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Blood Alley/The Sea Chase (DVD, 2006, 2-...
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Created: 08/23/09

Blood Alley/The Sea Chase

Blood Alley is about a swaggering seaman named Tom Wilder (John Wayne)
that comes to the rescue of Chinese villagers seeking to escape the
rule of communism. Persuaded by a missionary s daughter (Laure Bacall)
to undertake the task, the Duke reluctantly agrees to transport the
group-on a old paddle steamer-through the hazardous Formosa Straits to
safe harbor in Hong Kong. On a journey marked by peril they fight to prevail
over communist forces they encounter. The Second movie is THE SEA CHASE, it
revolves around fiercely nationalistic but anti Nazi German sea captain
Karl Erlich (John Wayne) that mans the helm of a decrepit freighter
pursued by the British navy in WWII. Adding to the Dukes problems are
an additional number of problems such as violent storms, shark attacks,
short supplies and a mutinous crew-all of which are working to prevent
him from reaching his homeland. Lana Turner stars as a German spy in
this seafaring tale. You get both movies in the double pack sold on
ebay-both classics play well-and will more than fill a nights entertainment
for lovers of WWII action, or just classic movies as a whole. This is
certainly a must for collectors of John Wayne movies also, as these are
two of his best.

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Created: 04/05/08

the ONLY way out of China is Blood Alley~ John Wayne ~

Dated but great adventure and John Wayne at his peak~ on an island in the interior of China now Red Chinese influence a Prisoner is allowed to escape his Communist captors but why? Big John Wayne is a Captain and plotters bribe his communist guard and he is sent to hiding so beings a massive escape plan~ how do you get hundreds of people including himself and lovely Lauren Bacall (doctor's daughter) caught up in the escape plan. They simply steal a paddle wheel steam boat....and steam away the 300 miles on "Blood Alley" the river to freedom to Hong Kong~ (then under British Control and freedom) with the CHINESE NAVY HOT ON THEIR TRAILS~ along the way we see the carefully planned plot go step by step~ toss in Wayne who talks to himself and has an imaginary girl called "baby" that kept him from going insane while in prison~ GREAT story~ fantastic escape plan and movie~ ADD to the thriller ending~ I give this one a solid 10 out of 10 for pure adventure and John Wayne epic~

the Sea Chase~ John Wayne and his German Crew is trying to get back to germany at the start of WW2 hot on their trail is the English. ADD Lana Turner whose is a reluctant passenger on the boat complete with bleach blond hair and el marko black eye brows~ and never a hair out of place~ she looks like she just stepped out of a beauty shop in every shot~(CAN YA TELL I am NOT a Lana Turner fan? nah~ oh YES I will mention her diamond jewelry and fur coat~ YES SHE HAS THEM ALONG TOO~ HA~ ) LOL but back to Wayne is very good as a Captain with morals but his NASTY underling adds to his problem when he kills some prisoners and now the English want Wayne and his crew for the crime~ very good I give this one a solid 7 out of 10~


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Created: 04/07/10

blood alley

I saw this movie when it first came out and loved it. After many years I made my own pilgrimage to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and was amazed at how much it was like the movie. Now, seeing the movie again, I have the urge to return to "Blood Alley" again.
This is a must see for John Wayne fans.

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Created: 03/09/09

Blood Alley

I love this movie. I have watched this many times. It is typical of this era in movies which makes it so grand. Also this is not the normal movie for John Wayne so I think this makes it stand out even more. I would recommend this to old time movie goer.

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Created: 07/06/11

A great collection of John Wayne favorites.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Both movies are excellent watching material with good story lines. Having them as a dual pac is an incredible value. I bought this dvd set because I am building a John Wayne library and needed these two to fill in part of the gap. This dvd 2-disc set was very reasonably priced (and cheaper that buying the two movies separately.

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Created: 05/27/09

blood alley/ the sea chase

blood alley is one of my husband favorite john waynes movie he is a john wayne fan he has almost all of his films on dvd.

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Created: 07/03/08

Blood Alley/Sea Chase

John Wayne classic! The disc color and quality was very good. I bought these together in a set for an on sale price.

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Created: 08/07/06

These are good John Wayne movie that are hard to find

The quality was good. I am a John Wayne fan and collect his movies. This was a good price for the product. Anyone who is a fan will enjoy these movies.

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