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Battlefield 3 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2011)
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Created: 06/17/16

Love it

Priduct was delivered in excellent condition with all DLC and add-ons. Love it!

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Created: 01/05/12

The best game for online multi-player in the history of mankind.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Battle Field 3 for Xbox 360 is the Best Multi-player game I have ever played. Well worth the purchase price of $44.00 with unused online multi-player code (for a used like new game). In fact it is well worth the $59.95 full price for a new game.

The Single player campaign is not as good as COD Modern Warfare 1, 2, or 3. Also the characters in BF3 spout the "F" word almost every other sentence. So I will have to admit I did not greatly enjoy the single player campaign. While it was a good single player game, for me the best part is the online multi-player features.

In online multi-player you can level up very well but it's not quick, that's good as you get more game time and earned items. You can spawn on any part of the map a team-mate is at, drive tanks, jeeps, helicopters (which i can fly well, but prefer to be a door gunner, or repair the chopper in flight), and fly jets (I generally crash quickly as I have yet to master the flying of jets).

I prefer the Engineer and support rolls as the engineer can repair vehicles and with upgrades has a javelin and stinger rocket. Support can upgrade with claymores, mortars, and passes out ammo. My nephews prefer to be snipers. And there are those that pass out med kits.

In conclusion: BF3 is the best game I have every player online multi-player, and is worth the price for that feature alone. However, if you do not play online? While it is good, I would only rate it 2-3 stars (my 5 star rating was for the multi-player online aspect.

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Created: 01/06/13

10 out of 10 all around amazing in every category. Its unbeatable.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Global award winning in every category. You will not be disappointed. If you like strategy, the ability to go anywhere, use all kinds of equipment with no limitation, from vehicles to aircraft, boats and more then this is for you. Team play at its finest or go solo and wreak havoc. A ton of map styles for whatever your style of gameplay and desires. A ton of game modes as well to always have something to keep you challenged. Dedicated custom servers as well both on PS3, PC and XBOX unlike forced auto-match in many other newest games out there. You create your own rules. It does also have Quick Match (auto-match) if you don't want to find a custom server or get your own. The Battlefield and Medal Of Honor series alike since the 90's have been global award winners focused on not high numbers in sales but quality over quantity. Pride and effort is the focus and not just something turned out fast for a quick buck like the COD franchise has now become. (In fact, the first COD and COD United Offensive had some of the same developers as Medal Of Honor and Battlefield and won a ton of awards too.) If you like to out smart your enemy, have the ability to use whatever you want go where ever you want, this is for you. Endless options for success the game is quite detailed not to mention the Battlelog online stats site for every platform to keep track of everything in real time. There IS nothing like this game.

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Created: 01/26/12

Best Multiplayer, worth the money, Better than MW3 and I have both games!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Battlefield 3 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2011)

I knew it would be good but it turned out better than even I expected it. I played the whole single player, I heard mixed reviews about it beforehand, it wasn't as bad as bad as people made it out to be, I think the story is a little out there and movie like scenes are kind of unnecessary, but it wasn't that bad the graphics are great, the sound, and there are some really cool things you get to do in the single player. The reason though I rate this game 5 stars is the multiplayer, which is the main reason why anyone buys shooters, and battlefield 3 is the best out there. BF3 isn't as good as CoD in the other modes, since it only has single player, multiplayer, and then the coop. Which I don't think is a big deal since the single player in CoD and Bf3 are only like 5 hours long and you are mostly likely only to play them once, and there other modes aren't usually played as often as the multiplayer is. The coop in this game I think is better than CoD's spec ops for the fact that you can unlock extra guns to be used in the multiplayer which is really cool. What sets this game apart from CoD is that the multplayer has vehicles, the maps are huge, it has better graphics, a better engine, destructible environments, alot more guns, perks that don't give anyone a giant advantage over others, not even as close as many campers as Cod since you can destroy the camper's cover, not as many modders as in Cod, this game is not even as Noob as Cod, nobody really uses rocket launches except on vehicles, and even if you do use it on other users you will have to shot it right at the guy since there is no unrealistic danger close type of perk in this game. Also this game seems to having experienced players than COD there are no sprayers and more team players. The classes and the unlocks are set up perfectly,you can change everything about your classes in game, every class you can level it up and for every level unlocks guns or equipment for that class, also you are gaining xp towards your overall level, which unlocks you camos, pistols, perks, guns for all the classes. This game also includes upgrades for the vehicles, which you can get by leveling up the classes of vehicles. This game is also better than COD for the fact that you have more attachments and you don't prestige so all that time you put into unlocking things doesn't go to waste. I'm a level 7 colonel and I only have all the attachments for 1 gun, and I only have all the vehicles upgrades for 3 classes of vehicle, which means I still have alot I can earn even at such a high level.There about 34 guns not counting the hand guns, guns you earn in coop, or the guns you get when you download the back to Karkland expansion, and for all those guns there is usually 17 attachments able to unlock.
FOR THOSE LOOKING TO BUY A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER or looking to choose between Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I would choose BF3, I have both games and the games that came before these two, so I'm am not biased. I never play MW3 I have only played it 2 times, since after playing months of BF3, MW3 bores me, it doesn't keep my interest even when playing with friends, it just seems boring compared to BF3, The maps are small in that game compared to other Cods never mind BF3,there are stupid perks, and when I played it last, in the first SP mission I shot a tube at a helicopter and it said weapons can't kill vehicles which is just stupid. BF3 is the way to go for shooters, it is the best 1 I own.

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Created: 06/01/14

Awesome game, a great value with all the maps you get.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I am already a fan of the Battlefield franchise, so I wanted to play it on it's release date. I enjoyed the crazy dialog of the first two Battlefield games. This one takes a more serious tone to the gameplay, but I totally loved it.The campaign was enjoyable and I played through a couple of times. This game really shines in Multi-player, and the assortment of maps, makes this quite a value. Battlefield 3 is highly recommended by me,it is a solid shooter, and a great game to have in your game collection.

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Created: 02/03/14

State of the art 3d Game Engineering

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I’ve been playing 3d shooters since the very first release of Castle Wolfenstein 30 years ago. I waited a year to purchase Battlefield 3 because PC games have become too expensive to buy upon initial release. I bought a new copy of Battlefield 3 premium on eBay for $20.00 with free shipping. The game installed flawlessly, I think it sucks that you need an internet connection to play the game. An internet connection is an added cost and it should play some modes without it. The need for an internet connection is my only real complaint.

In order to play any of the new direct x11 games you really need a minimum of a fast quad core with a nice new video card. Without a good rig you will be frustrated trying to play Battlefield 3. Direct x11 games are a quantum leap in speed and graphics quality.

Without going into detail, I will say that to be above average at Battlefield 3 is very hard. I like a game that requires a high level of skill to be good, it’s much more challenging. You can easily have 25 keys and mouse buttons programmed and in an intense battle you need all of them. Also it comes down to being a good shot with a weapon, working with your team and using strategy. The maps vary from small lame to massive masterpieces of 3d design. For military 3d shooter games, Battlefield 3 is an amazing achievement in software engineering, a state of the art 3d game.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of Castle Wolfenstein, but I’ll wait a year and buy it on eBay for a third of the price!

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Created: 07/27/12

Good game. Awesome product!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My personal opinion is as follows:
Personally I mostly play the campaign of each new release than trade it in. With Battlefield 3, a new purchase is not worth the cost. Yes the campaign is good but your team AI is poor. You are assigned three AI team members. You almost always have to follow your AI team leader instead of lead. You cannot command your AI team at all. They always immediately run into battle and kill the opposition, often before you even get there. They also move directly in front of you while you are already shooting an enemy. Often times all the fun is taken by your own AI teammates well before you even get to the location of the fight. This is so frustrating that I actually tried to shoot my own men to get them out of my way or to stop them from running into battle in front of me. This does not work, as friendly fire is not acceptable. So in order to enjoy the campaign, you almost always have to run and gun, rather than flank or outsmart the enemy. If you only like run and gun, then this campaign is for you as this is done real well. Additionally, the advertisements show an open battlefield. This is not the case in the campaign. In the campaign there is very little option to choose a different rout or method. That and the campaign is short, maybe 10 hours at best.
Since I did not play the on-line version, I did not even see a lot of what is shown on the game spot review. That looks good. Maybe I will have to give this game a try on line. I do believe that the on-ling combat is most likely excellent

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Created: 12/10/11

Great Game for hours and hours of fun first person shooter action.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great game, absolutly loved the single player. Have spent alot of time on mulyiplayer and love everything except the problem with triing to earn kills with the planes. Imposible with the machine gun when enemy has guided missiles and flares and you have nothing. I can fly good and cant earn a kill before an enemy jet blows me out of air. Need to upgrade planes to start with missiles. Tanks and boats and helicoppters are awsome. Love the way you earn weapons and can apply your upgrades durring spawns. Once you earn the various weapon scope upgrades, they become way more accurate. Take the time to get scopes for all the new weapons you unlock. Biggest difference between the Battlefield series and the Call of duty is the vehicles in multiplayer. They add a major element to the ever evolving gameplay. Fantastic Game. Enjoy!!!! Twstdrob (xbox live)

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Created: 01/07/12

the best FPS of 2011

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

best , fps in years....
graphically stunning , gameplay addictive.... a great game overall ...

the single player story could have been better ( and less like COD ) : while the single player lacks of the adrenaline and intensity comparing to call of duty, it s still a pretty interesting and you still have some intense amazing action moment .. overall the single player is as good as call of duty to me because it feels a more like the reality , it feels more like real life , and the single player is longer than the cod campaing....
SO the Single player is pretty cool !

but the MULTIPLAYER is the most amazing of the genre.
unlock weapons , discover numerous maps , coop , start understanding the tactics and then start building your team ! bf3 is a must .... ( its the CS of our recent years...)
the only down side , is that it is a game for skilled people .. so you ll need time , months and years to really exploit the full power of the game.

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Created: 05/20/12


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Limited Edition is the way to go because you get a set of dog tags, a gun, and the map back to karkand which you would have to pay for if you did not get limited edition. The game play itself is very fun and some map have vehicles you can drive or fly with close quarters maps to wide open maps. It serves perfect game play for every gamer from foot soldier to sniper type players. Can't rambo it too much in this game expect to actually work as a team to win against good opponents. I like how when you flank an enemy and hold the knife button you grab them and take their dog tags as a souvenir. It's way better then call of duty where its all about who sees who 1st and no actual battle tactics. You gotta check it out for yourself, it's worth the $.

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