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Created: 12/21/09

An awesome follow-up to a great game.

There are a few minor aspects of the game that are glitchy, and some of the trophies/achievements are frustrating to get. However, those are the only complaints I have. Well... maybe making the game even longer, but with the expansion "maps"/missions and the DLC sections of the game that will be coming out next year, that may not be a complaint for long.

If you liked the first Assassin's Creed, you will absolutely LOVE this game. If you're the type of person who enjoys thinking out your next move and seeing it come to bloody fruition, you will love this game. I'm not saying this game is for everyone, but I know this is one of my favorite games of all time.

The gameplay is wonderful, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the plot is artful.

The Figure that comes inside the collectible tin is very well made. It may not be as impressive as the Black Edition figure, but it is a work of art by itself.

The soundtrack, unfortunately is a part of the BD extras disk, so playing it in your car is impossible (unless you have a BD player or PS3 in your car). However, as I mentioned before, the soundtrack is a beautiful piece of work.

The small art book leaves me wanting more. I wish it had been more like the Conspiracy book in the Black Edition (more pages, better cover, more content, etc.).

Lastly, the bonus Maps/Missions are pretty cool. They are essentially an Assassin's Tomb without being an assassin's tomb or the Auditore family crypt. They are more than just the "maps" that they are called. They are fun editions to the game which add more re-playable sections to your Assassin's Creed II profile (only certain memories are playable in the game).

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Created: 01/09/10

Better than the first!

Let me start by saying that I was a huge fan of the original Assassin's Creed. I'll admit that the original had its problems, most notably the lack of variety in the missions greatly reducing replay value (I didn't replay it for nearly eleven months after beating it, by which time it was almost sequel time), but overall I've rarely been that enthralled by a game's story. Then this one came out, and it has me questioning how good the first game really was.

I got it, and I couldn't wait to turn it on. The first thing I noticed was how improved the graphics were. In the original, Desmond and Lucy (among others) didn't quite look right. This one, WHOA. Amazing. It's an enormous improvement that told me straight up, "This ain't just a mission pack for the original".

All of the original's worst problems? Gone. Adios. Bon voyage. Sayonara repetition. Every storyline mission seems to have a real connection to the story, unlike the original where I didn't usually know what I was pickpocketing and the "flag" informant missions just seemed like the developers decided "hey, let's make it possible to show off the amazing parkour!" The assassination side missions, too, connected to the story. Courier and beat-up events, not so much, but if you're doing them you're probably not going for the plot anyway.

Ooh, and then there's the enemies. Unlike the first game, the plots and schemes of the villains are revealed far more before you kill them than in dying confessions to the assassin. A far better way of characterizing the heels, in my opinion. Certainly they're as hate-worthy as the baddies in the original, maybe even more so.

The plot is held up more by substance than twists. Sure, there's the justification that something is somewhere in particular, which is why the main villain acted as he did, but for the most part it's Ezio uncovering a conspiracy that killed his father and brothers, and seeing how far the conspiracy goes. Not like the original, which was held up by "Ooh, Abstergo is a Templar front and they're looking for an illusion-causing silver ball".

Overall, it's the best game purchase I've made in a while. Play the original first, for certain, because there's backstory you need for this one, but this is by far the better game.

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Created: 12/24/09

Assassins's Creed II (Xbox 360) review by Jeff Schrembs

First let me say that this game, like many others, needs to be played by Adults (in age and in mentality) along with teenagers 18 and over (who are mature, etc.).
These games are VIOLENT and they skip over real aspects of History.
The graphics were great. The game play was fast and realistic.
Obviously they have a "hit" here with this dvd but I believe there is more that can be done without having to kill 1,000,000 people to get a sense of "accomplishment".
How about a video game called "PLAINTIFF" whereby you have the best attorney in the World representing you, in Federal US Court, and you can sue any/ever action packed game.
IN order to pay your Attorney the kid REALLY HAS TO DO CHORES, GET A JOB, etc. becuase only the Parent is provided with a card that has a strip that controls amount of time playing the game.
Also, during proceedings you can "summary judgment" rivals in the game and block them from playing.
Also, family members of those you killed catch you and, without a jury, stone you to over.
But, if you make ammends to that family, and they accept, your parents have a reincarnation card that allows you to return back to life BUT you are a 85 year old man with bladder issues, arthritis, and a clostmy bag.
Where is Quenton Terrintino when you need him?
All idea 2009 by Jeff Schrembs - All Rights Reserved

PS: Good game and entertaining. I give it 4 out of 5. Should be a big hit this year. Beware of the violence though.

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Created: 12/08/10

Something to do

Despite a compelling premise and stunning visuals, TVG wasn't the biggest fan of the original Assassin's Creed. Set during the Holy Crusades, the concept of a medieval hitman schooled in the art of free-running should have provided the perfect backdrop for the studio behind Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia to deliver a groundbreaking experience. Ultimately we got a lesson in monotonous rinse-and-repeat gameplay and the dangers of making a game too 'accessible'. It didn't help that the game was billed as something akin to the second coming, despite its appropriate setting.

Thankfully the publicity seems to have been curtailed this time around and the pre-release hype has been tastefully subdued in comparison. The result only serves to magnify the sheer improvements that Ubisoft Montreal has managed to bring to Assassin's Creed II; a true gulf in quality and scope that demonstrates what a sequel should offer. We'd have understood Ubisoft Montreal settling for a few improvements and a different setting for the sequel though; after all it's hard to argue with more than 8 million sales for a new IP. Nothing can really prepare you for the lengths to which the team has taken in delivering an improved and vastly superior sequel. Ubisoft Montreal has taken things back to the drawing board to achieve this, strengthening every core aspect of the series and making up for the original's considerable inadequacies.

Picking up directly where events left off in the original, Assassin's Creed II follows the events of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a 15th century charmer from Renaissance Italy and the latest character in a long line of assassins that ultimately leads up to Desmond Miles in the near future. We'll skirt around details surrounding the plot and characters, as there are plenty of surprises packed into the game and it would be taking a considerable chunk out of the game's overall enjoyment (plus Ubisoft would probably nail our private parts to the cross). Suffice to say the plot continues the tale of the Desmond's attempt to stop Abstergo's plans, a time-honoured story that involves the Knights Templar, the Mayan prophecies surrounding the end of the world, and a New World Order with much more conviction than Dan Brown could ever muster.

Firstly, Assassin's Creed II is the stealth game that the first one aspired to be, but clearly wasn't. It's not a pure stealth experience along the lines of Hitman or Thief before it, but it makes considerable strides forward for a game that shared more in common with a Benny Hill skit and took the edge and gravitas out of being a Templar-killing hitman. Central to this is the improved blending system, which allows Ezio to disappear into a veil of secrecy provided by crowds of people. Nudging people to one side as he slips into a group, Assassin's Creed II presents the concept of stealth via crowds with a stylish certainty way beyond what its predecessor achieved. It helps to bring an end to the incessantly mundane technique of running along rooftops until a convenient hay bail appeared that typified the original. Assassin's Creed II still employs these safe areas, but their use is largely restricted to carefully scripted stealth scenarios. Easing the ability to slip away unnoticed is the chance to hire groups of courtesans, thieves and warriors, who assist Ezio by distracting guards with their charm, mischief and brute strength. Giving each group a valid sense of purpose along with a set of adv

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Created: 03/08/10

Assassins Creed 2

Now to start off this is a great sequel, all the issues that were brought up in the first game have been fixed! Story is much easier to follow, customizable weapons and armor, side missions galore! Basically if you had an issue with AC1 its fixed :D

Now this game picks up right where it left off, so all the confusion from the first game's ending is played out in this game. The story is much deeper on the Assassin's part due to deeper story telling and back story. But I must warn this game has the a cliff hanger too...

Overall the gameplay is very smooth and time with multiple things going on on the screen u may experience slow frame rates and at times things pop up as u approach them but for such a huge open world it is VERY forgiving. The game takes part in the renisance period and is very believable along with the score and actual true back story such as interactions with the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Really its the first game smoothed out to almost perfection.

To me the pickpocketing and eavesdropping is gone which was a dissapointment to me but to prove that the developers listen...many people complained about this and how it was monotonous and annoying. For those that hated that it's gone.

If you loved the first game you will absoulty love this game and even if you have never played you can pick this game up and not be lost. Its a must try, if you ask me it's a buy not a rent. There is much replay value due to customization and MANY side quests.

Hope my review helps :D

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Created: 08/05/13

The game will take you back in time to the world of the renaissance.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Thus far favorite game of the 21st century. I am a very picky gamer. This game is flawless. It is amazing in the way that there are little to no boundaries in the game. You can go just about anywhere in the game, scale the buildings and steal from people which isn't something a game should premote, but if you cant do it in real life than in a game is not so bad. Not only is this game chalk full of historical figures the game also allows you to find treasure and do missions to acquire money in order to buy clothing and weapons at the markets. It is an amazing game that you will surely lose hours of the day in and not be aware of it. If you love history and a very interesting/plausible story than this will be very good. The way you go back into time from the present is interesting and is not entirely out of the question, it would be amazing if one day our technology could get to that point so we could live as our ancestor. I simply cannot say enough good things about this game. Considering the price it is at nowadays given its been out for years you would be doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you did not buy it and give it a try. Not only is this a great start to the Ezio Auditore trilogy but the following games are amazing aswell. High highly recommend this game to everyone.

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Created: 06/08/10

The past is present and progressing

This game takes us to De Vinci time, our set of (assassin) tools is greater and our skills evolved from the previous title.
The game is fluent and clear, the tasks all make sense and the story telling is at its best.
It requires you to seat in front of the screen for several hours before clearing the task list, but it worth any penny paid.

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Created: 08/20/11

This should be in your collection of "OWNERS"

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Everything is truly amazing about this game. The controls are tight. The animation is beautiful. The engine that allows Enzio to be a medieval parkour master is breathtaking. Your character grips, balances, vaults over every bit of architecture (which by the way is just gorgeous to look at). The plethora of human background characters are done well also. They'll spout off things about jobs you're doing or if you are the thief that's been jacking everyones' coin purses. And while you do not level, gear can be upgraded to improve stats. For collectors, there are plenty of items that are hidden from view that accounted for hours of "search" play time. Action is bloody and fun. There are tons of assassination kills, as well as fatalities while fighting hordes of enemy combatants. Actions have recourse in this game, so it pays to hide bodies. Sharp wits will be in order for the jungle gym puzzles to climb through or by finding solutions to other jobs like tossing money in the streets to create a commotion. AC2 is dope!

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Created: 05/16/10

Assassin's Creed II (Xbox 360, 2009)

If you enjoyed the original, you should love the sequel. The story line picks up directly after the "Lost" ending of the first. The combat is almost exactly the same, why mess with a winner, right? And the free running is exactly like the original. The similarities end there. With Assassins Creed 2 your world choices are vastly extended. There is an extended array of different swords, hammers and projectile weapons. Changeable armor(you can even dye your clothes). A monetary system where you will own your own city/villa where you upgrade the business to attract tourist, the better your city the more they spend.
Two minor drawbacks are the fact you have to see a doctor or use medicine to heal, and you have an "alert level". When you have committed a crime your level will go up, you have to accomplish minor tasks to lower it.
All in all if you spent the hours on the first episode you most definitely will on the second. This game takes a great original title and added more real life elements. You can pickpocket, throw money to cause a frenzy, or even hire a troop of courtesans to distract the guards. Heck you will even meet Leonardo da Vinci and use his genius to aid in your quest. DEFINITE BUY!!

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Created: 07/26/10

Better than the original!

Assassin's Creed II is a great game that further develops the story that the first game laid down. First off, the game can be enjoyed strictly alone without playing the first game. However, the story makes much more sense if the first is played.

What I find extremely intriguing about this series is that there are two stories going on at the same time; one being the assassin's and a present day story, both which are very interesting. During the entire time I was playing, I never felt bored by the story, which is usually a deal-breaker for me.

The gameplay is great. I thought the climbing elements are really well done, and some slight improvements were made from the first, which is always a good sign if improvements are made. Ubisoft also seemed to fine-tune the fighting system as well. There are many more weapons and armor to equip and buy. Fighting is fun, and most of the time I prefered to fight the guards than try to escape, solely on the fact that killing the guards is so much fun!

I also felt the characters that the assassin interacts wiht are alot less generic than the first game. Each character has their own personality and quirks that make each unique and memorable.

On a scale of 1-10, I give Assassin's Creed II a 9.5. If you can pick this game up for under $30 somewhere, consider it a steal.

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