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Call of Duty 2  (PC, 2005)
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Created: 02/24/06

Call of Duty 2 PC "Keep your head Down!"

With so many War World II game titles out on the market today you would think that most people had enough them. Especially the bad ones that so often sneack in on their quest to take a piggy back ride on a good title. Lucky for us all Call of Duty 2 isn't one of thos and frankly very far from it. One chaotic battle after another make this game hard to place down. Call of Duty 2 stays a bit true to the first call of duty with Campaign strures as you can Russian, British and Americann grunts. What's I like about this single player is that it doen't feel like your alone. It's is squad base and you have people fighting by you when you clear a building or bunker out. Some time it reminds me a bit of Repulic Commando. In CoD2 it is usally you nd your squad job to repel invasion or lead an attack again impossible odds unitil reenforcement comes. Not a big fan of the linear path CoD2 take as it leads you along, I would kind like to a explore a little on my own. But the movie type clips help as the story unfolds before you. But lets face it, it would be CoD2 with out movies in it. Changing campaigns in games at will in game is nice. If you finished one russian stage, then you can switch to a Britch stage.
Weapons in CoD2 are really nice. It;s is usually pointless to run around shoting. You usaaly miss any way. Alot different then Half Life or Conter Strike. Best tatics are to stop aim and take cover. When enemies take cover or hide in a fox hole it is time to flush them out with a few gernades. Also when you see the green grnade insictor light up it is usally a clue you have to run and really fast. Blue blazes!! Why did they take my health bar and armor away from me. CoD2 is using this new system to tell when oyur talking damage that makes your screen go a bit transparent as you get hit and then turns complete bloody when you are close to death,. Starting to breath heavy is a bad sign. Hopeful the screen being splaterd wit the red vission of blood gave you the firs clue. This isn;t at all an unrealistic aproach . I would think that a unrealistic approach would be the health packs and armor packs scattered over the battle feild. Retreat when you need to recover, just like in Halo.
Play with the AI is fun, however they are limited and do not do all the work for you. CoD2 graphic are great and over all eye candy and you will be amazed at ever turn. This game will quick turn in to a classic.

CoD2Mutiplayer hasn't really changed much. They added free for all deathmatch. Mutiplaye is team based: team DM, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and Blah Blah blah. There are even a few good mods out for it now. "Headquarters"is one of them and it is an offical Mod.Your team tries to take control of a radio that spawns in at different points if the map. Your Job is basic to maintain controlas long as possible. Several Maps from the first Call of Duty have ported to CoD2 giving you a lot of what what work well in the first agme and dding on to it.
Call of Duty is a great game that will leave you hungry for battle or running and hiding form it. Some fights are so big that you may have to take a break evenn if you don't want to. Basicly the developers are sticking with what is working for them here while at the same time sill taking steo ahead in the right direction. I would have to give this game an A+. The game screams buy me and pay me.

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