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Brutal Legend  (Xbox 360, 2009)
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Brutal L...Brutal L...Brutal L...Brutal L...

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Created: 09/14/10

Brutal Legend, You will enjoy this game!

This game is great. Really easy to play and the story is fun. Xbox 360 is a great platform to play this game on.

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Created: 06/12/10

Unexpectedly Awesome

I bought this game because I love metal and I was interested to see how it might be incorporated into a game. Normally I don't really like anything Jack Black does, but his performance in this game is really very good. The graphics are a bit last gen, but that's just the style of the game.

The soundtrack to this game is a fantastic compilation of several decades of different metal bands. The sound effects aren't bad, but they aren't terribly memorable either. The storyline is a bit loose, but it does become engaging, especially with the amazingly hot transformation of Ophelia. The combat itself is a bit one note (har har), however it's not just a button masher. There's a bit of an RTS aspect for some parts, which is going to turn some of you off, but it's not extremely limited, in fact it uses a pretty cool concept that you just have to roll with.

The game itself is pretty versatile and gives a few guest appearances to some of the gods of metal, I won't spoil who, but let's just say that round sunglasses and a British drawl should be expected. Overall, the game seems a bit unpolished because of its seemingly privately-funded nature, however it's definitely a game worth getting. The world is expansive and the secondary missions are pretty cool. If you know a fair amount about metal and the rock world, you'll definitely enjoy this game.

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Created: 03/11/13

I'm not a "gamer, but....

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

What an awesome game!! I'm not what you'd call "a gamer", but this game is forgiving of that in that when you keep failing to accomplish a task, if you keep trying, it'll eventually let you win and move on through to the next phase. One thing I didn't like is that there's a large number of places where the main character gets stuck and won't move,(my fault) I had to restart the level. Graphics and storyline are truely original and very cool. I'm an older guy, but I love this game! Some of the graphics in certain parts of the game freezes up for a second, that causes the game to freeze up for a second or two as well. I LOVE that '32 Ford hot rod that I can personalize and summon from anywhere. Good job on this one EA!! Yes, I'd definately recommend this game to my friends and family.

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Created: 01/08/11

fun game

My son downloaded the demo and I really didn't think it was that great. He had fun so I bought the game and got it for an amazing deal. It is pretty fun so I am glad I bought it, not all the way realistic but fun anyways. I would recommend this game since it can be purchased for a decent price.

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Created: 01/01/11

good game

Very fun game, ending was a little shaky but it allowed replay value too it. Great buy, especially for the price.

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Created: 03/25/10

Gotta Love Jack Black

I purchased this game because my daughter insisted. I found this game to be truly entertaining and just plain FUN! The story line is a hoot and you'll enjoy it! The dialog is a bit repetitive but that is very easily excusable. The story line is perfectly strange and keeps your interest. There are challenges so that you don't fly through in a day (which can be frustrating due to the cost of games). If you like Jack Black, Rock-n-Roll, mild violence and mild sexual undertones, this is the game for you. Buy it! Great condition without a scratch. Really like new!

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Created: 01/26/10

Great Game For Any Metal Head Gamer

Lots of fun to be had in this game, tons of collecting, exploring the rich world full of heavy metal references. Funny game! Don't expect a button mashing action game, this game relies heavily on a strategy gameplay.

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Created: 10/14/10

Overall good game

If you take Fable 2 and cross it with Evil Dead with a little GTA added in, you get this game. It plays the same way as the Fable games do, only you get a car to ride around in and help from your army of headbangers to aid you in battle. A very fun and entertaining game!

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Created: 12/06/10

Are you a metal?... this game is a MUST for you!

That's all... if you love the heavy metal.. and have a very good sense of humor.. you must to play this game...
This is not "excelent", cause is a little bit easy to play.

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Created: 02/21/12

Dude... at this price.. who could complain? Buy it.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I've had so much fun playing this game.
Not just from gameplay alone either. The soundtrack is sick as well. Kinda pulls it all together. I'd recommend it for purchase.

Especially being that most copies are under 10 bucks. Hard to beat that.

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