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Apple iPod Touch
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Created: 03/19/11

great gadget

An impressively built tablet computer, featuring a clean industrial design borrowed from Apple’s MacBook Pro computers, internal components derived largely from its iPod touch and iPhone pocket devices, and stable, multi-touch software. Runs over 150,000 applications, thousands of which have been optimized for this device, offering iPod-equivalent sonic performance, better than iPod- and iPhone-quality visual performance, and 10+ hour battery life unmatched by any current-generation Apple product, or most competitors. Superb for book and periodical reading, strong for web and video viewing, more capable of content creation than iPods and iPhones. Supports 720p HD video playback.

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Created: 10/22/10

Review on Ipod touch 1st Generation (8 GB)

Honestly this model has gone out of its era. Look at Ipod touch gini the lastest generation. Really 1st generation should be simply, be bought by people who want a good looking mp3 that stores photos and occasionally go on emails and youtubes.

I got mine second-handed from US, and found out as all apple products, though after long period wear and tear, touch and response of screen is still very functoinal and acceptable, however, it is the IOS 3.1 update that annoys me.
Although it is just 2.99 pounds to get from apple, I do not want to leave my card details, (don't!) since then for some free apps you install, they do change their terms in the second week or so and you will bitterly be charged without good reason.

Jailbreaks are possible , but watch out that will end your warranty with apples.

After all, ipod touches are something think esp games-lovers and gadgets-lovers must possess, whatever model, as part of their experience !: )
SO, like me, get an apple 1st gen, if you do not have too much fuss about technology, but want a good toy to play with , while you are enjoying your cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Thanks for reading. Not any kind of "pro" review this is.

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Created: 08/12/11

Dunno, hasn't arrived yet.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation Black (16 GB)

It was a cold day in June, Steven Jobs & his team had begun work on the shared project of making a computer. A computer is a device that tells you stuff like what time it is. Yeah flavah. So steven looks over to his buddy and says, 'don't quote me', then I say what? He says, don't quote me, you never lived my life, this is just irresponsible reporting, really, how dare you try to write about all those warm dripping sweaty days over a circuit board motivated by the sweet smell of streaming electrons and dreams of interwebbing my way through the good and bad of it until I makes my way to my massive world famous companies. SO I SAYS, yeah, well you suck, he gets mad, we throw comments back and forth like "I know Bull Gites & his IBU computers beat the bejeebers out of your LISA, HE SAYS...Listen cheesehead LISA was like 20 years ago, AND I SAYS, more like 18, & he says, do your homework, and I SAYS, I would if my LISA computer didn't keep crashing on me, and he says get with the times get a MACBOOK, & I says I WOULD BUT I HAD TO PUT A MORTGAGE ON MY HOUSE in order to pay for the LISA, & he says, listen computers cost more back then, & I says, listen to me bub, you went for the money grub didn't ya, yeahhhhhhhhh felt good didn't it, you had alllll that money, all I wants is my share of it, I mean what do you say...He looks blankly at me, & I'm all like what is your issue, & he's all like Zappo style "Whatever" & I was like sure, yeah, sure, sure Steve, what kind of a name is Jobbs, when you can't even offer me a multibillion dollar Job working with you, some go, like please.
Steve thinks for a while, asks me to pass the ketchup, & I do, we talk about the internets for a bit, then he says hey, you know what, I have an idea, there's an item that My company has made, and you might be interested in it. OH yeah, what's that, We call it a "Floppy disk", & I says what's that, & he says software, & I say I only do firmware hardware, & he says "that's not what I heard", so I says, oh you mean that hacking the C.I.A thing, It was a mowednesday, I was bored. Steve Jobbs looks at me and says, you know what, I have an idea, I have here a little device you'll love. The chair morphs into a stage, & I'm sitting next to a bunch of those robots from that movie IRobot. They all compliment me on my bow tie, & then Steve Begins his shpiel. Come one come all, a little device that will change your life, I call it the Ipud, and it will change how you communicate with friends, loved ones and even yourself. One of the robots puts up his arm and asks, OH OH OH...Can it do your taxes...STEVE JOBBS looks over beaming a proud smile, and a wink, & says why yes sur it can, there's an application for almost anything. Then One of the robots dressed sort of in the queen's regalia says, OH CAN IT PREVENT A COUP DETAS, or insurgency & rioting in the street? AH FOR that you'll need the non-beta applications available in our "Ahhh Pull' store, just follow the arrows on the ground at the revolving doors to figure that first detail out. Yet another robot says, yeah but can it make you fall in love. Yes says Steven J, but you'll need the prophylactic software version, just to keep safe and together. All the robots look approvingly over to each other. Steve has a game of bobing for apples, to win an ipud, the first three robots short out, then I bob for the apples and surprize surprize, my very first ipud. Anyhow, honest to goodness story of not how I got my ipod.

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Feature ratings

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  • Features
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Created: 10/07/12

Apple iPod Series - Price vs. Functionality vs. User Friendly

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The iPod is a handy little device. Listen to your favorite tunes, watch a video, even e-mail whoever over WiFi!

Fairly rugged. Battery life is fair so if you use your iPod at work like I do, then no worries of the battery conking out half way through your day.

The stainless steel back cover is polished to a mirror brightness. It is easy to get scratched up if you do not use a form-fitting case or cover. Good news is that if you own a Dremel motor tool (Walmart for around $30)you can polish away most scrapes and scratches using the tool with a nylon cup brush and Turtle Wax brand Rubbing Compound (Walmart $5). Just use bluse painter's masking tape to seal off the buttons and the seam where the glass meets the case, and over the docking port and headphone port so the compound does not foul the any of the contacts.

The user interface is the child of the Apple Mac but is easier to navigate than it appears. The iPod operates smoothly and charges quickly with a wall charger (in less than 15 minutes) than it does from the flimsy USB cable that ships with it.

If you get it wet don't panic. Warm it up with a blow dryer then wrap it up in a wash cloth and set it aside for 24 hours. In most cases it will be okay. If it takes a swim (totally immersed in water)the keep the charging dock pointing toward the ground to assist in draining. Use the blow dryer method only during the 24 hour period you should re-warm it every 4 hours to remove the condensation that will form from the evaporation process.I have worked a thousand soaked iPods, it's the units that received prompt measures to remove the moisture that survive.

Pros: Nice looking unit. Sound is fairly sweet with some decent ear-buds or headphones. Has some neat functions that can be useful beyond the entertainment value.

Cons: Over priced compared to most other brands. The bloated price allows the other guy's mp3/mp4/video players to appear more economical yet allow them to charge slightly more for it.

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Created: 10/30/10

Excellent for children

I have Iphone 4, and my kids always playing with it, which ment dead battery all the time. So I borrowed an ipod from one of my friends to see if my kids like it, after three days I've decided to buy one.
It has many feauters that the iphone has except dailing, it has wireless connection, and all the games that i bought for my iphone can be installed to this ipod without exrta charge.

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Created: 07/08/09


I bought it because my other ipod touch battery would not hold a charge well after a year and a half of owning it. upon arrival the volume button was "stuck" in the down position so whenever i would play music and put it in my pocket the volume would just shoot down to mute. awesome! so luckly the ipod losers at the store swapped it out for me and gave me a "brand new" one (probably refurbished)

i love music, dont really like apple but they do have the monopoly on mp3 players and until another brand comes out with better ones then im stuck with this

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Created: 03/09/11

iPod 2nd generation 16G

Review For: Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation Black (16 GB)

I bought a 16G 2nd generation iPod Touch for the convenience of having one device with multiple uses. I have been pleased with how it functions and have had no problems there. However, the battery does not stay charged for very long. I get about one hour out of the battery if I am lucky. I went to the Apple store and they said they could change the battery out for $80, which is half of what I paid for the iPod. It has been pretty frustrating. I would hesitate to buy an electronic item again for this reason.

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Created: 09/18/10

ok bt home buton was sunken in so it may not work later

I liked it because it was a low price. I didn't like the ipod touch because I though it was perfect except for a few modest scratches in the back. When you look closely at the sunken in home button you see that the silver cover could come off anytime. Maybe not in a few months but in a year, it may come off. The reason I decided to buy this product was that it was an almost perfect used ipod for $120.

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Created: 08/10/09

Ipod touch 2nd gen. Re-view

Take my advice, if you are the type of person who values their hard earn money then this product might not be for you, but if you are the type of person who does not care about spending/wasting $200, then get the Ipod touch.

The internet accessibility is for only those who own a wireless router at home or work, and for those who go to public places like libraries.

Security is pretty much non-existent,if you want to protect your private information. With the Ipod Touch you can't erase your cookies when you log in your important internet accounts. The browsing and surfing options can take time, so if you are a patient person who does not use the internet for anything vital then you would probably like the Ipod touch.

Sound gets high marks. Probably the best all around mp3/digital player I ever owned.

The video quality isn't bad either. Even though, I wish they had increased the screen size.

Adjusting brightness, like all similar devices, will prolong your Ipod's battery life. It will play up to 2 hrs of video before you need to recharge. I got mines to go up to 3 hrs. Expect to recharge the Ipod after 8 hrs, if you have it playing all the time.

I can say the Ipod Touch isn't something really useful, but it's one of the most pleasing devices, both in looks and handling. It also has a very easy navigating learning curve, that takes literally minutes to get used to (JUST TOUCH!).

One last note, definitely get a screen protector. And you might want to get a case for it, it scratches very easily, and you will drop it.

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Created: 02/09/11

How retarded is this?

ebay asks for a review. Do I love it? It's an MP3 player for God's sake. How pathetic would my life have to be to love it?

I'm thinking about ditching my iPhone, wanted portability to check my e-mail at WiFi spots. End of story.

On the other hand-it was a used MP3 player. What's the big deal here? How insulting is it that my personal reasons for making this purchase could sway anybody one way or another?

You want a cheap MP3 player, buy a used iPod. You don't, then don't do it. Simple. End of story-again!

Really wonder what kind of people run ebay, and what kind of opinion they must have of us.

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