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Apple iPod Shuffle
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Created: 05/17/10

Size Matters!!! Easy and not too tiny!

Review For: Apple iPod shuffle 2nd Generation Blue (2 GB)

I love my iPod 2nd generation Shuffle! The sturdy make up of the casing and clip is terrific for someone like me who tends to drop things. At the gym, when it is clipped to my arm, I appreciate being able to look down and see the buttons and switches I need to hit while in my euphoric endorphin induced state.

Sadly I am on a trip overseas for six months and left my beautiful back in the states. When I popped into a store to buy another iPod shuffle and was shown the "new generation" I recoiled... and said "Not THAT One!". It was way too tiny... where are my beloved buttons??? The salesperson laughed a bit as he explained that the one I like is no longer made... what????

I told him that I prefer the 2nd generation because the size isn't so tiny that I have to stop to look at it while exercising to know exactly what I'm doing, and that it is easy to hold and maneuver. In my opinion size DOES matter. Yes, I do think that some things (including mobile phones) can be too small to be friendly to a variety of ranges of dexterity. I marched out of the store and went directly online to find a used one, and thank goodness there are some out there.

In just a few days, I'll be clipping my new (old generation) iPod shuffle on and sweating away while easily operating a decently sized piece of musicware that in my opinion wasn't didn't need "fixing" in terms of aesthetic design or usability in terms of size and buttons. And this facts, folks, makes me smile.

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Created: 09/05/10

The best mp3 player to date. Period.

The Apple iPod Shuffle 2nd edition is the most simple, easy to use and stylish mp3 player today. It works like a charm, it can hold hours and hours of music, the button layout is easy to control even when your not looking at the unit, it can go for days and days on 1 charge, and it's great for workouts. I have owned 2 of these in different colors and now I'm ordering a 3rd because it's that good of a product. The only downfall is that you have to use iTunes to manage the music, and most people HATE iTunes. Other than that, it's a near perfect item. In fact is was SUCH a great product that those idiots at Apple decided to release a completely butchered 3rd edition iPod Shuffle and now people hate it so much that they are looking for these old 2nd edition iPods, but alas they are discontinued. Go Apple.... -_-

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Created: 05/05/10

I love the 2nd Gen IPOD Shuffle

Review For: Apple iPod shuffle 2nd Generation Blue (2 GB)

Super durable, holds up great during strenuous workouts. Easy to use, button locations are easy to find blindly. Convenient small package with a sturdy clip to attach to clothing or belt. I wear it under my clothing all the time you can barely tell its there, earbuds are almost more obvious when tucked away. I never have go without my podcasts except when swimming or other water related activities. Much prefer to the new gen 3 version that required special headphones with the controllers on it. Only downside is that there is no screen to see whats playing. It does indicate in Itunes if selection has been played or not though, which I find very handy as I primarily use it to follow my podcasts and the news of the day.
I really wish Apple hadn't 'upgraded' to the new version.

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Created: 09/11/11

Completely industructable long battery!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I love the 2nd Gen IPOD shuffle. These things are indestructible. Lets put it this way I have washed and dried my old one twice. It fell off of my motorcycle jacket going 35 MPH. My friend's always say if a device can last a year with me then it is darned good device because I am hard on electronics.

I usually only have to charge once a week. That is with daily driving on the bike. I love that it clips to my jacket right next to my helmet and integrated speakers. The buttons are easy to use even with gloves on while riding. I can't look down while riding so this is a plus to me. There is no way I would get a 3rd gen due to the fact of it not working with my helmet speakers.

Of course I managed to lose to of these babies on day! I didn't see the one fall off of my jacket and the zipper on my tank bag wasn't zipped. Needless to say these little boogers can be easy to lose. I am hopefully getting one off of here in the next few days. I hate having to plug an extender into my helmet and then having to listen to whatever I can on my IPOD color. Plus, I'm scared to death of dropping it off the bike.

If you can grab one of these babies get one!

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Created: 01/09/11

ipod shuffle 2nd generation

i hae purched 2 ipod nanos love them . and two ipos shuffles 2 nd gen. the shuffle holds a ton of songs at least 250, maby more, they are indestructable
perfect for my 5 year old grandson and my 26 year old daughter , you sync with your itunes library and play lists . you hear the song you love period and unlike cd's no skipping crappy songs cause ther are none ublike radio no endless top 10 dj;s talking and commercials , the shuffle is light weight and clips anyware great loud sound perfect.

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Created: 10/07/10

Great size and simple to use

While this is the older (obsolete) model from iPod, I believe it is among the finest. Its beauty is in its simplicity. I purchased my original iPod to use when I go running. The large circular button is easy to find without having to stop and look at your iPod to control its features. Additionally, the built in clip holds it firmly to either your shirt or shorts. Once you memorize the position of the buttons, you can easily FF or REV and song you like or don't like with one click. I have since purchased additional units for family and friends who work out. Its so light weight, you hardly know its there. Too bad the changed the model, this one still has its niche.

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Created: 09/07/10

Sometimes newer is NOT better.

Small, good capacity and long battery life. Controls are simple and the device is quite durable. Clip it to a shirt collar and go. It's perfect for the traveler.

I can't figure what Ipod were thinking when they removed the control of the device FROM the device. The ONLY reason I can imagine is plain greed. Proprietary control of earbud sales? A certain way to drop sales of what USED to be a marvelous music player.

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Created: 10/06/09

It works as advertised

This device plays mp3s, looks purple, holds 1 GB of data, shuffles songs, and has the Apple logo on it. Basically, everything that you would expect from a purple Apple 1GB mp3 player called a Shuffle. My only complaint is that it is tied to iTunes without extra work on my part (I can put music on it in Linux, but it's hardly an advertised feature.) Since this device never claimed to not be tied to iTunes, I give it an excellent rating.

We bought this one because with Apple, things seem to tend to work as advertised. Sure, you pay extra for the cute little apple on it, but we bought another manufacturer's mp3 player before, and things did not work as well.

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Created: 01/26/11

Apple iPod shuffle, amazing ipod

I used this PRODUCT RED, shuffle for jogging and work, and all around everything, but mostly for my speakers, I dock it and have it play. I purchased this for when I am doing rugged things, and don't necessarily want a screen there to possibly break. This iPod has helped in that matter. I had the silver version, but it got washed, and luckily i had a family friend, that wanted to get rid of one, and I took that offer. This iPod is excellent for music, and has VERY easy to use controls. I mean, it is REALLY easy to use, it is SOOOOo amazing. I love my iPhone for the gaming and stuff, but for a simple ipod, this shuffle performs EXCELLENTLY.

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Created: 09/18/10

Disappointed of purchased product

I bought Ipod shuffle 2nd generation for a specific purpose and I was very confident about the product, but it failed my expectations. The dock (ipod charger) was not working which disappointed me. Keeping ipod without dock is meaningless hence there is no return on this product i was forced to buy a new dock.

This deal was disappointment.

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