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Boogie Nights (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)
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Boogie N...Boogie N...Boogie N...

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Created: 12/14/06


Excellent set of DVDs. The movie, first of all, is one of the best disections of the history of making porn. It really plays on the early career of John Holmes. Burt Reynolds is at the top of his game. An ensemble cast of amazing talent, makes Mark Wahlberg shine like a new penny. He's not the most gifted of actors, but he has his moments, and truly the key was to surround him with such fantastic talent he would stand out as a rookie gone famous. It was a brilliant casting choice. Wahlberg really rises to the occasion. The Special Features make this set worth the price. If you liked, Amercian Beauty, Magnolia, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction... you will love this movie. By the way, a real stand out in this film by the way, is a very understated character played by Don Cheatle. He's so natural, you would think they had pulled him off the street.

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Created: 12/01/09

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is my favorite film of all time. Great ensemble cast, and the whole entire film flows together great. The ups and downs of the porn industry from the late 70's into the 80's is mixed well with the seperate lives of dirk diggler, reed rothchild, amber waves, etc. I recommend this film to everyone

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Created: 06/17/12

From the 70's to today

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Boogie Nights (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set)

Even if the notorious 1970s porn-filmmaking milieu doesn'texactly turn you on, don't let it turn you off to this movie's extraordinary virtues, either. Boogie Nights is one of the key movies of the 1990s, and among the most ambitious and exuberantly alive American movies in years. It's also the breakthrough for an amazing new director, whose dazzling kaleidoscopic style here recalls the Robert Altman of Nashville and the Martin Scorsese of GoodFellas. Although loosely based on the sleazy life and times of real-life porn legend John Holmes, at heart it's a classic Hollywood rise-and-fall fable: a naive, good-looking young busboy is discovered in a San Fernando Valley disco by a famous motion picture producer, becomes a hotshot movie star, lives the high life, and then loses everything when he gets too big for his britches, succumbs to insobriety, and is left behind by new times and new technology. Of course, it ain't exactly A Star Is Born or Singin' in the Rain. Writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson (in only his second feature!) puts his own affectionately sardonic twist on the old showbiz biopic formula: the ambitious upstart changes his name and achieves stardom in porno films as "Dirk Diggler." Instead of drinking to excess, he snorts cocaine (the classic drug of '70s hedonism); and it's the coming of home video (rather than talkies) that helps to dash his big-screen dreams. As for the britches ... well, the controversial "money shot" explains everything. And the cast is one of the great ensembles of the '90s, including Oscar nominees Burt Reynolds and Julianne Moore, Mark Wahlberg (who really can act--from the waist up, too!), Heather Graham (as Rollergirl), William H. Macy, John C. Reilly, and Ricky Jay

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Created: 03/27/11

Dirk Diggler is da man

A character with the name of Dirk Diggler, how can you go wrong. Mark Walhburg should have received an oscar for his performance of a young teen introduced into the infant stages of the porn industry back in the 70's complete with all it's crazy wannabe famous porn stars. Great supporting cast, a movie that accurately reflects the porn industry back in the 70's, highly recommended.

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Created: 09/07/10

Boogie Nights

This film has a boatload of stars in it. The acting is so so but it's fun to see Philip Seymore Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Heather Graham, John C. Reilly, Burt Reynolds, William H. Macy and Tom Jane in their earlier years. Not a classic but worth seeing.

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Created: 09/21/06


Absolutely not recommended for children - and possibly teens! This particular DVD is the 1998 issue of "Boogie Nights". It definately captures the "spirit" of the 70s. It's quite an unusual story and definately not mainstream but entertaining if you're quite open-minded. If you want to discuss the 70s, this film will come up in conversation. Heather Graham was made a star from her roll as Rollergirl in this film. A "must see" for Heather films.

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Created: 02/11/07

Boogie Nights

One of my ten favorite films, even if I have a few small issues with the narrative. (That a lot of it seems like a big exposition, after it should be finished) But it’s such an exuberant and just plain fun film I easily forgive that (and Anderson’s rather boring, obscenity-strewn commentary track). What I love most about this film is how I rarely saw the characters as pornographers… they were just one big family of lost souls, complete with a mother and father. Anderson describes the way Reynolds walks in the final scene as “patriachal”... one of the finest movies I have seen in terms of it’s flawlessly written dialogue, sharp charcterizations, sexy sets, emotional power, humor, you-name-it-this-film-has-it. Gives a rush, just watching it.

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Created: 07/29/06


Great movie. Wonderful cast. Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds and Heather Graham. Although its not a movie a little kid should watch. I think its a great movie. Its one of Mark Wahlberg bests.
You have to see it to believe it!!!

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Created: 02/04/10

Best Porn Drama

A great 70's period film that has always been able to separate itself from normality. The idea to make a semi-biopic of John Holmes is just too priceless. The acting is above and beyond what anyone might expect. The idea that it is a comedy, but also a great dramatic piece is what makes it unique. The story has such a great atmosphere and powerful message that you can't help but love the characters. Paul Thomas Anderson delivers an epic that won't soon be forgotten.

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Created: 10/16/11

A Great Expose of the Porn Industry With A Great Ensemble Cast

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

In 2011, this 1997 movie is great because its cast includes many actors who have gone on to bigger careers. The story itself is sad, but I believe that it is accurate about the beginnings of the porn inudustry in the 1970s and 1980s. The movie depicts mainly uneducated actors who were willing to make some money for producers, who made the big dollars out of it. And because they had a little money, most of them blew it on fancy cars, drugs, and clothes.

Mark Wahlberg in a great beginning role for him plays Eddie Adams, who becomes Dirk Diggler. He is discovered as a bus boy in a night club. And he gets discovered because of his large endowment. The story mainly concentrates on him as he goes from an unhappy home to an award winning porn star back to nothing and then to a new beginning. I'll leave it to the viewer to discover why this happens, as this is the real plot of the movie.

Burt Reynolds plays Jack Horner, the director and father of the group. He owns the house where they all live and makes the decisions about how the movies will be made. But in the end, he gets desperate and is even willing to produce a 1980s version of reality TV.

Julianne Moore plays Amber Waves, who becomes the girlfriend of Jack Horner and is the reigning female porn star. She is also a mother who has left her husband and child to live this life. She regrets it at times, but it doesn't stop her from becoming involved with Dirk.

Heather Graham plays Rollergirl, an up and coming female porn star, who never takes off her roller skates. This was a breakthrough role for her, and many see her as the star of this movie.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Scotty J, a wannabe porn star, who ends up working on the production crew and becomes infatuated with Dirk.

John C. Reilly (later in the movie Chicago) plays Reed Rothchild, another male porn star, who becomes Dirk's loyal friend and suffers along with him when Dirk has a downfall.

William H. Macy plays a producer of the porn movies and has a terrifically sad home life.

Don Cheadle plays Buck Swope, who handles the music for the porn movies, but all that he really wants to do is open a music store all his own.

This movie is replete with music from the disco era: You Got the Best of My Love, Boogie Shoes, Mama Told Me Not to Come, and more. You can enjoy the music on the Special Features DVD that comes with this lavish DVD set of 2 discs.

I was not impressed very much with the special features DVD, which shows some deleted scenes, the cast and crew, and the music listed above.

This movie was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Burt Reynolds), Best Supporting Actress (Julianne Moore), and Best Writing (Paul T. Anderson).

If you are interested in how the porn industry got started and in the origins of these actors, you will enjoy this movie. It has a well-written plot of how some rich producers became richer through using ordinary people, who did not understand how to handle their fleeting fame.

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