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BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Created: 04/04/11

Excellent phone for the cost, although a bit outdated

Review For: BlackBerry Torch 9800 - 4GB - Black (Virgin Mobile (CA)) Smartphone

The Curve series phones all look similar, the 8530 is most closely related to the 8330. It has more memory, newer operating system support, and a touch trackpad instead of ball like the 8330. Virgin's plans ($25 + $10 for BIS/BES Blackberry service) are the cheapest for Blackberry handsets to my knowledge. I like how replacement parts are easily found on eBay for the housing, etc.

The phone functions well for everything I try doing. It runs multiple apps without slowing down much, and it has tools like spreadsheet, word, and powerpoint to go. They are immensely helpful for those in any business field. If you just want a toy it's not as flashy as others and the $10 for BIS/BES a month might not be worth it to you.

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is a great messenger service and lightyears ahead of SMS texting, but you must consider that the people you wish to contact also have BBM. Wifi connection is a huge plus. Call reception and clarity is outstanding compared to many phones I've used. It also has plenty of security tools for users.

Overall, I'd say don't buy a Blackberry if you're not too tech savvy and require very simple operation. If you love technology and enjoy tweaking and modifying themes and advanced settings there is no better handset than a Blackberry. They support free tools for users to create their own apps and themes. RIM Blackberries also have many incredible features that sadly most consumers cannot easily tap into. You can also browse the web to find helpful forums and/or tutorials to help you do just about anything with these handsets.

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Created: 01/07/11

Excellent phone, highly recommended product

It is an excellent phone – OS6 is definitely change for BlackBerry (BB) – excellent user friendly features making it depart from spartan design of the past and getting it much closer to the likes of iPhone and/or those with HTC’s sense... Still, it kept most of the great communication features of BB’s of the past, as well as the fantastic BB keyboard. Good thing is that visual enhancements haven’t taken away that feeling of snappy response on command as it was before. Many of the features usable even on networks without BB data plan.
Still, the desire to have both, the large touch screen and to keep the keyboard has brought in some unwanted side effects. The phone is now much thicker than any other BB model and feels much heavier. I am generally not big fan of sliding mechanisms, since it is usually the place where phone breaks down fastest, especially if the exploitation ratio is high, but whether that is the case or not is something I will have to wait, since the phone is still fairly new.
Overall, it is an excellently crafted phone, definitely BB’s flagship.

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Created: 08/29/10

BlackBerry Torch Rocks

Excellent device. RIM has managed to pull together everything that I like about the iPhone along with what I always loved about the BlackBerry.

This unit is very well constructed and the build quality on the new Torch is top knotch RIM. Since I have to be on a corporate network, I am pleased to see that RIM is building technology to keep up with the ever increasing demands of the smartphone user.

- larger colour screen
- slider reveals keyboard - don't have to try and type on the screen
- trackpad as opposed to the ball
- form factor is almost the same as the Bold 9000 and 9700/Tour
- OS6 - includes WiFi sync of iTunes account with your desktop/laptop
- 5MB camera provides great photos and videos

- uses new micro USB adapter (all my older BB stuff is now obsolete)
- slightly smaller keyboard takes a little to get used to, but nothing major, just mistyping characters

I've only had a few days, but it was worth the jump from my Bold 9000.

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Created: 03/03/11

A great BlackBerry With Great Features

This is my first BlackBerry and I love it. It has great features such as the 3G network support and the fact that it combines the touch screen and qwerty keyboard is wonderful. I also love the fact that it has a 5 megapixel camera therefore the picture quality is very high.
Dislikes: It is a hassle to open close remove the battery and to close the battery cover.

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Created: 10/06/10

Torched in Brussels BE as I watched the little boy P...

What a great phone, really... At first I wasn't sure whether it was actually unlocked, but after popping a local's SIM card in there I was a believer. Since then I've bought another one for $199 through an AT&T plan and ... Well, can't really tell you the secret. About the phone, it is as intuitive as the 9700, but a lot faster and better. Its a little on the heavy side, but that speaks to its high quality materials and components used. I don't find myself using the key board much since the touch screen is just as good for fast typing. Amazingly balanced (not top heavy) while open and typing, as most sliding smarties are. I wish there was a way to lock the slider, so when you handle it or pull it out of case it wouldn't open, but its a minor thing. Some sort of Facetime feature would have been nice also. My few cents...

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