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BlackBerry Pearl 8120
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    Created: 10/08/10

    RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    Like many others, I use my phone for more than just calls. Lately, I've been searching for a good combination form, function, and value. Since I don't want to continue the two year contract merry-go-round with my cell carrier, I choose to look to Ebay to find my diamond in the rough. The Blackberry 8530 truly is a diamond, unfortunately its two weaknesses lead me to realize my search is not over.

    Don't get me wrong, I love pretty much every aspect of this phone. The qwerty keyboard, love it. I have large hands and for many years thought the small qwerty keyboard would be too much of an obstacle, I was wrong. The App Store,love it. The number of available apps doesn't matter, the number of non-sucking apps do! The video capabilities, love it. Never thought I would be able to watch good looking video on such a small screen, again I was wrong. WiFi, love it. I'm on Sprint so all I can say is it's about time. Assignable buttons, love it, I mean it's my phone right, let me mold it the way I want! Battery life, awesome! So nice to have a smart phone that isn't stupid when it comes to power usage. Standby time does not mean drain the juice as fast as you can, this phone can hold a charge.

    With all that said, there are two glaring weaknesses. For some reason, I haven't figured it out yet, Rim felt removing the camera flash was a good idea, NOT! Like all other BB's in this form factor, although you may have 3G or 4G, navigating the web on this device still sucks!!! The screen is just too small for a rich web experience. Maybe one day there will be a light, thin, slider BB that offers a qwerty keyboard, larger screen, and all the goodness of a real BB, no the Storm is not the answer.

    If these two features or rather disabilities don't bother you, then run don't walk and pick up this phone!

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    Created: 09/04/10

    Beginner's Blackberry

    This is my first review. I would give this phone a 3 star rating. To those who wanted to experience Blackberry for the first time, this would be a great phone. One of the major downside is the processor. It lags sometimes, even when i wanted to make a phone cals, the first 3 digits usually appear all 3 at once as the phone process ( if you understand what i mean, it's hard to put it in word ). I would rate it as mediocre, but then, it has some other features that other flip phone might not have - WIFI and UMA. I save a lot of data by using WIFI. I don't really use UMA that much though; in fact I never used this features. the learning curve of using this phone is about 2 - 3 days, it has a very different kind of keypad. I don't really like to use the Dictionary ( auto - text ) as my mother tongue is not english, so i prefer to use the multitap type feature. The first few days, you'll get annoyed with the keypad, but once you've mastered it, it works like a charm.Taking pictures with this phone is not recommended, and there's 2 vertical line on the sides of the screen when in camera mode. The lines are also clearly visible on my friends 8220.

    conclusion : It's an "OK" phone, and is recommended for girls as the flip feature makes it easy enough to be stored inside the purse.

    Pros : WIFI ( save a lot on data ), battery life is ok compared to other Blackberry Phone, Small compact size, offers most of the features smartphone.

    Cons : slow processor leads to lags, low quality pictures from camera, need to spend few days to learn how the keypad functions ( typing ), and the web browser experience too, mainly because of the small LCD.

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    Created: 08/22/10

    BB pearl flip 8220 (T-Mobile)

    I bought this one used, as a replacement for one that was stolen, since they are no longer made. My 1st order of business was to upgrade the OS to V4.6.0.305 which makes it very stable (available on the Crackberry website, as is the procedure for installing it). This corrects the frequent reboot cycle in earlier OS's like V4.6.0.180, which is the latest T-mobile officially supports.

    I especially like how the menus are laid out & the calandar, notes, password Keeper & calculator functions. I've also used the camera features, which are OK, but no substitute for a real point & shoot camera. As a phone, the 8220 is OK, but not excellent. However, I really like the PDA capabilities it has, since I'm a Palm TX refugee. Additionally, this phone is WiFi capable.

    Unfortunately, T-mobile will not sell you a new BlackBerry without a data plan. The 8220 flip can hook to the internet via any WiFi network you have regular access to with your computer (with the same restrictions), but without a data plan. We subscribe to the @home service where any WiFi network can be used for calls without impacting your monthly minute allotment [uma connection]. Although you can try to surf the net, real surfing is pretty frustrating since the phone is so slow. Further, most sites that support BB devices do so only with limited functionality with the 8220 flip.

    Although I've tried downloading several other apps to increase the phone's functionality, this has not been without frustration. You can try to read an e-book, but the constant scrolling required is a real pain. Further, I've not found a good free PDA reader.

    With a bigger microSD card, you can store a lot of mp3 music, extra ringtones & photos. Using the 8220 flip as a mp3 player works OK, but it's no iPOD. Sound quality is very good, but conveniences like playlists take some effort to set up. The battery gets sucked down pretty fast when used in this mode. Fortunately, ringtones are in mp3 format, so it's easy to create some good alternates.

    I've found the factory battery life to be barely adequate, but I don't talk on the phone all that much. After a number of years of use, I purchased a factory OE replacement battery from Crackberry for $15. Locally, Batteries + wanted $40 for a "compatible" battery that wouldn't quite fit properly.

    Overall, although it's not a great phone, it works well as an all-around device with excellent PDA capabilities. I'd buy another.

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    Created: 06/02/10

    Serial BlackBerry User...My Favorite of All

    I have had 5 other BlackBerry's from the 7230 to the BlackBerry Storm. I love the flip the most. The size and flip action are great because I like to carry the phone in my pocket. (No more butt-dialing)
    The Pearl track ball is superior to the BlackBerry touchscreen and the little black square, whatever that is, on the latest BlackBerry Curve (Which I have also used). I also like the fact that I don't have to do a soft reset 3 times a day (only once a week if that), like I had to do with the Storm.

    Even though the Flip is a discontinued phone, I really like using it the most of all the BlackBerry's I have had.
    Small Size, Clamshell design, track ball, far more reliable
    No GPS, low Megapixel camera, smaller screen, Not full qwerty keyboard (but easy to get used to, better software than the old BlackBerry Pearl)

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    Created: 09/30/10

    Simple pearl 8120

    The pearl 8120 is a nice little phone that does not take up a lot of space and has some really nice feature that make the cell phone a little better than the regular cell phone. I is not the best for the internet, I mainly use it for the text option as well as the camera sometimes. The ability to hook the phone up to your computer and add photos or music tracks so that you can have some interesting background images to see when looking at your phone. You can also set the music tracks to be ring tone instead of having to go through downloading them from the net and not knowing the quality. It will receive and send pictures very nicely. I am a student so this phone does a lot of things that I like without having to get the extra data plan. I mainly text Google to get different pieces of information since it is free as well as us Google-411 to find some things.

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    Created: 10/11/10


    I really like this phone. I've had mostly Samsungs until I went iPhone then realized I needed a phone that I could make ACTUAL PHONE CALLS with...I do light construction work so the Samsung Rugby was too big/bulky and more rugged than I needed; I am running the Pearl Flip on my AT&T account so I haven't enabled all the features and I am on the fence about getting the Blackberry plan. I can check emails via the browser or Opera mini, can't send MMS but can do the rest of the dumb-phone basics, there are some third party jailbreaks out there I might try; still working out the kinks...

    Basically, if my work pays for it, I'll add the upgraded plan. As it is, its an excellent phone, I really like the sure-type keypad as I do a lot of texting to subcontractors and so forth. Saves time from "hey! can you hear me?" phone calls and redundant, agonizingly repetitive conversations. The Blackberry organizer and apps are excellent, the functionality is fairly intuitive and simple enough to figure out (i.e. its not windows mobile!) and there is plenty of support, features and options for this phone.

    As far as flip phones go, this is the best one I've had since that Samsung hockey-puck/indestructible flip that I had in the late 90's. I hope that RIM makes a follow up to this phone in the future.

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    Created: 01/08/11

    RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220-DO NOT BUY

    For the age of smart phones, this one has only one positive side: it flips and positively ends the call hiding buttons on the inside of the shell; display is bright and crisp for numbers and letters.
    As it comes to the performance: dialing is a bear, it takes a loooong time to find your contact especially if you sync with outlook-it creates multiple entries, display does not show the person’s number until contact is chosen, Wi-Fi is restricted to blackberry paid service use (unlike HTC where you can browse internet on your home Wi-Fi without extra charges).
    My prior phone was HTC Dash and I feel blackberry 8220 is a huge step down for me in performance, speed of use, available features and overall usability.
    I would not recommend buying this devise.

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    Created: 01/08/10

    cheapskate's smart enough phone

    a damn fine phone. i was upgrading from an 8100, so i'm used to the feel of the handset, and was pleased with most of the changes. the wifi is probably the most relevant upgrade, as it allows using the phone, as a phone, whenever there's an open network nearby (or one you can get access to), whether your mobile provider's wireless signal is present or not. i would expect the trackball to wear out eventually as the one on my 8100 did repeatedly. you can replace it cheap on ebay. do your homework on google and upgrade to the latest version of all the software, the phone's operating system, etc., and it'll be even better. all in all, i find the 8120 to be a smart alternative to the much more expensive smart phones (droid, iphone, etc.) that i had been considering switching to, in order to get away from t-mobile. i was avoiding a contract, and i got this phone for like $20 more than my insurance deductible had my 8100 been lost or stolen.

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