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Created: 03/01/11

...the mystery that all started with the Big Bang!

Smart, snappy, insightful and strangely human, Chuck Lorre's "Big Bang Theory" continues to forge ahead into new explorations of the cast of curious characters that he has assembled. We are invited to laugh at Sheldon's egocentric view of the universe as no one could possibly be as smart or as fun as he is, yet we see his tender flank exposed more often than not. Howard's relationship with his mother is a constant comic foil even as he explores his relationship with the sweet yet determined Bernadette. We see Raj struggle with his anxiety and his loneliness even as he himself ignores it. And of course, we continue to watch Penny and Leanord orbit closer and closer, their relationship growing stronger even as they drift apart on seperate paths.

Wonderful writing, brilliant science, constant laughs and characters that you genuinely care about have been the hallmark of this series, and it continues to excel and grow in this third season. If you haven't gotten on board, take the time now. If you tried and thought that it was 'okay', spend a few dollars and invest a little time- you'll be glad that you did.

An American classic of television sitcoms, this one will be in the hall of fame in years to come for its groundbreaking and irreverent examinations of life, friendship, relationships, science and the search for the soul.

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Created: 02/08/11

Great show

Season three of The Big Bang theory did not disappoint. It's even better then the first two. One of the best TV series you can get.

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Created: 07/19/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Big Bang Theory is a hilarious TV series. My brother recently got me hooked on it and ever since I have to watch whatever episodes I can get my hands on. Thankfully the DVDs weren't all that difficult to come by so now I am on a Let's buy ALL the seasons! kick so I can enjoy each episodes as much as I want without the hassle of iTunes or Amazon rentals.

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Created: 02/17/11

Get 'em all

Bought this season (3rd) this time. I really like this show but my wife LOVES it. I have since ordered Seasons 1 & 2 to complete the set. Not too many shows I can watch a season of after only one or two years. You can get all 3 seasons as a set also.

Be aware that if you want the 2nd season set with the 3-D show and 3-D glasses, that'll run you more.

This is one of those rare shows that I really look forward to with a lot of anticipation. While I do like NOVA & PBS, be real, we all need a mental levity break now and then.

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Created: 02/11/11

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season

Love the seasons of this show.
You sould watch the behind the scenes it is even more fun.
Looking forward to buying season 4 when it comes out.
Everyone knows some one like each of these guys.
My wife and I never miss an episode and I don't even like watching tv and I stop to watch Big Bang Theory.

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Created: 12/14/10

Funniest show to come along in a long while!

We love the Big Bang Theory and the 3rd season did not dissappoint. Every episode makes us laugh! So funny!

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Created: 11/15/10

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is a FUNNY show. I've been hooked on it since it started. I own season one and two and am looking forward to owning season three.

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Created: 08/21/11

Proof Positive-best comedy on TV!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

After memorizing my entire "Friends" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" DVDs (and wearing them out!) I was looking for a comedy that I can watch that is refreshing and funny; something clever and witty. This show has it all-a remarkable cast, creative story lines, laugh out loud humor, and heart. I don't care for a lot of overt sexual or graphic comedy; nor do I find crude jokes funny. This show is brilliant at reaching its audience with tenderness and the complexity of life, all while trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. Kaley Cuoco's snappy retorts are softened by her sweetness. Simon Helberg and Kanal Nayyar could each have the starring role in any other show and steal each scene. Johnny Galecki's goofy yet charming character is the glue that keeps the group together, and Jim Parson's Emmys for Best Actor is more than well deserved! I love this show, and it is something I can watch with my 12 yr old nephew (most of the time) without having to explain anything. It is a true gem of a show.

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Created: 01/01/11

Love this show!

I love this show! There are so many things about the characters in this show that I can relate to. If you are a tech, video game, comic book, sci-fi, fantasy geek you will love this show. Even if you're not there's plenty to laugh at. Watch it now!

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Created: 12/12/10

Hours of laughter.

I bought Big Bang Theory Season 3 as a gift. I gave him Season 2 last year and Season 3 was on his Wish List this year. The show is very funny and we enjoy watching it over and over.

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