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Created: 02/13/06

Best trilogy ever made

Ok the third movie isnt that good, but the first two are so great that this trilogy still gets a 5/5. When you get a great director like Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump) and Steven Speilberg as an executive producer, something good is bound to happen. The cinemetography, production design, screenplay and acting are all absolutely superb. Michael J. Fox is charasmatic and perfect as Marty, the kid who gets sent back in time in a Delorean and finds himself the same age as his parents, with his MOM having a crush on him. Marty has to find a way to make his parents fall in love so they get married and have kids....or else Marty doesn't exsist anymore. He gets help from Doc (Chris Lloyd) who actually looks older in 1955 than he does in 1985. Thomas F. Wilson is the villain Biff, the school bully who likes Lorraine (Marty's mom) and is thus an interferance to Marty's plan to get his parents to fall in love. The ending of this movie is very exciting and well made, I get an adrenaline rush watching as Marty and Doc try to catch of bolt of lightnight and use it to power the time machine to send Marty back home.
The screenplay of this movie is very good, some great humor combined with an intelligent plot that doesn't have any holes, executed with precision by great actors. The cinematograghy is great, the first movie was made in 1985 but has the look and feel of something more modern, thanks to the bright colors and detailed set desgin that Zemeckis uses.
The second movie has a more complex plot, with Doc and Marty first traveling to the future (I don't think 2015 is going to look like this movie depicts it, unfortunately) then back to 1985, only to find that the 1985 they know and love has changed somehow. They have to travel back to 1955 to fix whatever they did wrong to cause the "Alternate 1985, where Biff is corrupt, and this has happened to ME" says Doc Brown has he holds up a newspaper picture of him being put in a insane asylum. Why do they have to go back to 1955 instead of 2015? You'll have to watch and find out. This movies also has the first screen appearance of Elijia Wood as a video game player who doesnt like to use his hands.

The third one is ok, I personally don't like it when love stories are mixed with action. The movie isnt so much about time travel, more about just being in the old west. Nothing complex about this plot, still a pretty good movie. The extras are rather dull for the most part with one exception: THE HOVERBOARD. The director Zemeckis (who seems like a smart, credible guy) says on film that the hoverboards (skateboard with no wheels) used in the second movie are real! Maybe he was joking, I can't tell. He says parents groups shut down the production of the boards but his crew was able to get a couple to use in the movie. I must get one of those! Buy this trilogy.

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Created: 12/05/07

BTTF... An All Time Favourite

What can I write about Back to the Future. I've grown up seeing these movies a hundred times (may be exaggerated a bit). Thats how enchanting they are. The acting is superlative. The characters are sure to be etched in your mind for the rest of your life (Biff, Doc, Marty, Lorraine, George, Mad Dog, Griff). Dialogues... awesome.

This is a science fiction comedy which is a genre that has been in existence for quite sometime but has never really been as successful as other comedic movies. But BTTF I believe is one of the most successful in the genre and I dont think I can think of another trilogy in this genre.

If you havent watched this, make sure you go to the nearest video store and rent this movie. You wont regret watching this.

BTW, I already have the VHS format of the trilogy but could not resist myself from buying the DVD version. Definitely a great buy for your collection.

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Created: 01/17/11

A classic movie along with its sequels...

Back To The Future is a classic movie. Its almost timeless. Its fun, its energizing, and creative. Awesome special effects, comedic elements are all there, just the right amount of drama and irony, and the DeLorean is fun to watch as well. Crispin Glover is hilarious as Marty's spazoid dad and Lea Thompson is funny as well as cute in many respects. This is the ultimate movie for slackers...

Part II is not as bad as some say. If you don't get too worried about the scientific side of things and accept the fact that its a science-FICTION movie, and a comedy at that, you will enjoy this one as well. Plus, you really have to watch this one to understand Part III. A lot of the predictions they made about the future are hauntingly hilarious.

Part III is just a fun conclusion that tops off the trilogy and leaves a happy open-ended ending for Doc, Marty, and Jennifer's fate.

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Created: 12/03/09

Highly Recommend!

This time travel trilogy featuring a young Michael J Fox is CLASSIC!! Interaction between past and future is mixed in well... Love it!

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Created: 09/09/09

back to the future

awesome trilogy. join the adventure as marty mcfly and doc brown travel through time to the past, then to the future, and once more to the wild west. a must see and a must have. two thumbs way up

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Created: 06/21/08

Classic to the fullest!!!

Back to the future is a classic to the fullest indeed. Any age, the whole family will enjoy the ingenuity and special effects of the minds of Steven Spilberg and others. Michael J Fox makes it memorable and not one character out of place. My great grand children will be watching the trilogy with their kids!!!!

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Created: 01/25/08

You gotta love this movie!

Back to the future trilogy is one of the best movies out there. Why? Because of the actors and the plot and it was directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg. Whether Marty goes back in time or Marty having a blast, it's all about the time machine of the flying delorion. What makes this movie excellent is that you won't ever get bored of watching it over and over. I have watched this movie quite a lot of times but never got bored of watching it. This movie brings plenty of laughs, joy, mystery, excitement, love, and MARTY MCFLY at his best. I would highly recommend anyone or should i say EVERYONE to watch this film. Trust me you will thank me for suggesting you this movie.

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Created: 01/25/08

Great TRILOGY & Instant CLASSIC!!!

This is a GREAT trilogy. The first Back to the Future is an instant classic along with the 2nd one in the 3 movie series. I liked the 3rd one but not as much as I loved the first 2. I bought this item for a buddy of mines who watches it all the time Ever since it first came out at the movies he's been watching it since. He is now 30. Overall great movie's and Michael J fox & DoC are at their best in these chilarious comedies. INSTANT CLASSIC'S!!!!!!!

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Created: 07/03/07

As Good as Described!

This is definitely the definitive version of this trilogy! As an avid dvd collector, and overall sci-fi movie buff, this package has everything you could ever hope for. Great production pics and sketches, wonderful deleted scenes I had not seen anywhere before (many of them should have been kept in the released version of the films), funny outtakes, and fascinating points of view in the commentaries (did you know filming originally began with a different actor playing Marty McFly?).

This is now one of my favorite dvds in my collection. Great to bring out at a get-together!

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Created: 01/06/07

awesome movies

I decided to buy this set because they are my husband's favorite movies and he had been looking for them for quite some time. The movies are really great family movies. We can watch them along with our three year old daughter and have no worries of her picking up foul language,off-color remarks. Micheal J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd make an excellent team together in these movies, they are funny, serious and very talented actors.

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