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Baby Mama (Blu-ray Disc, 2008)
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Baby Mam...

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Created: 01/31/10

2 Talented Mama's with One Mediocre Film doesn't add up

To its credit, "Baby Mama" is not your typical one-joke movie starring "Saturday Night Live" alums. It's more of a one-and-a-half joke movie. In "Mama", Tina Fey's OCD career woman, unable to conceive and unwilling to wait for an adoption, hires Amy Poehler's ADD surrogate mother to carry her baby. How will this odd couple survive nine months together? With hilarious results, of course. Well, moderately hilarious, at least, thanks in large part to its two seriously talented comedic leads. This contemporary comedy draws our attention to the business of babies. It does so however in such a hackneyed fashion that if it weren't for the talented mama's at the forefront of it all, it would be little more than a painful delivery.

Personally I feel that "Mama" is written, with one contrivance too many, by Michael McCullers who co-wrote the last two "Austin Powers" movies. Mr. McCullers makes his directorial debut here but, even at 96 minutes, "Mama" eventually runs awfully thin. There are certainly some good moments, particularly when the two leads are given time to riff off each other. Ms. Poehler, in particular, is given a wide berth (pun intended). Ms. Fey however, so winning on the small screen, is put to the test here. As the consummate straight-woman, her range (and the script) is too limited to inject any real depth into the material. "Mama" treats the sensitivity of its topic with kid gloves - it's missing Ms. Fey's deft comic hand (the one that has made "30 Rock", against all odds, one of the best comedy on television). Even 1987's similarly-themed Diane Keaton vehicle "Baby Boom" held more weight. Even without a gestation specialist.

Like I said before Michael McCullers made the comedy here far too broad and predictable, robbing the talented actors of anything with which to play. I don't know if someone at Saturday Night Live had a surrogate, but that idea certainly was kicking around the set. I would recommended this film only if you have a few lazy days put aside.

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Created: 10/08/08


Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) is a workaholic career woman, who works for a organic food company and who is constantly trying to accomodate owner tycoon Barry (Steve Martin).One day Kate relizes that the one thing that she wants more in life than anything is a baby.After many failures of trying to get pregnant, she learns from the doctor that she isn't able to have children.Desperate to still have a baby she comes to the decision to hire a surrogate to have a baby for her.Kate seeks the help of an agency to find the perfect surrogate for her.Chaffee Bicknell (Sigourney Weaver) is the "baby broker" owner/president of the company who goes through the surrogates hopefuls and looks life & background of each person.Finally when the perfect candidate has been choose Kate agrees to have Angie be her surrogate.When Kate & Angie first meet it is definitely two worlds colliding, two very opposites, with two very different personalities!When Angie and her boyfriend break up Kate lets Angie live with her.The more time they spend together the more the begin to like each other and connect.But when Angie's secret is out of the bag will it ruin everything?You will have to watch and decide for yourself!

I had very high expectations of this movie with this outrageous comedy duo on SNL.I was dissapointed with this movie, there were many funny parts, but not anything that will have you laughing so hard your cheecks will hurt.Im glad that I rented this movie instead of buying it, I don't plan on watching it again.

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Created: 08/31/08

My avatar is dressed like a whore…

This movie is like a disappointing party... All the right people are there, but it just isn't as much fun as it should be. Writer-director McCullers has created more than a few fascinating characters, but has not mixed them together in ways that generate the energy for a great gathering. The movie also has a predictable arc, and even though there are two major plot twists they will come as a surprise to no one.

And yet, I liked this movie. One reason is Tina Fey. (Okay, I do have a crush on her, but that has nothing to do with it!) She is one of the most watchable actors at work today, both on TV and in the movies. There is genuine comic chemistry between her and Poehler, and we can only hope for future films that feature them.

Though it all wraps up just a bit too neatly, along the way there are some captivating characters, very well-played. These include a pony-tailed Steve Martin as the whole-foods, new-age guru who rewards his top employees not with cash bonuses, but with five minutes of eye contact. Sigourney Weaver is also wonderful as the head of the surrogacy agency who charges $100,000 for its services. "That's more than it cost to have a person killed, " jokes Kate. "That's because it takes longer," deadpans Weaver. Some of the film's best laughs come courtesy of Oscar (Malco), the doorman at Kate's building who knows way more than he should about the odd couple upstairs.

One minor character should look familiar, if you watch any TV at all. Kate's gynecologist is John Hodgman, the guy who plays "PC" in the ubiquitous Apple commercials. He provides Kate's prognosis with the words, "I don't like your uterus."

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Created: 10/05/08

Baby Mama review

What I like about the movie is that is starts out quickly into the story line. The charaters are likeable, but it loses something as the movie continues, the humor is there but not long lasting and sparce, this movie was worth seeing once but not one that you will want to add to your dvd collection. It's the kind of movie that the previews are funny and makes you want to see it but the preview's are the funniest parts. Once you see the previews you've seen the funniest parts of the movie.

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Created: 12/11/09

Baby Mama DVD - Movie Could Have Been Better!!!

Okay movie. This movie is funny but I expected it to be a lot better because of all the stars that are in it. The story line is good but the humorous aspect is not quit there. The only funny parts in this movie were shown in the previews, which kind of ruined the movie because you already know what was going to happen. I still liked the movie but I think that if you see it you will be a little disappointed as well.

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Created: 10/06/08

Could have been better

With the 2 stars of this movie, I expected a lot more. They were NOTHING like their SNL characters (funny-wise), which truly disappointed me.

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Created: 02/01/09

Baby Mama

I thought this would be better than it actually is. They showed the funniest parts in the previews. In my opinion this is just an average movie and not worth watching more than once. There are some funny parts, but nothing that really makes you laugh hard. If you are considering buying this movie, I would recommend that you rent it first and then decide if it is worth getting. Could have been much better with a different script.

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Created: 11/07/08

Baby mama

It was average. i bought it because my sisiter said it was so funny and a good movie. it was alright, but some parts where like dumb.. very few parts were actually funny.. the end turned out to be good

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Created: 10/09/08

Had its moments...

Decent storyline with a pretty unexpected twist. Excellent acting, but the funniest scenes were those shown in previews before the movie even came out. Advice is to just rent it...

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