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Apple iPod Touch
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Created: 09/15/10

I love it-Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation (64 GB)

Review For: Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation Black (64GB)

The Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation (64 GB)is an excellent gadget and very helpful to store pictures, music, videos and contact details and its wi-fi features allows the user to stay connected and retrieve very helpful information, news and updates. It has a very big storage capacity which enable the user to store large amount of data. The games function is very pleasant and amusing specially for people travelling quiet a lot.
Bu the only issue is that the unit is not equipped with a built-in microphone nor a camera which may be included in the new ipod touch generation.

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Created: 05/30/10

Excellent for this item

The Apple iPOD Touch 3rd generation 32-GB digital media player supports music playback, podcast downloads, video playback, and allows rentals from iTunes stores. The voice command feature in the iPOD Touch enables playback control by calling out the name of the song, album or artist. The Genius playlist feature on this MP3 player allows you to create your own genre-based playlists from the App Store recommendations. You can even go online and check emails via the Safari Web browser preloaded on this digital media player. With Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) enabled, this MP3 Player can easily be paired with any Bluetooth-compatible devices.

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Created: 06/20/16

works for me

works good, up volume control button , have to push hard or just right to get it to work , but I can use touch screen control just as easy , bottom line it work for me and I am happy with it thank u very much

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Created: 02/05/11

Good electronic assistant

The third generation of Apple's iPod Touch is still the king of the hill when it comes to portable, Wi-Fi-wielding media players. New additions such as Voice Control, graphics enhancements, improved accessibility, higher capacity, and a faster processor help to refine an already excellent product.

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Created: 02/20/11

iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32GB

I decided to upgrade after buying my wife the 1st Gen iPod touch 16GB.
My likes & Dislikes are based on differences I see over my 2 previous iPods (4GB Nano, and 80GB Classic 5th Gen.)

Excellent battery life. Approaches the stated 30 or so hours. This is achieved with Wi-fi turned off and screen lock set to 1 minute. Otherwise battery life is a disappointing hour or so.

Music search is great with the title/ artist selection by alphabetic listing. Just touch the letter. Even though the Classic and Nano have the click wheel (which is great), this is even better when you can point to the first letter. I guess this is why it's called the touch.

A little annoyance I have is that you need to slide-to-unlock to access the main screen after the lock has timed out. Having not read the manual (who does anymore?), I did discover you can double click the select button to access the music controls (functions limited to Reverse/ Forward track and Pause/ Play).

Screen resolution is Great. I heard the 4th Gen has a higher resolution. Plays You Tube clips adequately. Built in speaker is a plus over the 1st Gen.

Wi-Fi access is a good feature. Internet access is convenient, but searching and looking at e-mails on a small screen takes some getting used to.

32GB is less than half of the Classic's 80GB, but is adequate for my 3500+ songs. I've used approx 24GB so I guess it's ok for my needs. The next larger size for the Touch is 64GB, but I couldn't justify the jump in price.

I guess 32GB of flash memory (no moving parts) unlike the Classic's hard drive which I'm always careful with at the gym. The Classic I had to place on the treadmill's front panel to prevent excessive movement. One less thing to worry about with solid state memory.

Final point - all iPod devices need a case. I have a flip type leather case. Having the Audio jack on the bottom of the unit enables you to open the case when the wire is plugged in. They've thought of everything is seems.

Overall I rate this as an Excellent buy!!!
Pank 2.20.2011

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Created: 03/31/11

Its All About The Apps!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Pros: Great media player with lots of features(see below)Can get excellent value from very good condition used models.
Cons: New models are pricey. Must have iTunes if you want to use full features. At times the screen is too small to type if you have med-large size fingers. Unable to do some cool stuff if you don't jail break.

The best media player and so much more. Not only is this a fantastic player, but you also have access to the Apple App Store with tons of free apps. Besides all the great games one of the best apps I found is called iCall. It allows you to make free phone calls with your iPod Touch over Wifi. You can almost do everything with your touch that you can do with the phone.

Do your research. Find a Great Seller. Buying used is OK. Be sure to get a good screen protector and case.

Battery Life: I usually get about every 4-5 hrs of play after a charge. Less with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.
4/5 - Good
Features: Touch screen interface, music, movies, books, games (apps), surfing the web and more.
5/5 - Excellent
Design: Sleek, smooth, easy to carry/hold
4/5 - Good
Overall Value: Features + Functions
5/5 - Excellent

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Created: 12/26/10

know what you need and what you dont

!!!! protect you ipod, buy an otterbox !!!

**I decided on the 3g 32gb. 1st gen can't support a mic, 2nd gen (AND 3rd gen 8gb!) are underpowered chip-sets that lag in apps and web browsing. I synced 9gb of music in a third the time I could with my 1st gen.
**I suggest no one get an 8gb as they use the slower chip-sets and if you want to go online or use apps you need to leave around 750mb free for buffering, i have no idea why so much but even the app store crashes when surfing with less than that. after you consider the op system and a few gadgets you only get about 4gb for music and honestly that is only 2-3 band discography's if you think about it.
**if you want to use the newest coolest apps you really need to get the iphone because anything that needs gps or the camera features is useless in the touch.
to summarize-- only want music? gen2 16gb should be attainable used for around 100 in the right places for cheap music, for web gen3 16 and up for the primo speeds processor, for the apple fanboy gen4 or iphone 2 or 4. (the cases on 3 are crap and break)

"specs" i can sync 30gb in about 2 hours: 8.5gb was around 6000 songs : average apps download in less than 10 seconds : i've been using it intermittently for 2 days and the batter is still near full charge : speakers are a bit quiet : screen is easliy visible in daylight : thinner than my 1st gen.

!!!! protect you ipod, buy an otterbox !!!

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Created: 03/17/11

Apple has cornered this market.

Review For: Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation Black (64GB)

This is the only product like it on the market: an Operating system based mp3 player. If there was an Android based model out there I'd suggest it first. Apple is draconian and very inflexible about doing things your own way.

The Bad:

So long as you don't jailbreak the unit and use itunes, there are SEVERE restrictions on the kinds of media that can be used. Videos MUST be mp4/m4a format, nothing else can be read, audio MUST be mp3, cd-ripped, or proprietary apple formats. itunes will not take any other formats.

Of course everything is only as helpful as your wifi coverage. Without data service, calenders/facebook/maps/weathe​r/app store/etc etc doesn't work.

My battery life has not been phenomenal, but not bad... A day of use will usually drain it.

The Good:

64gb is enough room for a pretty big music collection (about 600 odd albums) at the maximum mp3 bit rate of 320kbps. Since few people have that much music, it ends up being a ton of space for pretty much anything.

The app store is pretty much unrivaled and almost everything is .99 or less. There pretty much is an app for everything.

When you DO have wifi, everything syncs up marvelously well. You can run searches and etc based on your location, mail and facebook and web all link up, everything live updates everything else.

itunes, whatever other failings it has, still remains just about the best program there is to obsessively organize your music. There are so many ways to reference material that just aren't possible with other programs.


Typically you expect a product which sets and fills it's own category to not be spectacular, i.e. it has nothing to compete with. Apple has instead made a product which most likely sets the bar so high, and with an established name, that other companies aren't willing to take the development risk to enter that sector. The ipod touch has

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Created: 04/27/10

Next level of FUN!

iPod touch is a great iPod, a great pocket computer, and a great portable game player. The 3rd Generation 32GB iPod touch is improved performance, making them up to 50% faster than the previous generation. Listen to a mix of songs automatically put together by the new Genius Mixes feature. The App store has games and apps you’re sure to love with new Genius recommendations for apps.
I don't like the fact that it still does not have flash video in safari. And no replaceable battery. But other than that it is very useful.
Don't buy if you have an iphone and vice-versa. You DON'T need both.

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Feature ratings

  • Battery Life
  • Features
  • Design
  • Overall Value
Created: 06/17/11

The perfect everything device!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I originally bought this product because I was running out of space on my Nano. Needless to say, I adore it! I'm not too fond that there isn't a camera, but I compromised due to the fact I have a decent digital camera, and a smartphone already. I also bought it instead of an iPhone to save money since I already have a good phone. I love all the apps I can download, and since I already have wi-fi at home, I can use that to get online when I'm too lazy to turn on my computer. Some days, I actually don't turn on my laptop because I have my iPod! I've never really been good with touchscreen devices, and I cheated with my Storm since I still have to press down, but I was surprised at how easy it is to use. The keyboard is amazing and I haven't made too many mistakes overall. The only problem I have with it beside the lack of camera is: that the screen doesn't automatically dim like my Nano. On it, I had it set to cut the light off after 2 seconds, and so far I haven't seen an option to do that. And since I bought it used, some of the purchased apps I use were bought with another person's Apple ID, so I can't update the software because I don't want to lose them and rebuy them. Another bummer is that I kept 800 of the songs left on it, but can only listen to them on my PC when the device is connected for the ID issue. All in all, it was still a great catch!

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