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Beyond Tomorrow (DVD, 2007)
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Beyond T...

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Created: 07/06/09

Beyond Tommorrow "A Feel Good Movie"

I saw this 1940 movie on TCM for the first time and wanted it for my home theater. It's a feel good movie about life's values with a light of heart view of life after death.

Charles Winninger, C. Aubrey Smith and Harry Carey have the leading roles, but a very young Richard Carlson is the main character who befriends three elderly millionaires on the eve of Christmas. The three men make a bet as to who will bring back their wallets containing their id and a $10.00 bill which they fling out the window of their mansion into the snowy street. The first is picked up by a famous female singer, who keeps the bill and throws out the wallet. The second (Carlson) who is poor, a lonely cowboy from the west with no winter coat, brings the wallet back. The third is a pretty young woman (Jean Parker), is a counselor at an orphanage of 20 children, returns the wallet and $10.00 bill. From this point on, they all become deeply linked to each other, Carlson and Peters fall in love and Carlson becomes a famous singer who is lured by (of all people) the wealthy singer who selfishly took the money and dumped the wallet at the beginning of the film. As Carlson is lured by instant success and the "wealthy singer", the three elders die in a plane crash; their spirits return and endeavor to help the Carlson and Parker to unit. A little corny but still a feel good old movie. An added plus is this particular DVD had a 1953 Dragnet Christmas episode added at the end. Very entertaining.

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Created: 10/05/06

Beyond Tomorrow

This is about 3 partners in a business who make a bet that no one has Christmas Spirit on Christmas Eve. They invite two seperate strangers into their home for dinner. Richard Carlson is the male lead, who played in several "B" movies (my favorite, "Creature from the Black Lagoon." The lady is Jean Parker who also played in several movies in the 40's and 50's, including "One Body Too Many." The 3 gentlemen take it upon themselves to encourage romance between the two. Later on, the 3 men die in a plane crash but come back as ghosts to encourage the lovers.
This is a romance/fantacy; but, I am not sure why people consider it a Holliday movie. That is certainly how it is marketed however, much like "The March of the Wooden Soldiers" is. The only thing that connects it to the Christmas Holliday is the begining part of the movie. but the story goes well beyond that for months.
There are several other character actors that people may recognize, including one or more of the 3 partners. Also, Maria Ouspenskaya was quite popular,playing in such movies as "The Wolfman" and "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman." She does an excellent supporting role in this movie as well.
This movie is o.k., but nothing particularly special. The acting is pretty good; you want to kick Richard Carlson in the butt for being so stupid.
Bottom line, it isn't bad, especially in the first half. It kind of loses steam later on. But don't buy it because you think it is some kind of Holliday classic. It isn't.

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Created: 10/06/06

Good Chirstmas Time Movie

This movie is another one of those great Christmas timers that has a great giving spirit to it. I compare it to the scrooge since it does have the same feel to it. It features three millionaires that overcome a change of heart when they discover the problems a young couple is having. So, if you would like to have another family movie to add to your Christmas time collection, this would be a great pick. As long as you like heart-touching slow pace movies you probably won't be able to see any negatives in this film.
Thanks For Reading And Hope I Helped!!!

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