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Apple iPod Shuffle
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Created: 01/07/11

Love it! Glad I bought it

It is small and compact, will clip on my shirt or jacket, and will hold quite a bit of music!
I had purchased the 1 gig ipod and I saw this one. I am so happy I purchased it-I would buy more just to put my whole music library on it. I can just clip it on my jacket, take off on my bike and have music for days!
Highly recommend this item to people who do not want to play with all the buttons-ie. like when you are riding a bike. The remote on the ear buds makes it easy to skip a song when you want without having to look at a screen to see what you are doing. I just put it on shuffle and am on my way.
Would buy again!

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Created: 07/03/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

When this baby first came out, I didn't like the volume control on the headphone's wire either, because that made it less 'universal,' and I have 7 different high-end headphones laying around my house I would like the ease of plugging in and using at my convenience. After getting some used to, I realized that this IPod had everything else going for it besides that (the highest quality sound/ loudness out of any other generation Shuffle, or small mp3 device).

Yes, it has better sound quality/ loudness than the generation Shuffle's before it, and better sound quality/ loudness than the generation after (where they go back to the people's choice of volume controls on the player). It is also the smallest/ lightest ever designed by apple.

If you can get past the volume control limitation of not being to plug in any headphones, and just keep the ones they give you close to the unit and don't lose them, then you may find that it was ahead of it's time in regards to all else.

We used to need universal headphones because the stock ones they gave with music players could not get loud enough or had poor sound quality. This stock headphones w/ the volume control gets as loud as the ear can take, and the sound quality is outstanding for that group of small mp3 players.

I am a sound enthusiast, and there isn't a need for louder aftermarket headphones than what the unit pushes through it's stock volume-controlled phones.

I used the other Ipod Shuffles that are square, and have volume control (which work for the majority of people), and they are in fact slightly heavier, and bulkier (for runners) due to having volume buttons.

You just can't have everything in life (LOL).

But, for older folks, you definately want to go with the square Ipod Shuffle, because of the ease of volume on the music player (normal standard).

This generation should have caught on (the design and quality of the ipod... other than the volume control issue), but the people shut it down too early.

I've been clipping it on my t-shirt sleeve for over a year, and it has never slipped off. I run fast, and am a big guy.

You take care, and make a good decision. I tried the one they made after it, and the sound quality is not as good as this older generation.

(I've never had any water/ sweat issues stopping the device)

(Oh, and one other bad thing about this generation, that is significant, which I just remembered, is that you cannot plug it into a car stereo and skip forward or backward to another track! This is a great limitation for using it in your vehicle. That means that you have to listen to every song in the row of playlist and not skip to a particular song!! You are basically locked into having to listen to every song in the order that it is in your Itunes.)

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Created: 12/28/10

The most amazing music player!

I heard a lot about apple and ipod and when I decided to buy mp3 player the only one I could choose was ipod shufle because it is small, lightweight and very convenient for me and everyone who choose high quality of sound and small size. 2gb internal memory is enough for almost 18 hours of music, anyway it is longer then the battery lasts. There is one issue: the headphones aren`t good enough, but when I connected my sennheizer, a`ve lost the ability to control sound volume and switch tracks. It disappoints, but I think I will be able to buy remote control from sellers from china. Anyway it is awesome and I think I won`t ever decide to change it.

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Created: 03/01/11

iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation (4GB)

This thing is is awesome! Ive never seen an mp3 so small and with 4GB. It has no buttons or screen, just inline volume and playback controls. Apple states a 4GB Shuffle holds about 1000 songs; mine topped out at just 750. Still it's is amazing when you actually see this thing, smaller than my thumb.
It features Apple Voice Over which allows track titles and playlists to be announced through the speakers and navigated with the controls. The Shuffle is perfect for holding the best of your music collection for any commute or just to jam.

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Created: 02/06/11

Apple Ipod 4th Gen

The IPod Shuffle 3rd Generation (4 GB) is very easy to use, extremely portable and has excellent sound! Because it's smaller than a cigarette lighter, it's perfect for so many situations where you don't want to carry around a larger mp3 player and have no need for one. It can also hold up to 500 songs (on the 4 GB model) which is almost 48 straight hours of playing time. Small, great sound and so easy I'm betting even our former president could figure it out. That's how simple it is!

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Created: 12/15/10

Apple iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Silver (4 GB)

Apple iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Silver (4 GB)
This mp3 player by Apple is small but holds Huge amount of your favorite music
that will last hours.

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Created: 10/30/10

Why Not Buy?

I have had my ipod shuffle 3rd generation for a while now and I feel it is the best out there you have a handy clip on the go and it is small and compact perfect size for jogging or running even though this item may be lost easily keep it somewhere safe. The handy voice over features doesn't have you constantly having to look at the buttons that would be on the ipod and maybe after a year the remote on the headphones haven't broken for me just yet plus you can use the headphones for other ipods like the ipod touch and ect. Overall I think you should get this product as long as you can keep it safe and it wont get lost. c:

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Created: 08/23/10

WHY would apple do this!?

Was it just stupidity or greed that caused apple to make the Shuffle 3rdG so that you can't use your own headphones by removing control functions from the unit and putting it on their own proprietary headphones themselves. WHAT WAS APPLE THINKING? That EVERYONE wanted to use their headphones or bust!? Also, these headphone controls are well known now all over the internet to short out at the slightest perspiration. If you even think about sweating, your ipod controls are in danger of failure. It's so bad that apple had to release an apology and offers to replace the unit if it goes faulty due to moister (which it WILL). DO NOT but this version of the ipod shuffle if you plan to use your own headphones, you will not be able to control the unit at all! This, this is the worst version of ANY ipod model that apple has ever come up with. They say it's great for working out, but it clearly isn't. Your only choice is to buy a 3rd party addon that allows you to use different headphones, but as of now their aren't any reliable quality addons that can replace the OEM controls and sustain moister.

Apple FAILED on this design.

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Created: 07/01/09

only one glitch make it less than perfect...

The one glitch...part of the switches are in the cord...volume and the switch that allows voice over...This tells you what song is playing...the voice over is a nice feature, but you have to download the software from the Apple site.

The main problem is that if the cord ever gets has to be a special Apple cord with the same switches inside to replace it. You cannot put speakers on it. It has to be the special Apple cord.

The old ipod shuffle has all the switches on the face of the unit...

This one has 4 GB instead of 2 or 1 GB that makes room for a lot of great tunes, that is why I chose this model over the old model. I wish they had a nearly perfect rating...because it is so much better than Good. I can give it an excellent rating but it isn't perfect yet.

I HATE to give this awesome jewell less than an excellent review! 'cause inside its tiny body...I have a TON of albums...I am all about the music not the video crap...I don't want or need a screen...I don't want or need video.

It is almost too tiny it weighs slightly more than two pairs of earbuds...this is great for jogging with...just clip the unit on your t-shirt sleeve...and it is nearly weightless...It has a shiny chrome metal clip...I am always smuging with my fingerprints and wiping it off... only cause it looks cool in chrome...ahhh the minor price we pay...

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Created: 04/12/11

What a Beast!!

I wanted a very portable and cheap iPod that I could listen to music and exercise with. This product is an absolute beast, although when I first bought it I expected it to be bigger. However I found out it was as big as my finger, which was pretty cool and more better than I wanted. I like the smooth design as well. As the long clip that stays on very well. Although I did have difficulty finding cheap headphones to work with this product, once I did the package of this Beast was complete. Along with my awesome selection of music this Beast was rolling on down with me to the snow bowl.
I found at first it was weird to switch playlists as well as the talking voice kinda annoying after awhile, but I guess it's something you have to get used to. Although I don't fully use this at the gym I do use this whenever I go mountain biking, running, as well as riding my motorcycle. The only thing that may be a problem is misplacing the small device or perhaps it falling into a crevice making it hard to retrieve. However I've never had that happen due to the fact the clip is very reliable and always is attached to me so I don't lose it.
If you like a small iPod that can be used with your headphones, as well as small enough to be clipped anywhere. As well as something to use as a media player during exercise or even riding your bike/motorcycle, then an iPod shuffle is the Beast to do this things. Although some people hate using the remote headphones, I enjoy using them and I'm glad I purchased this Beast!!

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