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Bullitt (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)
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Created: 07/07/08

Gritty, fast-paced story with a must-see car chase

Steve McQueen plays a hard-nosed detective in this tale about the routine protection of a star witness that turns out to be anything but routine when the witness is brutally murdered in a cheap hotel. Jacqueline Bisset plays McQueen's girlfriend in a substory. What follows is a gritty, fast-paced pursuit of the killers with plot twists. Bullit has an authentic, stoic feel - many scenes are filmed on location in San Francisco including a real hospital with real doctors and nurses playing roles.

But what really stands out in this film (for this writer at least} is the car chase between Bullit (McQueen) in a souped-up Mustang and the killers, in what appears to be a big-block Olds. Unlike most formulaic Hollywood car chases using stunt drivers, McQueen does some of the driving himself, ranging from hilly, downtown San Francisco streets to twisty-turny roadways. McQueen's skill as a driver shows as he manoeuvers the high-powered car. The sound and camera work are very good; you can hear McQueen double-clutch and 'burn rubber' as he shifts gears. You will find yourself gripping the couch arms as the cars fly and skid up to 100 mph!

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Created: 06/24/08


Dads favorite movie of all times. fathers days.Mustang race best ever great effects. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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Created: 05/07/07

classic car

A classic film with a must see car chase. A mandatory film for the muscle car buff. The story is a bit complicated, not very fluid a bit hard to follow, but the chase makes it worh watching.

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Created: 10/19/06

Good car chase movie.

This movie was not as good as I had heard, though it was still a good movie. I feel it had been recommended with exaggerated praise. I good car movie and a decent detective film as well. I do not regret purchasing this movie.

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Created: 03/08/09

Blulray DVD Review

Review For: Bullitt (Blu-ray Disc, 2007)

Bullitt is an old move (circa 1970). I learned from getting this DVD that old movies look the same on Bluray as they do on regular DVD. The old film does not translate to high definition as well as new movies. So if you are looking for a better playing movie by buying an old film I would say save the money and go with a standard DVD player with High Def. upload to HDMI cable and 1080.

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Created: 10/01/14

Great flick! Well written, well acted out! Enjoyed seeing a................

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great flick! Well written, well acted out! Enjoyed seeing a movie that was made to entertain in an adult fashion without hard sex and senseless violence. Yes, there is some blood and kissing, but nothing to hold a view point of too much or being used to cover for needed script content. The music score was fitting for the action of the movie. The actors were the right selection for the characters being played. Well done!

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