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Apple iPod Touch
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Created: 11/19/10

Fast Shipping! Highly recommended!!! Excellent Seller!!

The iPod touch 3rd generation is technically a 2nd generation device with an updated operating system. It offers an incredible video iPod, pocket computer, and portable game player all in a single sleek unit with exceptional battery life. The iPod touch offers the same Multi-Touch interface as the iPhone, which allows you to use your fingers to control all aspects of the iPod. The touch has WiFi capability for connecting to the Internet, checking email, and connecting to the iTunes store. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect wirelessly to other devices for seamless integration or enjoy wireless stereo sound by using Bluetooth headphones. The 3rd generation iPod touch also offers Spotlight search, voice controls, and voice memos with the OS 3.1 software, as well as cut, copy, and paste functions and Genius Playlists and Mixes.

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Created: 12/27/10

A great little electronic

I am not a great judge but I found this iPod Touch very useful, there is many in one. You can surf thee web, play and record music, play video, and apps. You can see how they really put effort into the size. It fits anywhere. Can you carry a laptop in your pocket?

Of course the size is not the best, but at least it can go anywhere. The battery life is great. If you set it there and not do anything, it can go 36 hours. Thats pretty great for a slim piece of technology.

It's wifi is very easy access, no hooking up wires or setting up a connection for hours. The web isn't the best but enough to get by. It should pay all Youtube and videos, especially mp4 videos.

The iTunes is great! Buying and downloading songs and videos s fast and easy. Get whatever you want without walking to the CD store or Blockbuster.

And finally, apps. This might be the best part of the iPod Touch. Having the ability to play little entertaining games is great! Especially for children while on trips or airplanes! Even I use them myself. Or I could check the weather on the app, and know to bring an umbrella!

What a smart little device!

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Created: 11/28/10

Pretty good.

For the price I paid (172$ from a coupon or sale from Walmart,) it was definitely worth it. Everything was working perfectly and running quite smooth until the 4.0 update. Folders are stupid, and it made the iPod so much more laggy. But I downgraded the firmware back to 3.1.3 and it was almost as smooth and fast as the new 4th gen iPod touch. DO NOT UPDATE TO 4.0 OR HIGHER, IT'S NOT WORTH IT.
The overall performance of the iPod 2g is quite exceptional, youtube, internet browsing, and gameplay are great.
Although Apple boasts the iPod Touches are the greatest handheld gaming devices, they are blowing their horn. Trying to play fps, and action games are kind of hard, as there are no real controls.
The hardware is very good, the touchscreen is very responsive and I picked up how to learn to use it in a matter of minutes. However, some downsides is that the chrome backing is a fingerprint magnet, and picks up scratches from just putting it in your pocket and using it.
Cases are easy to find, and screen protectors solve the problem of screen scratching. However, cases of high quality are usually 20$, but I bought a silicone one from ebay for 2$, it works great, but the silicone material picks up a lot of lint.
OVERALL, it's a great product, and now that the 4th gen came out, go and get yourself one if you dont want to dish out 220$+ on the 4th, because people are selling new, unopened 2nd generations for 125$ to about 180$

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Created: 08/07/10

Excellent ... BUT!!!

The unit itself is excellent. I love it. BUT, why the hell did the Idiots from Apple change the stylis, so that you have to use a special one, that is NOT AVAILABLE ANYPLACE, except on ebay. What idiots would do that? And why the H don't they include one in their packaging if they HAVE to change the type of stylis. I know, so they can make you buy a special one, and pay more money for it. But how can you even buy one, if you can't get it from any store that supplies apple products, can't find it at Radio Shack, can't get it from any office supply store like Office Max or Office Depot. You can't even buy it in the Grand Rapids area from the only Apply supply stores "Meijers". What was Apple thinking. If the unit itself wasn't no nice, i'd totally boycott Anything Apply Makes. Think ahead next time "Apple"!!! And why do i need a stylis..because my fingers are too big to fit in a pencil sharpener to type on the small screen. The batter life is not anything like it is projected to be, but then I do use it for games etc. I would also suggest to get a better rocket scientist to write the itunes software which is confusing as hell. All in all the Apple Ipod Touch is an excellent and fun product.
P.S. who is their right mind would pay the price Apple is trying to get for their new IPhones? Close to a grand, cummon Apple!!! Why do you think you are that much better than the rest, and why are you computers so much more expensive than IBM. That's my main beef with Apple is PRICE! They are NOT worth it. When they lower their price, they will sell very well.

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Created: 04/16/10

Great All-Around iPod

I haven't owned many iPods or other MP3 players to compare it to, but I have never noticed much lacking in the 2nd generation iPod touch!
The sound quality is great. The touch screen is fun and easy to use, and I never have any trouble finding the song, album, or artist that I'm looking for.
The external speakers aren't very loud, but I'm still glad to have them.
I haven't used it much for games or apps, but when I have it's worked well.
The wifi access ability was the main reason I decided to buy this iPod instead of a different version. It's a great to be able to check my e-mail and such when I'm at a cafe or at the library. Typing on the little touch screen keyboard isn't ideal, and can be a slow process due to the size, but it works and is a useful feature to have.
As for battery life, I've found it to be very very good. I've gone for days without needing to charge it when I use it only to listen to music. If I use it for internet access or games it usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours.
The main thing (maybe the only thing) that I don't really like about the iPod touch is that you can't put things onto it without downloading the iTunes media player. I think it would be nice if it could be used with any media player.
Other then that, I think it's a great iPod.

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Created: 03/19/11

great gadget

An impressively built tablet computer, featuring a clean industrial design borrowed from Apple’s MacBook Pro computers, internal components derived largely from its iPod touch and iPhone pocket devices, and stable, multi-touch software. Runs over 150,000 applications, thousands of which have been optimized for this device, offering iPod-equivalent sonic performance, better than iPod- and iPhone-quality visual performance, and 10+ hour battery life unmatched by any current-generation Apple product, or most competitors. Superb for book and periodical reading, strong for web and video viewing, more capable of content creation than iPods and iPhones. Supports 720p HD video playback.

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Created: 07/03/10

iPod Touch, latest generation.

Not a big review writer, so sorry to all those that nit-pick these.

I purchased a iPod Touch 8 gig (latest generation) unit for my wife just a few weeks ago and immediately took to it. Turned around and bought another for me. The high resolution screen is impressive and the wi-fi range is great. Using a browser on such a small item looked to be an issue but I found that I can enlarge areas of the browser which makes surfing with this work. I found many apps that I like, most of which was free. However I did spend about 25 bucks on music and two apps. Which brings me to the music, Apple does it again with the music player - wow! It is easy to use and sounds great! I did test an alternate headphone on it and found that the Apple headphones are pretty darn good, but - for a few more dollars you can get better.

I would say that if you don' want an iPhone, get the iPod Touch. And unless you have a huge music selection, 8 gigs should be good enough for most anyone.

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Created: 05/07/11

This is an awesome product! You should own one!!!!!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Ipod touch 2nd generation is what I think to be the best I pod touch out there!!!!!!! It's sleek, stylish, amazingly easy to use, fun, perfect, I give this great little piece of technology 5 of 5 stars! If I had anything I must say bad about thid device it would that the back can scratch easy and attract finger prints. My best advice is just to get a slim hard case for the back of the ipod then you don't have a problem at all!!!!!!! Also maybe the external speaker could be louder but there is a fix for that also, you can download a free app from the itunes store called volume boost and it will boost your volume!!!!!!! Like I said you willl LOVE this incredible piece of technology!!!!!!!

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Created: 10/22/10

Review on Ipod touch 1st Generation (8 GB)

Honestly this model has gone out of its era. Look at Ipod touch gini the lastest generation. Really 1st generation should be simply, be bought by people who want a good looking mp3 that stores photos and occasionally go on emails and youtubes.

I got mine second-handed from US, and found out as all apple products, though after long period wear and tear, touch and response of screen is still very functoinal and acceptable, however, it is the IOS 3.1 update that annoys me.
Although it is just 2.99 pounds to get from apple, I do not want to leave my card details, (don't!) since then for some free apps you install, they do change their terms in the second week or so and you will bitterly be charged without good reason.

Jailbreaks are possible , but watch out that will end your warranty with apples.

After all, ipod touches are something think esp games-lovers and gadgets-lovers must possess, whatever model, as part of their experience !: )
SO, like me, get an apple 1st gen, if you do not have too much fuss about technology, but want a good toy to play with , while you are enjoying your cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Thanks for reading. Not any kind of "pro" review this is.

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Created: 09/06/10

A snappy little tool

Well at first I wasn't really sure if I was going to like the iPod touch. I mean why would I need any more than a couple of buttons to listen to my tunes? After liberating the "pod" from it's clear case and updating thru iTunes. I found that it's alot of fun to play with. After a few days of using it to listen to music an kill time, I downloaded the eBay app and set up my email. Now I am using it way more than my laptop. It's super convenient to be able to check my email and my listing's with a couple of clicks. Since there is so many free wifi spots everywhere, getting internet is not a hassle. All in all it's a sweet pocket computer and you can't beat the price.

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