14/10

Great Game off line -- TOO MANY CHEATS ON LINE

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

It's a GREAT GAME with lots of action until you take it to Xbox Live. Then you have to deal with every Cheat and Hacker in the world which totally ruins the game. There are tens of thousands of idiots with cheats like "aimbots" which allow them to make perfect shots every time. Then you have the enhanced controllers sold on eBay and elsewhere that allows them to shoot faster, run faster, jump higher, and can even "lag or slow-down" the game to give them a few seconds of invincibility or nearly impossible to hit. Then you have sellers on Xbox selling cheats called "infection" that allow them to "see through walls", follow your gamer tag every where you go, light you up in a red box no matter how concealed you are and then has a pointing laser which means they only have to point close and shoot and not really aim. The latest is a NO SCOPE - QUICK scope cheat that allows them to shoot several targets no matter the spacing without ever adjusting their weapons as it auto jumps from one to the next. Finally we have stealth programs that allow them to appear and disappear a few feet from you and a commando cheat that allows them to knife you halfway across the map.

If you want to play it on disc --- GREAT --- take it live and you will quickly be disgusted by the cheaters that ruin the game.

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Created: 02/02/10

What An Experience

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

Now I will admit, I was not a hardcore Call of Duty fan. I've played a few of the games here and there, but I never went out of my way to purchase one of these games. It wasn't something I would get excited for, or even *gasp* wait until 1 in the morning at a Gamstop in the freezing cold to get.

This particular one however, caught my eye. From the first trailer, and with prior knowledge of Modern Warfare 1 still in my mind, I thought, eh why not. So I reserved it, and ironically, waitied outside Gamestop until 1 in the morning waiting for my copy. When I finally got to play it (the next day) I don't think I ever lost the "wow" emotion for one second.

First, the second you turn this game on, you are greeted with an option to completely skip a level in the game. I thought this was crazy, partly because I have NEVER seen this before in a video game. But I denied the request, and later in the main campaign that mission came up, and let me say, there is a reason that the option is there. Nuff said. SO parents, be mindful.

The gameplay never lets up, its nonstop action the whole time. Its like a very well financed action flick, with the typical explosions, "cliff-hangers", and gun fights. Its just something you HAVE to experience, if only once. With the different difficulty options, everyone can find a nitch. The graphics are top notch. I've even had friends say they don't like this game because its "too real" and they dont like that. I think its amazing, but hey thats just my opinion.

The Spec-ops mode was a personal high point of mine. Me and a friend of mine had ALOT of fun with this mode, especially trying to beat all the levels on the higher difficulties. Some of them are pretty brutal and had to be redone over and over. I'm not big on the multiplayer aspect, but I did try it, and from what I've tried, its pretty addictive, so no worries there.

In closing, is this the ABSOLUTE GREATEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED?!?! No. Not a chance. Is it a top notch shooter and one of the best action games out today? Absolutely. Infinity Ward spent their time on this one, and it shows. It BEGS to be tried, so don't wait. HOWEVER, I must stress that if you intend to just completely ignore the online multiplayer aspect, I would just rent it, or borrow. The story mode, as good as it is, does not take THAT long, so a full purchase is not a justifiable option for you. Otherwise, like I said go for it. Its well deserving of your hard earned cash.

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Created: 01/30/10

Good things are good.

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

All my friends played this game all the time, so I figured I'd try it out. Now I'm hooked. There's three different game modes, each of which are very fun, so it's near impossible to get bored with it. The online multiplayer mode is the best. A few things I don't like: no splitscreen mode for online multiplayer, gameplay is slightly repetitive, and there needs to be more maps available. A few perks: neat "perks" feature, enabling your character to have certain skills that other players may or may not have, and all your save data is linked to your gamertag, so if you want to play at your friend's house, you don't need a memory card or anything.

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Created: 01/01/12

I still play this game, And I would recommend this to any new commer

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

At the peak of it's time it was the "best" First Person Shooter (FPS) out on the market, most anticipated game of the year. And for the most part it didn't let anyone down, as with any game it has it's flaws, but even with those imperfections thousands of people still play this game 3 years later.

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Created: 03/06/11

The game that stole me away from Halo

Review For: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, 2009)

It's a fun game that I played since the release date. The only game that has ever fully taken my time away from the Halo series. The campaign is alright, but the multiplayer is where it's at. Although riddled with design oversights that exploit features of the game to an annoyance, these features can be fun when used by yourself. If you have a decent connection and a need for fun, play the game that is enjoyed by many still today.

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